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About Kenny Feidler



Farewell to Heroes

The sky poured just like a river
And we all cried with just the same flow
Inside it gave me a shiver
He'd never ride another short-go

Blame it all on the mud and the thunder
Or that fate made him go like he went
But Lord I cant help but wonder
If he's just a bullriding angel you sent

How do you say goodbye to a hero
How do you say farewell to a friend
Tell me Lord because I don't know
Ill just tip my hat and say amen

It hit us like a knife in the back
When we all heard the news we just cried
Off in the sunset rode bareback jack
You know I ain't been the same since he died

We all bowed our heads to the song
Before we all chapped up to ride
It felt like the world was all wrong
We just kneeled there hearts torn and tongues tied

How do you say goodbye to a hero
How do you say farewell to a friend
Tell me Lord because I don't know
Ill just tip my hat and say amen

Tell me lord because I don't know
Ill just shed another tear and say amen

2005, Kenny Feidler
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Kenny told us: Lane Frost and Chris LeDoux are two of my heroes as they both led extraordinary lives. I live my life the same way as they do, always putting out that extra try and devoting full heart in to what I do, while being a good person.  I was loading up my rodeo camper for the upcoming rodeo and it kind of hit me.  First I got the chorus down and then the rest kinda came along. It took only a few minutes because I felt such a flow with what I wanted to say. In the first part I wrote of that muddy day in Cheyenne when Lane Frost tragically died and the other half I related back to the deep sadness that overcame me when I heard the news about Chris LeDoux.  His music brought me close to the rodeo wherever I was and his life influenced me to pursue bareback horses.  I was crushed when he died, it felt like losing someone you've known all your life, despite never meeting the man.  But I knew Chris and he knew me and all of the other rodeo cowboys we had that rodeo bond so I owe it to him.  That week he died I was riding bulls for Sonny Williams in Westminster, Maryland, and before we rode, one of his songs was played in memory of him.  It felt like losing your best friend and hearing his ghost.  Heroes like this deserve a song, and I plan to spread this one and other rodeo songs and poems over the circuit the same way Chris LeDoux did. That way heroes are remembered.

About Kenny Feidler:

In 2005, Kenny told us:  I'm a 17 year old bullrider and a bareback rider from Maryland.  I've been rodeoing for going on 4 years now in the Pennsylvania High School Rodeo Association and in rodeos around the East Coast.



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