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The Cowboy

He's rugged, he's lean, and wears spurs all a gleam...
Why some folks say he's a herdin' machine.
All day in the saddle a top o' his horse...
"Who is he?" you ask, He's a cowboy of course.

He's got dirt, mud and sweat to his eyes...
Which is hard to get off after it dries.
He pays it no mind for there's chew in his cheek.
Hell some cowboys don't bathe for a week.

Hands that are rough, still the reins he holds steady,
if the stock starts to stray, his rope he has ready.
His hat's mighty dusty, and his boots they are too;
But I'd pay them no mind if I waz you.

Get along little doggies to that waterin' hole,
been a hard day of cowboyin', but good for his soul.
The horses are grazin, their feet in the hobble,
the cowboy is tired, but he'll never wobble.

His head's on his saddle as he stares at the night,
he sees thousands of stars twinklin' so bright.
He falls asleep dreamin' of his gal and her kiss,
but knows in his heart nothin's better than this.

2003, Kim Harvard
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Kim told us: This poem came about as a gift for my cowboy husband Luke. I wanted to give him a special Christmas present so I wrote "The Cowboy" and had his picture framed beside it.


About Kim Harvard:

Luke and I have three daughters that keep us busy. We live on a farm in Thomasville, Georgia. Luke is a cowboy and was a guide for a couple of
years at the Box R in Wyoming. I was fortunate enough to get to go back out there with him for about 10 days a couple of years ago.  I cant wait to get back there again one day with my cowboy.



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