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Five Alarm Fire

Five dogs in pickups in little town downtown—
they all howl when the fire sirens go off.

Yes, fellows, we do know the world is coming
to an end, or at least what’s in the trash barrel is.

Thank you for praying your best houndwise way.

Hotdogs and chips for all who helped,
after the engines and hoses are put away.

Maybe some cold beer, too
if someone will volunteer to take the cans back after.

© 2010, Kathy Bowman
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Kathy comments that the poem is "...about living in a very small rural community with an all volunteer fire department and lotsa loyal stock dogs. As you know, we all pull together, including our livestock!"





About Kathy Bowman:

Kathy Bowman grew up on a ranch in Eastern Oregon where the average population was 1/50th of a person per square mile.

After finishing college, she began working for the US Forest Service in very rural towns, where the tradition of helping each other when things go wrong looms large.

The poem "Five Alarm Fire" builds on fond local memories of volunteer firehouse whistles and stock dogs in pickups and firefighter camaraderie. Now retired, Kathy lives at the edge of rural Joseph, Oregon.




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