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Call Me Free

All the boots in a circle 'round the fire
Looked liked the numbers on a clock.
There was Fred, Jim, Bo and Reese
And the man they all called “Doc.”

“Whachu doin' out here anyways, Doc?”
Asked a cowboy across the flames.
“You got college, and you talk real good,
You coulda made ya’self a name.”

Doc blew the steam from his coffee cup
Then two fingered up his hat.
He looked at the cowboy, then into the fire
And said “ Yes, I’ve had all that.”

“I’ve had titles, secretaries and a desk.
I’ve given orders, and I had respect.
I had a wife for a lot of my life.
Had a big house, and a belly load of debt.

“But, all those things became a prison cell
When love rode off one day.
It never came back, and I decided to pack
And just be on my way.

“There is nothing that can free a man
Who’s trapped in a life he doesn’t choose.
Not all the gadgets in a big box store,
Nor all the bottles of booze.

"One day I left all and headed west.
I met a rancher who needed a hand.
I promised that I’d learn all I could
If I could just live with the cattle and the land.

“The rest is history, as they say
And tonight I’m on this drive.
Oh, I’ve had my share of livin,’
Just not enough of being alive.

“Sometimes I’m bone tired and weary
But, it’s the best kind of tired.
I’ve spent the day free and outdoors,
And at night I’m around the fire."

He looked up at the canopy of stars,
As far as the eye could see.
“Make a name for myself?” he said to the men.
"Just call me ‘Doc,' and call me 'free.'"

© 2013, Kevin L. Dennie
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.


Kevin comments: "Call Me Free" was inspired by an advertisement I read for two-week stays at a dude ranch. I wondered about the folks who would go there, and why. What were their stories? What were they longing to find in the midst of horses, cattle, hard work, and western sky ? The thought of the difference between just living and feeling alive came to me, and the poem followed.


      About Kevin L. Dennie
        provided 2014

I am living in the western Midwest, but was born and raised in Kentucky on farms with horses and cattle. I have raised livestock and sold feed and minerals in two states. I dearly love the country life.




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