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Cyril, Oklahoma
About Jo Hargrave




I don't want to just watch the dawn, the whole world reborn and new,
to gaze in wistful awe the way some other folks might do.
I want to see it, smell it taste it, feel the first warm ray of light
piercing through the misty chill and crowding out the night.
Don't let dawn happen without me, don't let me miss even one,
Wait till I rouse from my bedroll, till the coffees almost done.
Wait till I find the perfect perch on fence rail or horse's back,
or wait, till I climb the "thinking knoll" or inviting tall haystack.

It seems that when dawn touches you you too are somehow reborn
And all the trials from yesterday somehow from you are torn.
With just that first warmth on your face you feel the touch of God
A small glimpse of creation seeing where the Lord has trod.

There is nothing else I've known that holds such miracles for me...

2003, Jo Hargrave



About Jo Hargrave:

Jo is well known of the host of the popular Keepin' it Cowboy show, and as the Academy of Western Artists' DJ of the Year.  See our feature about Keepin' it Cowboy here.




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