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It was happening in the seventies
Heck even some a'fore that.
They was mov'in cattle from Texas
Most headed north from the Platte.

With dreams an lofty ambitions
Cattle headed for greener grass.
Some dreaming of bigger profits
Them times could never last.

Twas the time of the cowboy
A new and fearsome lot.
As wild as the range they rode
The likes time never forgot.

The west was fast upon them
Wild and reckless as their kind.
They filled the open spaces
With those longhorn wild bovine.

They drove'em from deep in Texas
That far away Alamo land.
Cowboys just pushin cattle
From the banks of the Rio Grande.

Civil man hot upon their heels
Always fencing the open air.
Pushin, farther from their kind
Open grass their only care.

From the Rio to the Mussleshell
And all that lie between.
Twas the haunt of the fearless
His kind, no one had seen.

His passage though so ever short
The cowboy of his time.
Perhaps the wildest human built
Was not store bought design.

We wear our boots and hats
And we style from sea to sea.
Most love the western image
But we shall never be wild and free.

2002, Kevin Schieffer


Ridin' Bulls

I've made my draw, they say he's rough,
From where I stand he don't look so tough.
This is a most awesome brute,
The meanest ever jumped a chute.

Good Lord willin' and I do my best,
I shouldn't end up like most  the rest.
This game I play, for them all high stakes,
If you're all cowboy, you got what it takes.

You sneer in the face of your nemesis, your foe,
It's one extra stretch, up on his back you go.
I rosin up good, an hunker down tight,
One final look and ready for flight.

Nod my head, they throw the gate,
This great awesome beast delivers my fate.
With a twist and a spin and some pain in my arm,
I'm thinkin' I shoulda' stayed home on the farm.

With a hook of the spur, I've just lost my boot,
Things sure been a happenin' since we left the chute.
And then in an instant,  I've just come unhitched,
Why in disbelief I've just been pitched.

Gettin' slammed to the ground, stomped on an tore,
Is never so bad as recievin' no score.
So I pick myself up and dust off my hat,
I pocket my pride and gaze where I sat.

He truly is a magnificent creature,
In any go round he is truly a feature.
I took my lumps and done my best,
Nothin' shameful, I stood the test.

I grab my rope and pass through the gate,
Ridin' these bulls is nothin' I hate.
I'll be back, as I'm sure will he,
Cause when I'm in the middle, I'm truly free.

2002, Kevin Schieffer



About Kevin Schieffer

I live in Riverton Wyoming where we have a ranch. The first of the cattle left last year [2001] and with not much hope for moisture the rest this. When we get more rain no doubt we will be back in business. I wrote "Cowboys" after reading a bio on Teddy Blue.




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