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Buffalo Prairie, Illinois 
About Kyle Anders




her bridles on
her blankets there
and i'm a workin' on the saddle
she's bit me once
stepped on my toe
i dont think i could get any madder
ah she's a nice one though
that feller said
with a nice big hip
and a baby doll head
she's a steal at that price i got on 'er
so with a mile wide grin
i went ahead and bought her
brought her home
got on her back
she bucked me off
imagine that!
wha'd i do wrong?
i kept asking myself
as that doctor put his stethoscope
back on the shelf
so i went on home
to give it a think
sat in my chair
poured me a drink
look at it this way dad
my young son said
at least you landed on your butt
and not your head

2004, Kyle Anders
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission. 

Kyle says of this, his first poem "The story behind my poem is that 90% of it is true. I bought a nice mare for my 9 yr old son and brought her home and started filling her full of 12% sweet feed and she got a little ornery on me--bucked me off as my boy watched the rodeo and lucky enough we were both able to have a good laugh afterwards."

About Kyle Anders:

We live at the Wild Ace Ranch in Buffalo Prairie, Illinois.  We being wife,  Roxane, Wade, Jenna, and Montgomery.



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