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The Rancher's Wife

Here I am in my easy-chair
It's six o'clock in the morn.
I've just been up to check the cows
No one new has been born.

It's a little cold outside these days
With over two feet of snow,
And the darkness of the sky above
Still covers the land below.

I contemplate as I am sitting here
With coffee cup in hand
About the life of a rancher's wife
A woman who helps work the land.

Who ever thought many years ago
I'd be fencin', calving and such
Herding cows, tending the chicks
And even feeding the ducks.

And this lot is just a sideline,
There's a whole household to tend.
With meals, ironing, sweeping, and baking
And there is always clothes I must mend.

A busy life as one can see
But to be able to ride on your land
And feel a sense of satisfaction
Knowing what you see has been done by your hand.

Some days are full of frustration and tears
Nothing seems to go right.
But we meet each day without regret
Hats off to the rancher's wife.

2002, Kathie Poirier
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Kathie says: "Up until recently we had a cattle ranch (just in the process of retiring). I had come in one frosty morning from checking the cows to see if there were  any newcomers and as I explained in the poem, was sitting in the quiet of the early morning sipping my coffee and kind of laughed at myself because I dreaded putting all our winter garb on to go check for babes. Once I was outside however, the magic and beauty of the early morning with the moon still shining on the new fallen snow and our livestock warm and safe I realized I would rather be here than anywhere else in the world. With a good man, a beautiful ranch and our health, who could ask for more. I do not think I ever regretted the ranching life and always looked with pride on all the hard work we did to get it to the point it was that day."



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