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Destination Unknown

As I travel down the road of life
To a place I've never been
I see new things and meet new friends
I hope to see again.

From the mountains to the plains
I hang my hat and call it home.
Don't know where the road will lead me,
Destination: unknown.

Life is a journey, I've been told
And I want to see it all
To live and love and enjoy life
Before I hear our Maker's call.

To watch the sun slide up the mountain
Chasing off the chill of night
Deer grazing in the meadow
And the eagle taking flight.

It has to be like heaven
The mountains, streams, and sky.
This must be what John Denver called
A Rocky Mountain High

So I'll travel down the road ahead
And hope life leads me well
For when I reach my destination
Then there'll be no more to tell.

From the mountains to the plains
I hang my hat and call it home
Don't know where the road will lead me
Destination: unknown.

2002, Linda Hermes
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Linda told us: Several years ago I wrote some song lyrics and a country singer in Denver, Rudy Grant, liked the lyrics and wanted to put music to them.  He put the song on his CD, Destination Unknown, then sent me the cover to his CD (see the photo at his site).  One look at the picture and the title and I knew I had to write a poem.


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About Linda Hermes:

I'm a West Texas grandma, been a jack-of-all-trades.  I used to do a little living history at Fort Concho where I portrayed an 1880's Army laundress.  Christmas at Old Fort Concho is an annual event and there is "old west" all over the place. Several years ago I was in charge of the "Hoot-N-Nanny" and one of my chores was to drum up entertainment.  That's how I met Dennis Gaines...This picture was taken during Christmas at Old Fort Concho



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