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Great friend of cowboy poetry, Jim Thompson, is retiring from his daily Country Cafe of the Airwaves / Live! With Jim Thompson show at the end of May. The final show will be May 29, 2015, the 4,250th show.

Poets and others have and will appear on the final shows. See a poem by Yvonne Hollenbeck, "Cowboy Poets Thank You," below, written for Jim. Baxter Black was on the Monday, May 18 show and forthcoming scheduled guest poets include Andy Nelson, Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns, and Slim McNaught.

Jim Thompson will continue his short, syndicated "Good Stuff" (which includes cowboy poetry) and "On the Road" programs. He invites poets to email poems for his final shows and "Good Stuff" to jim@livewithjt.com.

Find more, including archived shows, and listen online at www.livewithjt.com.


Cowboy Poets Thank-You
(for Jim Thompson and his Country Café of the Airwaves)

This poem is on behalf of cowboy poets everywhere
‘cause we’ve had no better advocate for what we like to share.

I’m speaking of a special guy who almost every day
shares a lot of joy and laughter at his radio café.

We’ve sent him poems we’ve cooked up, and he never seems to care
whether they be sweet or sour, he will read them on the air.

And his Café of the Airwaves has sure served a lot of folks
with a menu full of Baxter Black and Gary Muledeer’s jokes.

The kettle sings with western tunes from all our nation’s best,
and the “special of the day” is when he has one for his guest!

He’s cooked tales by an open fire with Jingle Bob and Slim,
with Andy, Ken and Rodney, D W and Jim.

He don’t forget the special treats he’s served us in the past
like the poems of dear Rod Nichols, who left us way too fast.

But the café will be closing and the curtain will be drawn;
we’ll no longer hear that golden voice when our radio comes on.

As I said, I’m not just speaking for myself, but all the rest,
“We will miss you like the dickens Jim, but wish you all the best!”

© 2015, Yvonne Hollenbeck  


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Award-winning broadcaster Jim Thompson's radio program, Live! with Jim Thompson, airs every weekday at 1:00 PM (MT) on over 50 radio stations and live on the web.  Jim Thompson's Creative Broadcast Services (CBSI) produces Live! with Jim Thompson, and other programs and events.

Jim Thompson, a great friend to cowboy poetry, is a two-term State Senator, has been named Sports Broadcaster of the Year three times, and is a nationally recognized rodeo announcer, and motivational / entertainer. He has earned many rodeo honors, is an inductee in the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame, is a member of the Casey Tibbs Hall of Fame, a Life Member of the PRCA, and writes a weekly rodeo column and delivers a daily rodeo show, both called "On the Road Again."  In 2008, he received two additional honors:  induction into the Black Hills Stock Show Hall of fame and selection as the 2007 John Justin Volunteer of the Year for the Kaycee, Wyoming PRCA rodeo, of which he's been a part since its inception in 1987.

Jim says "Baxter Black was my real entry into cowboy poetry...then Bill Larsen, now from Casper...Bill and I began the Hole in the Wall Poetry Bawl at Kaycee, Wyoming  in 1987 as part of the first ever Deke Latham Rodeo."

The lively show often features Cowboy Poetry and call-ins and email messages from everyone from Red Steagall and
Yvonne Hollenbeck to U. S. Senators and rodeo stars.  Local events and news are covered along with important national issues and a lot of just plain fun and entertainment. 

Tune in on the radio or on the web.  Visit the Live! with Jim Thompson web site for more information, a quick on-line connection, and access to archived shows.

Photo by Jeri L. Dobrowski; used with permission
See her gallery of western performers and others here.

Take Part in the Show

About Jim Thompson

Article by Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns
More about Jim Thompson
South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame Induction

Some Recordings

Take Part in the Show:  Call, Email, Send Your Books and Recordings


Tune in on the radio or on the web.  Visit the Live! with Jim Thompson web site for more information, email links and phone numbers, a quick on-line connection, and access to archived shows.

Call or email weekdays.  The show begins at 1:00 PM (MT)



The show particularly welcomes submissions of holiday and "This-day-in-history" themed cowboy poetry (for events such as Halloween, Veterans Day, Battle of Little Big Horn, the Pony Express anniversary) for consideration for airing. Email poems to: jim@livewithjt.com.

Creative Broadcast Services, Inc.
Jim Thompson
125 Colorado Blvd.  Suite 2E
Spearfish, South Dakota 57783
605/722-2511 office
605/722-2508 fax


   More About Jim Thompson 

Article by Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns
More about Jim Thompson
South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame Induction


Photo by Jeri L. Dobrowski; used with permission
See her gallery of western performers and others here.


CBSI Promotes Western Heritage
by Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns


© 2007, Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

This article appeared in the May, 2007 "Ag Pride" edition of a special publication from the Tri-State Livestock News and Farmer & Rancher Exchange. Reprinted with the author's permission.




Jim is a two-term State Senator, has been named Sports Broadcaster of the Year three times, is a nationally recognized rodeo announcer, motivational/entertainer presenter and host of top radio shows including Heritage of the American West and Live! with Jim Thompson.

It was a favorite uncle who first "heard" the resonance in the sound that would become one of the most recognized voices in the rodeo arena ... from amateur to professional events across the U.S.

Over 20 years have added experience and knowledge of the sport. Jim knows more than rodeo - he knows the people, the stock ... from the legends - to the up and comings.

Now semi-retired from life on the road as a rodeo announcer, he stays active and involved with a few arena favorites and keeps a "touch of rodeo" in his daily Talk Radio program, Live! With Jim Thompson.

Jim is particularly proud of having been honored by the Casey Tibbs Foundation. Jim says "Imagine!  He was my idol growing up, and for a cowboy, it don't get no better than that!"

Jim also notes that his children, Kim and Kyle, are his pride and joy. "Kim is married to a South Dakota rancher...though they now live in Winnemucca, Nevada...he's working in a mine there...they have 4 children...and Kimmie, though she'd make an excellent radio sales person,  dreamed of being a mom...and she is a wonderful mother...she has grown up into a wonderful woman...I often read Jimmy Dean's "To a Sleeping Beauty" for her...in fact I read it at her wedding, and cried through most of it!

"Kyle and his wife Deanna have 4 children, and live in Sepulpa, Oklahoma...he graduated from Oral Roberts University...dreamed of being an accountant, but ended up with a company that produces TV commercials for churches...he is now the manager of that operation...

"To paraphrase the ol poem...'If I succeeded in all things in my life, the one I'd want most to be good at, is being "a little kid's dad.'

"Kyle tells me that when he's driving down the highway with his kids and Chris LeDoux comes on the radio, his mind goes back to the mid 70's when he'd go to rodeos with me and we'd play Chris LeDoux songs to get in the rodeo mood!"


Jim Thompson was inducted into the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame on April 14, 2007. The South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation, documentation and display of South Dakota's sports history. Each year outstanding athletes, coaches and contributors are selected to the Hall of Fame. A total of 177 people have been so honored since the Hall of Fame was established almost 40 years ago. Jim Thompson is only the fourth rodeo cowboy to be included (Casey Tibbs, Clint Johnson and Jim Sutton are the other three). 


Some Recordings


 Jim Thompson recites Arthur Chapman's classic, "Out Where the West Begins" on The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Two (2007) from the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry and CowboyPoetry.com.


 Jim Thompson recorded a radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) for The BAR-R Roundup (2006).


  The Verse & the Voice, Reflections of the West is a collaboration by popular poet Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jim Thompson. Jim recites some of Yvonne's most popular poems (see the list here). The CD is available for $15 from:

Creative Broadcast Services, Inc.
125 Colorado Blvd. Suite 2E
PO Box 1101
Spearfish, SD 57783

See a review here.


What's inside is just as good as the cover. Where the Buffalo Rhyme (named by Baxter Black) was recorded live in October, 2003 at the Boss Cowman Cowboy Opry in Lemmon, South Dakota with Jim Thompson as the emcee. It features four top poets: our Honored Guests Yvonne Hollenbeck and Jess Howard and Rodney Nelson and Elizabeth Ebert.  See the list of poems here.

See a review here.







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