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         The Ornery Lookers

                       Six ornery looking hombres,
                              Rode into town today;
                       Two on sorrels, two on pintos,
                              One roan and one a bay;

                       All six of them were wanted,
                               In the small town of Deadwood;
                       They had robbed the Fargo Bank,
                               And their get-a-way made good;

                       The Sheriff got a wire,
                               They were headed out his way;
                       So he just waited patiently,
                               For them to make his day;

                       They all had on those coats of black,
                               Like Jesse James had worn;
                       Some had holes in the soles of their boots,
                               Their jeans were tattered and torn;

                       They sauntered on down to the old saloon,
                               Where the bottles emptied quick;
                       The barkeep kept filling their glass,
                               And soon all six were sick;

                       One by one they stumbled,
                               And fell out  the swinging door;
                       They piled up like matchsticks,
                               Upon the wooden floor;

                       The Sheriff was there to greet them,
                               And escorted them to his jail;
                       They stayed inside the pokey,
                               Cause there weren't any bail;

                       In two weeks the Judge was due,
                               The robbers had made a plot;
                       But the Judge never did show up,
                               So all six of them were shot.

                            2003, Joseph Getling
                            This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.


About Joseph Getling:

I was born in a the town of Temperance, Michigan. Have never been a cowboy, but have always loved the West. Moved to Arizona in 1963 for the daughters health and have since retired to the mountains of Payson, Arizona. I started writing poetry as a pastime in 1970 and have just made a book of all my poetry for the family. I jest start to thinkin bout different things and put them down on paper as though I was there.



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