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Decatur, Texas
About Julia Cox-Wilson





Wild and Young

My great great grandpa was just a child
When the west was still young and wild.
Indians and buffalo roamed the countrysides
Before they were killed for the land and their hides.

He learned to ride a horse before he walked
Couldn't sign his name so he used a mark "X"
Herd counting was done all in his head,
He knew each animal that he fed.

To bed with the chickens and soon up again
Before the sunrise, his day would begin.
Ropin', and ridin' and brandin' them all
Then round 'em up for the drive in the fall.

If a man worked hard and could stay alive,
It meant his family would survive.
A man didn't rest 'til his work was done
When the west was still wild and young.

March 27, 2002, Julia Cox-Wilson
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About Julia Cox-Wilson:

I do genealogy research and have been trying to document all the stories the old folks of my family told and still tell.  While I was looking at pictures of my 3rd great grandfather Wm. Travis Roberts, I actually wrote this about my great-grandfather, Joe Jackson "J. J." Roberts.  An uncle once told me  my Grandpa Roberts was the greatest cowboy who ever sat a horse.  He still seems to me like the tallest man I have ever known. As for me, I am Texas born and bred, I am a farmer, mother of 3, and grandmother of 3.  Gardening is a passion and teaching my grandkids to love growing things is a true joy.  I quilt, sew and do all kinds of crafts from crochet lace to leather work.  I love to play my guitar and have written a few songs.  Poetry just pops into my head sometimes and I write them down.



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