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Wind River Spring

Here is proof of God, aware
Who visits green on hills so sere,
And then, with wit, unleashes powers,
That strew the hills with bones…and flowers

© 2010, Kalina Vendetti
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Kalina Vendetti comments:  I wrote this poem after a week of riding with my husband in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. We were delighted with the green grass and myriad wild flowers but could already see that the hills were turning brown again. We were also very interested to see evidence of the hard life of the wild animals in that range: lots of bones. It seemed quite a juxtaposition; all those bones and flowers. It was obviously a hard but beautiful place. I think my poem captures some of that complexity.



    About Kalina Vendetti:
                       provided 2011

I am an administrative judge working in Massachusetts. I have been writing poetry for some time, but have never sought to have it published before. I am a closet cowgirl. (I think I am the only judge around here who wears cowboy boots under my robes.) Last summer my husband and I discovered the stunning beauty of the West for the first time. This summer we spent a week riding in the High Sierras and are planning our next trip West even as I write.



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