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The Next Ride

His heart pounds wildly in his chest
As he settles in the chute
A thousand reasons scream "no" to him
With logic he can't refute

This seasoned cowboy's been here before
He knows just what to do
To still the voices and calm his nerves
And see this next ride through

He straddles the bull and wraps the rope tight
Around his hand once again
Adrenalin pushes from this point on
He's focused on the win

He doesn't feel the bruise on his thigh
That he got from his first ride tonight
He no longer hears the roar of the crowd
The hat on his head pushed down tight

This bull is known to spin to the right
He's big and he's strong and he's mean
Payday is just eight seconds away
If he can just make this ride clean

The bull jumps out and spins left in surprise
Then suddenly jumps to the right
This cowboy is game but he loses his rope
And knows that he's done for the night

His world then shifts to slow motion
As he somersaults high in the air
He hits the ground with an awful thud
Giving the crowd a brief scare

He stands to his feet and brushes off dust
Getting hurt's just a matter of when
"Why do I do this night after night?"
The question now lingers again

As he picks up his hat, and waves to the crowd
He remembers his answer with pride
"I do this because I love it so much,
And I live for the very next ride."

2013, Kelly B. Robbins
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's  permission.



    About Kelly B. Robbins:
provided 2013

I am a freelance writer currently living and writing in Indiana. I enjoy reading, camping, the outdoors and just about anything western. My passion is writing, my wife Dana is the love of my life, and my 8 grandkids are my joy. I have a strong faith and will pray for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

I love bull riding and I currently write a monthly column titled "Bull Pen" for Humps N' Horns Bull Riding Magazine. Bullriders are the toughest and most courageous athletes in the world. They have my respect and admiration and were my inspiration for the poem "The Next Ride."




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