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About Justin W. Flowers



Old Cowboy Memories

As the sun fell below the pine trees a breeze began to blow
An old cowboy took off his hat and thought back long ago.
When he never had a worry and all he had was time
A young cowboy full of heart in the middle of his prime.

He thought back to his childhood remembering the days
When he dreamed of pushing cows and living cowboy ways
And how when he got older that dream he had come true
And he was the best hand at what he did cause that was all he ever knew.

He remembered there was nothing more refreshing than a cold December chill
When the only thing that kept you warm was your coat and iron will
Pushing cows up a moutain or pushing them back home
There was no doubt to anyone he was cowboy to the bone.

He thought back to the outfits where he hired on
How some of them got bigger and how most of them are gone.
How it was an honor to work on all of them, he was glad to have a place
He may not remember all the names but he can't forget a face.

He thinks of all the wrecks he's had and how now he feels the pain
He don't regret a single day but he's thankful for his cane.
And as the memories roll on his thoughts becoming clear
He opens up his eyes and down his cheek runs a tear
'Cause although his body is broken down his mind as sharp as a knife
And he knows that's the way it usually is if you live a cowboy life.

Justin Flowers
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Justin W. Flowers

My name is Justin Flowers and I live in Arizona.  I first moved down here and worked on the Navaro Ranch right after horseshoeing school.  I now shoe horses for a living but cowboy poetry is my love next to my son and my wife.  I have cut my own album and have done a few shoes. I am currently writing two books. One being cowboy poetry and the other one is story about two cowboys.

We asked Justin about his album and he replied: My album is called Gettin'  Western.  To get it just call me at 520-818-3117.  It is $10.00 plus what it costs to ship.




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