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My Brother and Me

On two running horses
A sack held between us
We stirred ourselves up quite a spree.
With him on the inside
And me turning tight
We beat ’um
My brother and me.

Working a wagon
Uphill cross the country
The family was down to us three.
Through balking and refusing
With toes and noses freezing
We made it
My brother and me.

I cut out the witch knots
While he set his riggin
And pulled it up snug as could be.
I rode the gate with him
Or slapped from the kick board
We rodeoed
My brother and me.

Riding at the salebarn
When we were short handed
And cattle was all you could see.
I hit the ground hard
He was right there to get me
We penned ’um
My brother and me.

We’ve cowboyed together
Since I can remember
He’s known me and loved me for free.
I couldn’t have had better
He’s my pardner forever
We’re buddies
My brother and me.

© 2010, Kathy Parker
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Kathy told us about her poem: It was written as a progression of our lives together horseback. We had horses waiting for us when we were born. My Daddy was a rodeo clown and later a horse flanker.

The first stanza is about the two of us sack racing at horse shows as kids. We won several associations in that event. The next one is about the Bicentennial wagon train. I was 15 and my brother was 12. My family had trouble with one team and left the train to get more horses. That left my brother, 11-year-old cousin and me alone for two days on the train. A horse we were working got balky and we had all kinds of trouble, but we made it. It was the first part of March and very cold. The progression continues to my brother riding bareback horses. He started when he was 15 and won many amateur associations multiple times. He quit in 2000 and we rode pens together sometimes.



  About Kathy Parker:

I moved to Oklahoma in 1990 and have been ranch working and riding at South Coffeyville Stockyards ever since. I play on a women's ranch rodeo team. My brother catches cattle and rides at the sale barn in our hometown.

I am a lifelong musician and play lots of cowboy music at cow camp.

Melissa Benson, Dusti Crace, Kate Huddleston, and Kathy Parker




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