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A Real Cowboy

I never met a real Cowboy
      who thought he knew it all

Oh, I met some Wranglers
      who knew how to twist a steer's tail
       to get him back on his feet
       and lead a lost calf
       to a lonely ol' cow's teat.

Ya learn who's smart and who's stupid
       when you're on the cattle trail
      And wonder what category
      you yourself would fall
      When all you have to listen to
      is a herd of cattle bawl.

Or yer out for the season
      with a busted leg
      for no god reason
      'cept some ol cowboy
      called yer pride by sayin'
      "There's a Mustang I bet you can't ride."

An I've met some barroom Cowboys
      who think they rule the world
      from the top of a bar stool
      An a man's life is measured
      by how good he can shoot a game of pool.

An I've met some good Cowboys
      who live out of a pick-up truck
      Following the Rodeo Trail
      Livin' on their luck.

An' I've met some honky-tonk fools
      who've spent a weeks wages
      on one night of fun
      And think they know everything - 'cept
      that on Monday there's work to be done.

But a Real Cowboy - takes his hat off to
      the setting sun -
      the sky ablaze around him - an' for miles
      he's the only one.
      An' he knows the difference between
      lonely and alone.
      An' he has faith in his horse
      to lead him safely home.

Surrounded by the Western Sky
      can make even the biggest man feel small
That's why I've never a Real Cowboy
      who thought he knew it all.

2002, Kal Roberts


About Kal Roberts 

Have returned home to Skull Valley, Arizona, after many years in Nashville (some say too many) as a photographer/writer/actor/cowboy poet.

You've probably seen me in the movies with Waylon, Kris, Willie and Johnny. David Allen Coe and I were the 'bad brothers' in Stagecoach. And I was the leader of Quantrills Gang in "Last Days of Frank and Jessie James" with Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

All of them are good friends, and you have seen my photographs on their album covers.

I basically introduced Cowboy Poetry to Nashville. From 6 people in the audience at the Hall of Fame, I packed it with over 200 and had such guests as Tanya Tucker and Bill Monroe.

I also hosted and created Cowboy Poetry on Willie Nelson's 'Outlaw network' international radio show. And am the voice for gunfights at Old Tucson Studio.

With my long white beard and deep, professional voice, I create quite a physical presence.

(p.s. - Perhaps I should mention that I have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism)




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