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King of the Rodeo

The crowd is cheering as they load the bulls
They know they're in for a treat
Mine gives me a cold and angry stare
He knows I'm the one to beat

I'll pit my soul against that bull
He'll know he's to the test
I'll ride him straight to hell and back
He'll know he's held the best

He'll snort and paw and arch his back
He'll vow to throw me off
But with hand held high and knees gripped tight
I'll show him who's the boss

He'll buck and turn and spin and drop
I'll stick to him like glue
Eight seconds later I'll jump off
He'll know that he is through

I'll collect my prize and tend my wounds
Then off to another show
Where I'll ride my bull and best him
The King Of The Rodeo

2000, Seagoing Soldiers, Kenneth C. Hunter
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Ken comments, "My son is a bull rider, and after having watched him as well as others ride and listened to them speak of their lot in life, I penned the poem in honor of my son, Patrick Lytle." [Find a video of Patrick Lytle "Rides 'n Wrecks" here on YouTube.]


About Ken Hunter:
provided 2011

Most of the poetry that I write concerns the art of going to sea. I am a retired ship's Captain.



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