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Cowboy Christmas

For V.G.B.
He's riding out while it's still dark.
The creak of leather makes
A dry-sweet song, the only mark
Against black mountain shapes.
In moon set, sage begins to glow,
The horizon barely lightens.
Star lanterns from the dark hang low
And every white thing brightens.
So white and blue, so calm and cold,
Man and his horse breathe clouds.
The quiet's pooled in every fold
Of cloth, of earth, of sound.
Anon he spies a golden speck.
It burns large rushing nigh
Until he has to bend his neck
And look through creased brown eyes.
Up close there ride three Mexicans,
Broad hats with bright gold braid,
They smack each string of their guitars,
Full throat their loud refrain.
They sing of every love he's known:
His mother, father, friends.
And every love to come he's shown:
Family, wife, children.
With song they lead him to a shed:
The baby laid inside
Crows, smiles, grabs his hatless head
With wild baby eyes.
Small hands, fat feet, the too big face,
The belly like a ball,
Strike him inside his deep down place:
Thick tears begin to fall.
When dawn comes clear, and night is gone,
He pays his thanks and parts.
And rides into the light alone,
The song fast in his heart.

2009, Lawrence N. DiCostanzo
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Lawrence told us that he wrote this poem in 2009 for his granddaughter's first Christmas.


About Lawrence N. DiCostanzo
provided 2010

I have been writing poems for about five years only. I love the West. My experiences of it have been mainly on the seat of a bicycle on multi-day rides through Utah, Arizona, Colorado, etc. But I feel the cowboy spirit!



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