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The Western world mourns the loss of beloved artist Joelle Smith, who died August 5, 2005.

A benefit gathering and auction organized to help with medical costs from her long battle against cancer took place September 17, 2005 in Santa Clarita, organized by her friends and coordinated by Dorothy Rogers of California Classics.


Tributes in song and verse

A letter from Joelle's friends

The original Benefit announcement

A message from after the Benefit

Some of the auction items


The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry is honored to have Joelle Smith's painting, "Heading Home," as the 2006 Cowboy Poetry Week poster and the cover art for The BAR-D Roundup recording. See our feature about Joelle Smith here.  




In Tribute


"For Joelle" by Virginia Bennett
"Through Her Eyes" by Lorraine Rawls and Linda Bark'karie
"Goodnight Good Pony" by Juni Fisher
"Galleries of the Heart" by J. D. Seibert


Virginia Bennett shared her poem, which she says "is written to describe that first shocking moment when you find out a good friend has passed away."

For Joelle

A coyote trots with a backward glance
Along a dry ridge on a dull-gray morning.
For a moment, an eagle has flightless wings
Grounded by grief in the dreary dawning.

Miles away, a gentle, bay ranch horse,
Slowed by arthritis, too feeble to ride,
Attacks his pasture-mate, teeth bared and yellow,
Savagely dining on blood and hide.

Up north, a stock-dog crawls under the porch,
In the shadows, she cringes with wary eyes.
The lonely wind rushes in wild and scary,
Then dies down to a doldrum so the heat can rise.

In the barn, the tack-room door which never
Before jammed or stuck in any season.
Refuses to open, just for a moment
Like things that go awry without any reason. 

For one second only, the spring turned sour,
The flowers wilted, the cabin's curtains were drawn.
The earth does mourn in sackcloth and ashes
For now we know another good cowgirl's gone.

© 2005, Virginia Bennett
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Lorraine Rawls and Linda Bark'karie wrote "Through Her Eyes for Joelle Smith in 1998. It is included on Lorraine Rawls' CD, Through Her Eyes (www.lorrainerawls.com)

Through Her Eyes

He spins the tale, they listen intently as he talks the horses scarcely move
On wings of adventure they ride to a land he's only heard, remembered in his your

But through her eyes we see his weathered hands and the muscles slack on his pony,
Through her eyes the colors jump and play. Through her eyes the glint of grass
and the shadows speak within her, she has sight we can feel, through her eyes.

The yearlings evening play is abandoned for a moment, to scratch at flies who bit,
With shared relief of the day they nuzzle to each other, towards the blanket of the night.

And through her eyes they're a part of the earth and they blend in with the sky. Through her eyes
Their jaws are clenched so fiercely. Through her eyes soft ears reveal "you are ever my compadre"
There's affection in her hand and through her eyes

When she paints a picture the canvas is her book
The brushstrokes tell a story we're allowed to look.
Emotion is her pallet   what we casually pass by
She catches with her eye

The bounty of the paintbrush
is as strong as the rushing of a river,
as gentle as a stream
The scent of the sage upon the desert
is an image she can carry to all of us it seems

And through her eyes the Judith Basin
blooms in hues unfading.
Through her eyes the Vaquero proudly stands,
Through her eyes the longhorn gave
and the cowboy ropes and spins
The wind whispers secrets and we all get to share them
Through her eyes

© 1998 Lorraine Rawls, L. Bark'karie, Prairie Schooner Music
This song may not be reprinted or reposted without the authors' written permission.

"Through Her Eyes" was a part of the memorial service held for Joelle Smith on August 7, 2005


Juni Fisher, 2005 AWA Western Female Vocalist of the Year, shared her song, "Goodnight Good Pony," written for Joelle Smith. 

Goodnight Good Pony

A cowgirl stands at her mirror
Ties her fav'rite silk scarf and she smiles
Slips on her boots and best silver spurs
The ones she's worn many a mile

By the door there's her flat brimmed sombrero
And her chinks in a gold sunset hue
She steps out on the porch when she's ready
The pastures and mountains in view

Then the cowgirl walks out to her pony
Who lies in the sweet grass at rest
She tells him "Of all of the horses I've known,
good pony, you know you're the best"

(So) Goodnight good pony goodnight
Rest your head and close your eyes tight
I'll see you tomorrow when all the world's bright
Goodnight good pony goodnight
So the pony lay still and was dreamin'
Of the days he had carried that girl
How she'd started him when he was younger
How she laughed when he bucked and he whirled

He dreamed of the days they worked cattle
And of rides with no work at all
How he'd nudge her to get her to smilin'
How he'd find her whenever she called

At daylight the pony heard singin'
He pricked up his ears to her door
He nickered to call out his cowgirl
To come sing to him once more

Goodnight good pony goodnight
Rest your head and close your eyes tight
I'll see you tomorrow when all the world's bright
Goodnight good pony goodnight

He waited for her until sunset
Then the sky filled with beautiful light
His cowgirl had gone to her Maker
So the angels sang to him that night

Goodnight good pony goodnight
Rest your head and close your eyes tight
I'll see you tomorrow when all the world's bright
Goodnight good pony goodnight
Goodnight good pony goodnight

© 2005, Juni Fisher/Red Geetar Music ASCAP 
from Cowgirlography (January, 2006)
These words may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


J. D. Seibert shared his poem, "Galleries of the Heart," written for Joelle Smith:

Galleries of the Heart

We moved the mirror to the foot of her bed
So that she could get a better view
Of the colts playing outside her window
Just like she asked us to

It seemed to ease her passing
Watching them colts at their play
And it kinda filled in some of the silence
When there weren't much words to say

Reflection plays an integral part
When more memories can't be made
And it lives on cataloged in canvas
In galleries to be displayed

But some artwork can't be contained
By the confines of four walls
And it ain't displayed on lighted easels
To be bought and sold by all

It's the art of daily living
That a masterpiece did achieve
And that no medium can record
Or critic can receive

And for those that knew Joelle
We've received her greatest work of art
And it can proudly be displayed
In the galleries of the heart

© 2005, J. D. Seibert
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



August 6, 2005:

Dear friends,

It is with a sad heart that we are letting you know that our dear Joelle passed away on Friday morning, August 5. She was surrounded by friends and ready for her transition and we know she's with the Lord now and riding a good horse with her Dad!

If you would like to send Sally, her mother, a card, here is the address:

Sally Smith
2660 NE Hwy 20
Suite 610 PMB 302
Bend, Oregon  97701

We also want to let you know that our Sept. 17 benefit in Santa Clarita is still on. Joelle knew we were working on this, and she was touched by the love and support of her friends. The need is still great, given the amount of medical bills yet to be paid. This event will honor Joelle and we'll celebrate her life with good food, a fun auction and great Western entertainment. Her mother, Sally, will be joining us for the evening and this will be a wonderful way for us to lift up this beautiful woman who traveled to shows and gatherings with Joelle and shared her loving smiles and delicious homemade cookies! Some of Sally's cookies will be auctioned off, and this will be a great place to give her a warm hug!

With God's love,
     Gary and Sherrill Brown, Dorothy Rogers, Virginia Bennett
     and everyone involved with the Joelle Smith Benefit Concert and Auction

The Benefit Show
the original invitation

Friends of Joelle Smith are inviting you to spend an evening with us enjoying fine Western Music and Cowboy Poetry, a chuck wagon BBQ, and a premier auction of fine Western art, gear and collectibles.

Presenting in concert, renowned Cowboy Balladeer Don Edwards

“A singing scholar of the west” James Earl Jones, Actor 
“The country’s purest cowboy singer” New York Daily News 
“The best purveyor of cowboy music in America today” Cowboy Hall of Fame 

Also Appearing: 

Stephanie Davis, outstanding signer/songwriter
With classic cowboy poet Randy Rieman
and storyteller and poet Virginia Bennett 

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Spurling Hall
24901 Orchard Village Road
Santa Clarita, California 

Tickets include the BBQ hosted by the Visalia Cowboy Cultural Committee, Oral and 
Silent Auction and an outstanding concert of fine western music and cowboy poetry. All proceeds will go to Joelle Smith’s Medical Expense Fund. 

Buy fine western art at www.joellesmith.com 

After the event, the friends who organized the auction wrote:

The Joelle Smith Benefit BBQ, Auction and Concert on September 17 was a rousing success in every sense of the word. Many outpourings of love and generosity were poured forth, and the organizers would like to thank each and every person for their compassion. To all of the people who donated to the silent and live auctions, please know that your gifts were a big hit! Both events were a lot of fun with lively, competitive bidding.

Those of you who were present or who made bids absentee, thank you as well. Joelle's family will be greatly blessed by your generous spirits. Abundant appreciation goes out to all the volunteers who were on hand, to the entertainers who volunteered their time and travel, to those who made monetary donations to the Fund, and to those who prayed for the success of the event. Many hearts were touched as this group from the cowboy culture gathered to help out a dear friend. In Joelle's memory, we thank you each and every one!

Joelle Smith Medical Benefit Auction


Bidding closed December 1, 2005 

The following items were available for bidding in a second round of the auction, after the benefit event:

  1. Hackamore/Bosal braided by Ernie Ladouceur. Donated by Diane and Scott Crisp. Starting bid $400, $25 increments


  4. Framed oil painting of Waddie Mitchell by Susan Burton. 15.5 “ x 20”. Donated by Sally Bates Starting bid $200, $20 increments


  33. Larry Bees framed original pencil. Donated by Larry Bees.


36. Raven of Mountain Rose frock coat, size 46, black with paisley lining. Donated by Chuck Martin.


     37. Joe Milazzo limited ed. print. (NRCHA Official Artist) framed limited edition (of 150) print "Packing Up." Art inside is 16" x 20".  Donated by Joe MilazzoStarting bid $400, $25 increments  


48. Sheri Greves-Nielson framed original, "American Beauty." Donated by Sheri Greves-Nielson.

  49. Gail Guenther framed 18” x 24” original acrylic “Move Those Feet.” Donated by Gail Guenther of Heirloom Equine PortraitsStarting bid $1,250, $100 increments


51. Set of three variety Tees. Donated by Bishop Mule Days Celebration

  53. Bronze 1008/3500 Mule Days Celebration 2005 buckle. Donated by Bishop Mule Days Celebration   

  63.  Diane Snow framed limited ed. (29/500) giclee print "Pizzazz." Spanish mustang subject from a watercolor that took first place and Best in show Overall at the Western States Horseman's Expo and featured in Horse in Art Magazine. Certificate of authenticity. Donated by Diane Snow. Starting bid $350 with $25 increments.

  64. Jay Dusard original  original black and white photo of Monk Maxwell of Del Rio Ranch, AZ, 1970 from his highly collectible book, The North American Cowboy. Unframed size 9" x 12" and matted 16" x 20". Jay says that Monk is one of the best hands in dealing with wild cattle in rough mountain country. Donated by Jay Dusard. Starting bid $400 (increments of $25).

  67.  Rocky Mountain 100 percent beaver custom hat. Style of choice (photo is example). Donated by John Sr. and Jr. and Chandra Morris of Rocky Mountain Hat Co.  Starting bid $650 (bid increments of $25)


  71.  Sterling 3 piece buckle set with 14K gold reproduction of Edward Borein's own buckle.  Donated by Old Cowdogs  Starting bid $400, increments $25

72.  Tim Cox ltd. ed. of 950 canvas transfer "Cow Horse Country" 19" x 29.5". Donated by Tim and Suzie Cox. Starting bid $335, increments of $25


  79. Four three-day passes for the Equine Experience, April 1-3, 2006, Mid-State Fairgrounds. Donated by John and Maureen Rudnick of the Equine Experience.


  88. TTouch Deluxe Horses Video Package by internationally known horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones. Video, tip book, guide book & flash cards.  Donated by Pete and Virginia Bennett


92.  Four three day passes to the 2006 Varian Summer Jubilee complete with catered meals, seminars, stallion presentations, mare walk & more. Donated by Sheila Varian.


95. 3 day/2 night stay Ramada Express Hotel/Casino, Laughlin, NV with 2 complimentary tickets for any pavilion show and drinks for two. Donated by Ramada Express Hotel/Casino. 


  97. Michael Andrews limited ed. print "The Journey" 30/150 with poem by Chris Isaacs. Scene shows cowboys at the grave of Tom Blasingame at the JA Cemetery. Certificate of authenticity. Lot includes a signed poster of Chris Isaac's,  Cowboy Poetry, winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award, and four of Chris Isaac's CDs. Donated by Chris Isaacs.  


102. Judy Welsh pencil drawing of "Mike Dawson." Unframed poster. Donated by Nona Kelley Carver of Carver Cowboy Poetry.  


103. Four tickets to the 8th Annual Conejo Cowboy Festival. Donated by the Board of Directors of the Conejo Poetry and Western Music Festival.


120. Framed "Jan's Chickens." Image size 7 7/8" x 10 " wide.  Limited edition signed and numbered Joelle Smith print. Donated by Sally Smith. 


  121. Sue Warren framed original pencil drawing "Thru His Eyes." Striking wolf subject. Donated by Sue Warren. Starting bid $225 with $25 increments.  


122. Ten hours of professional web design. Donated by Sandra Herl. Starting bid $200 with $25 increments


  129. Very collectible Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival 1999 inaugural commemorative poster. Design and artwork by Linda Bark'karie. Framed. Depicts vaqueros on a bluff watching the trading ships coming in to port. Donated by Mick VernonStarting bid $150 with $20 increments  


  130. Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival poster from 2001. "Murrieta's Men" by cowboy artist Jack Swanson CAA. Framed. Donated by Mick Vernon. Starting bid $75 with $15 increments (the glass in this piece was broken in transit)


152.  Gift basket with various artist's CDs and books


171. Breeding donated by John and Maureen Rudnick to either one of their stallions SG Rodeo Cowboy or Tigerwood. Rodeo Cowboy is Driftwood on the bottom side and Hancock bred on the sire's side.  Starting bid is $650.  Please contact California Classics for more information on these stallions.


  178. Matted and framed photograph donated by Don Hammer


  200.  Donated by Morgan Stanley, of Paso Robles, the book Cowboy Ethics by James P. Owen and photography by David Stoecklein


  201.  Watercolor by Joan Gladwin of an ostrich.


202.   Donated by Rayanne Engle, the softbound edition of Legends from Western Horsemen



203. Set of 4 Harley Brown prints.  These are limited edition, artist proofs that Harley so kindly signed to Joelle's benefit.  Please note that there are 8 sets of  these prints.  These prints range in size from  10"x12" up to 15"x19."


Bidding closed December 1, 2005

The following items are SOLD and no longer available:


SOLD   2. Signed #4500 limited edition 38” + silk wild rag hand rolled by The Scarf Lady. Underlying jacquard roses with over dyes in Joelle’s palette colors. Donated by California Classics.  

SOLD   3. An Experience Tour of Hearst Castle with "Building the Dream" film included. Donated by Hearst Castle and the National Geographic Theatre 

SOLD   5. Lifetime subscription to Cowboy Magazine. Donated by Darrell Arnold   

SOLD   6. Sterling silver engraved cuff bracelet made and donated by Ricarda McCleary Clause.  Starting bid $250 (bid increments of $25)  

SOLD   7. Throw based on Wayne Justus artwork. Donated by the City of Santa Clarita  

SOLD   8. Rest Beyond the River and The Trail Home CDs of poetry and music. Three softbound books: The Medusa Mare, West of Yesterday-East of Tomorrow and The Quotable Cowboy. All written/performed/donated by Charley Hendren.  

SOLD   9.  Limited edition (100) slipcased signed leather edition of Art of the Western Saddle.  Donated by Bill and Kristin Reynolds  Starting bid of $250, $50 increments  

SOLD 10. 
Framed limited edition Edward Borein etching "The Cinch Binder." Donated by Bill and Kristin Reynolds.  Starting bid $600, with $50 increments   

SOLD 11. Fabulous Watt Bros. Stock Saddle Co. 15.5 in. Wade set stamp and mixed floral, 90 degree bars, flat plate rigged with JWP antiqued hardware and conchos, 3 1/4 in. x 5 1/4 in. Guadalajara horn, Cheyenne roll, matching flank cinch and breast collar, 4 in. monel stirrups. Donated by Watt Bros. (on display at CC). (Starting bid $4,500 with $50 increments).  

SOLD 12. Santa Paula style sterling and 14K gold fill filigree cheeks with frog mouthpiece and a sliding ear headstall with sterling conchos. Bit made and donated by Jeremiah Watt. Starting bid $900 (bid increments of $50)   

SOLD 13.  Ballads of the Badlands a rare Curley Fletcher songbook, 1932, illustrated throughout by Guy Welch. 45 pages with music for 12 songs and a poem. Donated by Margo Metegrano, CowboyPoetry.com  Starting bid $50, $10 increments

SOLD 14. Framed Buck Taylor limited edition print lithograph # 279/2000 -"Portrait of Our Western Heritage.” Framed and matted 33” w x 39 " h. Donated by A. J. Mangum, Editor of Western Horseman Magazine
  Starting bid $250 ($25 increments)  
SOLD 15.  Kin to the Wind limited edition tie designed by Joelle Smith. Donated by Rockmount Ranch Wear Manufacturing.  

SOLD 16. Signed and dedicated Reata Man (hardbound) and California Cowboy Inventions (softbound). Written, illustrated and donated by Ernest Morris  

SOLD 17. Marti Hubbell framed limited edition art print, "Wet Paint," 112/250. Measures 16" x 20" inside and 24" h x 28"w with frame. Donated by Marti Hubbell Starting bid $300, $25 increments   

SOLD 18. Rawhide broen nose hitched nosebutton hackamore. Made and donated by DaVee Greer. Starting bid $500 $25 increments  

SOLD 19. Silver boot tips. Donated by Lindalee of the Lost Canyon Rangers  

SOLD 20. “Return to Tombstone” limited edition unframed print by Jimmy Cox #411/ 500. Features cast of sequel to the popular TV series starring Hugh O'Brien.  Donated by Rob Word.  

SOLD 21. Basket with: a bottle of fine Paso Robles, CA wine; a bottle of excellent, estate-grown olive oil raised on the Bonel Ranch by Pete and Virginia Bennett (this oil is never available to the public), In The Company of Horses, 2004 softbound, by Virginia Bennett, Cowboy Poetry Classics CD, 2004, by Smithsonian Folkways, Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion, 2004 softbound, edited by Virginia Bennett, Cowgirl Poetry: 100 Years of Ridin' and Rhymin' edited by Virginia Bennett. Basket donated by Virginia Bennett   

SOLD 22. Sparky Moore original framed artwork, mixed media picture of Winnie the Pooh, Tiger & Piglet, etc. playing cowboys and Indians in a stick horse race. 11" x 19" inside plus a 3 in. frame on acid free Strathmore paper. This is an original double matted painting with double frames. One includes an original storyline Sparky has burnt into the wood. Sparky drew Winnie the Pooh for nearly half a century.  Donated by Sparky Moore  Starting bid $1,250, $100 increments  

SOLD 23. Purdy Gear tooled spur straps (leathers). Donated by Karla Van Horne  

SOLD 24.  Framed and hand colored miniature etching "Mules and Dust" by Mary Lehman. Lots of detail. Donated by Eighteen-Ninety House of Paso Robles.  

SOLD 25. Hyo sterling silver bracelet and earrings. Donated by Couture West. Starting bid $200 increments of $20.   

SOLD 26. Limited edition frock coat and private wardrobe consultation. Selection of your fabric and designed for your size. A gift certificate will be given by the designer to the winner. Donated by Old Frontier Clothing Co.  Starting bid $250 with $25 increments. 

27.Joelle Smith limited edition print "Tales of Vasquez." Acid free paper image is 12 3/4" x 21" wide. Donated by Sally Smith.   

SOLD 28. Phil Tognazzini framed limited edition etching. Donated by Phil Tognazzini   

SOLD 29. Tooled leather covered canteen. Donated by Virginia Bennett  

SOLD 30. Colorful  lap quilt with western themes. 68" x 51." Lovingly made and donated by Barbara Mazzuca and friend.  Starting bid $175 with $15 increments  

SOLD 31. Basket of four vintage western books and one vintage western tie. Books are as follows: The Practical Home Veterinarian, softbound, published by Dr. David Roberts Veterinary Co. 1938. Good condition. When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright 1916 first ed., illustrated profusely with excellent artwork. Book in excellent condition, partial original dust jacket attached. Dark Horse by Will James, first ed. 1939, illustrated by Will James. The pages of this hardbound first edition are excellent, however the cover is partially water damaged. Grubstake: A Story of Early Mining Days in Nevada 1874 by Mark L. Requa, 1933, first ed. Pages in excellent condition, cover in fair condition.  Vintage cowboy tie is probably c. 1970's, maroon with painting of 3 Arabian horses in a circle. Tag reads: "V. Galet, All Silk Beverly Hills, Calif. hand tailored in California." Donated by Virginia Bennett   

32. Framed posters from each of the seven years of the Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival. Donated by Mick Vernon 

SOLD 34. Box of tees, etc. . Donated by Bishop Mule Days Celebration  

SOLD 35. Autographed The American Quarter Horse book of 303 pages and The AQHA Calendar 2006  and the Cow Dogs Calendar. Photographs by Stoecklein. Donated by David R. Stoecklein Publishing 

SOLD 38. Autographed Performance Horse book of 250 pages and the 2006 Cowboy Classic Calendar. Photographs by Stoecklein. Donated by David R. Stoecklein Publishing  

SOLD 39. Sterling silver scarf slide made by Karen Ross and two vintage western scarves. Donated by Jim and Karen Ross 

SOLD 40. True Horsemanship Through Feel by Leslie Desmond and Bill Dorrance. Stamp signed by Bill Dorrance. Donated by Steve Dorrance  

SOLD 41. Autographed The Western Horse book of 299 pages and 2006 The Western Horse Calendar. Photographs by Stoecklein. Donated by
David R. Stoecklein Publishing   

SOLD 42. The Cowgirl Datebook (daytimer) with Stoecklein Collection Leather cover and Budgee Budgee Cottontail book by Jo Mora. Journal photographs by Stoecklein. Donated by
David R. Stoecklein Publishing  

SOLD 43. Jim Stuckenberg signed limited edition prints. TBA. Donated by Jim Stuckenberg 

SOLD 44. A pair of custom boots. Gift certificate includes all but shipping and insurance. Donated by WC Shanor of Mastercraft Boots.  Starting bid $650, $50 increments  

SOLD  45. Signature “Cookie Mom” cookies with homemade jam and a surprise. Donated by Sally Smith.   

SOLD  46.  3 day/2 night stay Ramada Express Hotel/Casino, Laughlin, Nevada with 2 complimentary tickets for any pavilion show and drinks for two. Donated by Ramada Express Hotel/Casino 

SOLD  47. Cowhide creation. TBA. Donated by Jan Wood  

SOLD  50. Vintage guitar. Donated by Glen Tyler of California Classics and with storyline of wonderful characters that artist/cartoonist Sparky Moore has emblazoned on the guitar (Sparky drew Winnie the Pooh for nearly half a century; see another Sparky Moore item above). This is a one of a kind.   

SOLD  52. Yvonne Hollenbeck, her 2 books and 4 CDs. Where Prairie Flowers Bloom, Blossoms Beneath the Snow, Where the Buffalo Rhyme (Yvonne Hollenbeck with Rodney Nelson, Elizabeth Ebert, and Jess Howard), My Home on the Range, Prairie Patchwork, and Winter on the Prairie, Donated by Yvonne Hollenbeck 

 54. Set of four Tees. Donated by Bishop Mule Days Celebration  

SOLD  55. Band Langenberg framed western photograph. Donated by Brad Langenberg  

SOLD  56. Sterling Mule Days Celebration ltd. ed. Buckle 127/30 from 2001, Donated by Bishop Mule Days Celebration 

SOLD  57. National Day of the Cowboy Poster 14" x 21" first in a series. Donated by Kansas Saddlery  

SOLD  58.  Ruth Deoudes limited edition hand colored lithographic print "First Love" on archival rag paper #29/250. Framed and double matted 9" x 12" inside and 14 3/4" x 18 1/2" +/- framed. Donated by Ruth Deoudes  

SOLD  59. A rare autographed hardbound copy of The Last Buckaroo by Mackey Hedges. Donated by Pastor Mike Sheridan.  

SOLD  60. Trefz sterling miniature spade bit, chains and stand. Donated by Delwyn Trefz Starting bid $450, increments $25  

SOLD  61. Three softbound Western Horseman books:  Ranch Horsemanship with Curt Pate, The Hank Weiscamp Story, and  Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses with Pat Parelli. Donated by Rayanne Engle  

SOLD  62.  Black and white photo of Bill Dorrance. Donated by Richard Levine Photography   

SOLD  65. Steve Schmitt handmade and engraved spurs with sterling appointments including a horseshoe with a star, 16 point rowels that make music. Donated by Steve Schmitt  Starting bid $250, increments $25   

SOLD  66. Tim Cox ltd. ed. of 950 canvas transfer "In the Bronc Corral" 17 1/2" x 24". Donated by Tim and Suzie Cox. Starting bid $200 (bid increments of $20)   

SOLD  68.  Tim Cox ltd. ed. of 1500 canvas transfer "Her Chance to Dance" 18.5" x 24". Donated by Tim and Suzie Cox. Starting bid $200 (bid increments of $20)   

SOLD  69.  "Sunset Reverie" an original pencil by Linda Bark'karie one of Joelle's dearest friends. Framed measures 10 1/4" x 11 1/4" wide, inside is 4 1/4" x 5 1/4" wide. Certificate of Authenticity attached. Starting bid $225 with increments of $25. Donated by Linda Bark'karie 

SOLD  70.  Tim Cox ltd. ed. canvas transfer "Between Heaven and Earth" 19" x 29.5". Donated by Tim and Suzie Cox. Starting bid $150 (bid increments of $20)  

SOLD  73. Heather Hafleigh framed black and white photograph of Joelle to finish approximately 11" x 14". Archival matted with wood frames. Donated by Heather Hafleigh of Maverick Photograph. Starting bid of $100 with $25 increments   

SOLD  74. "Reminiscing."  Don Edwards ltd. ed. silk 36" x 36" #1 scarf from the Joelle print, a copy of the ltd. ed. unframed print and Don's CD Kin to the Wind. To be signed by Don Edwards. Donated by Sally Smith. 

SOLD  75.  Sterling Leslie Martins hand engraved money clip with jeweler's bronzeorse head. Donated by Kearney and Leslie Martins  

SOLD  76. Heather Hafleigh framed color photograph of Joelle and Sally to finish approximately 11" x 14". achival matted with wood frames.  Donated by Heather Hafleigh of Maverick Photograph.
Starting bid of $100 with $25 increments 

SOLD  77. Limited edition jacquard silk scarf "The Storytellers" featuring Jay and Deeth Harney and a Visalia saddle with taps in the center with oak leaves and acorns designed by Joelle Smith.  Donated by Rockmount Ranch Wear Manufacturing   

SOLD  78. Leslie Martins handmade and engraved 1 inch heart earrings. Pierced. Donated by Kearney and Leslie Martins 

SOLD  80. Handmade knotty pine saddle stand # 1. Made and donated by J.D. Seibert. 

SOLD  81. Ad in Rope Burns magazine. Donated by Bobby Newton, publisher of Rope Burns   

SOLD  82. Rhonda Martin original pencil artwork. Donated by Rhonda Martin.  

SOLD  83. Set of four collectible hardbound books: Frederic Remington Memorial Collection first ed. '54 (rare), Frederic Remington by Peter Hassrick '73 with dust jacket, The CMR Book by Charles Marion Russell first ed. '70 w. dust jacket, Charles M. Russell by Frederic G. Renner, ' 74 w. dust jacket. Donated by Bookends and the Museum of the Cowboy  

SOLD  84.  George Michel headstall featuring Tom Paul Schneider custom sterling silver. The customized sterling silver is dedicated to Joelle on the reverse byTom Paul Schneider. The English bridle leather headstall was crafted by George Michel of Alturas. Made and donated by George Michel and Tom Paul Schneider 

SOLD  85. Knotty pine saddle stand # 2. Made and donated by J.D. Seibert  

SOLD  86. Sterling conchos TBA. Made and donated by Bruce Haener  

SOLD  87.  Special one-of-a-kind CD includes a far-ranging interview by Andy Nelson with Joelle Smith at Elko, 2005, at the Red Lion's "Cow Camp Trading Post," in which she talks about her art and the connections among artists, craftsmen, musicians, and others; discusses her work and subjects; and gives some advice to up and coming artists, and much more.  The CD includes her favorite song by Don Edwards, "'Longside the Sante Fe Trail"; Lorraine Rawls' "Through Her Eyes," written about Joelle;
Juni Fisher's new "Good Night Good Pony," written in tribute to Joelle; Virginia Bennett's poem, "For Joelle"; Randy Reiman's recitation of Will Ogilvie's "Hooves of the Horses"; Dave Stamey's "The Vaquero Song"; "Forever Young" from Stephanie Davis; with cover photography by Judy Bedell.  About 35 minutes. Produced and donated by Andy Nelson, host of Clear Out West Radio   

SOLD  89.  DK Winslow original pencil drawing, "Pedal," unframed 7" x 10" on 9" x 12" Bristol stock.  Donated by DK Winslow 

SOLD  90. CV Guest Ranch Adventure, New Mexico. TBA. Donated by RW and Lisa Hampton   

SOLD  91. Ernie Marsh fine sterling spade bit #202 with steel engraving and heart on the lower half. This is a Goldberg Staunton inspired Santa Barbara spade bit by TCAA artist Ernie Marsh. Ernie is one of the best bit makers today. This striking bit features the French gray gun type of engraving in the upper half with the large concho and heart images below. The copper wire braces are set back for proper use of the signal bit and there are two copper rollers to encourage the desirable wet mouth. It has three slobber chains.  Handmade rein chains are included. Donated by Ernie and Teresa Marsh.  

SOLD  93. Leather bound signed and numbered edition of Legacy of Silver and Saddle: GS Garcia to JM Capriola 1864-2004. Donated by authors Dee Dee Garcia and Linda Harris.  

 94. Set of three hardbound signed books by Baxter Black. A Cowful of Cowboy Poetry, Croutons on a Cowpie Vol. #2 and Coyote Cowboy Poetry. Donated by Baxter Black 

SOLD  96. Vel Miller signed and numbered ltd. ed. print 10/650 "Hoolihan at the Haythorn." 20" x 27" inside Double matted and framed, this one features an original remarque. Donated by Warren and Vel Miller. Starting bid $350 ($25 increments).   

SOLD  98. Don Edwards' Classic Cowboy Songs. This out-of-print hardbound copy will be personally autographed and is given from Don's own collection. Donated by Kathy and Don Edwards 

SOLD  99. Decorative guitar signed by many top performers (Michael Martin Murphey is included). "As is." Donated by Paula Wright of JM Capriola  

SOLD  100. Vintage, original one sheet framed cowboy movie poster “Born to Battle” starring Tom Tyler. 27” x 41". Donated by Gary Brown. Starting bid $350 ($25 increments)  

SOLD 101. Girl's suitcase---Jessie from the movie “Toy Story.” Donated by Belinda Gail.  

SOLD 104. Two autographed hardbound books by CJ Hadley: Romance & Reality of Ranching and Grit, Guts, & Glory - Portrait of the West. Donated by Range Magazine  

SOLD 105. Cowpuncher by Kurt Markus. Large coffee table hardbound book with extensive photographs. Donated by Range Magazine   

SOLD 106. Decorative cigar box purse made by Eli Barsi with CD of Eli's music. Donated by singer/songwriter Eli Barsi 

SOLD 107. Two beautiful western decorative pillows. Donated by Tammy Hoover.  

SOLD 108. One Steel Blue Ariat Tote Pack (dimension 15”H x 11”W x 10”D) along with one pair of the Women's Legend Boots in brown leather new for Spring 2006.  This boot features a tough oiled leather, nice square toe and riding heel with spur ledge. Boot available to order size January-February 2006. Tote donated by Ariat. Boots donated by Devanie Vanier of Ariat International Inc.    

SOLD 109. True Horsemanship Through Feel by Leslie Desmond and Bill Dorrance. Stamp signed by Bill Dorrance. Donated by Steve Dorrance  

SOLD 110.  Framed and matter wild horse photo, by Page Williams 8" x 10" in 11" x 14" matted and framed. The photo was taken in Nevada in the Storey Co. area above Virginia City. Donated by Page Williams of Wild Places Photography.  

SOLD 111. Ltd. edition print by Tim Cox "Her Chance to Dance." Measures 18.5 " x 24". Donated by Toh-Atin Gallery.   

SOLD 112.  A sterling silver 2001 Mule Days buckle in presentation case. Made by Silverado this is 99/300 in the limited edition series. Donated by the Bishop Mule Days Committee. Starting bid is $75 with $10 increments. 

SOLD 113.  Hand forged BBQ tool made by Leigh Gamble. Donated by Leigh and Sherry Gamble. Starting bid $35 with $5 increments.   

SOLD 114. Signature "Cookie Mom" cookies with homemade jam and a surprise. Donated by Sally Smith.    

SOLD 115.  Mule Days Celebration 2000 buckle. Silverplate made by Crumrine #171/400 limited edition. Donated by Bishop Mule Days Committee. Starting bid $35 with $5 increments.   

SOLD 116. Thomas Lorimer poster "Rainy Days and Mondays." Donated by Toh-Atin Gallery. Starting bid $25 with $5 increments.   

SOLD 117.  Poet Paul Zarzyski vintage autographed tie with certificate of authenticity. Donated by Paul Zarzyski. Starting bid $45 with $10 increments  

SOLD 118. Heavy silverplate Mule Days Celebration limited edition buckle 98/400. Donated by  Bishop Mule Days CommitteeStarting bid $35 with $5 increments.   

SOLD 119. Vintage 1940's-50's ladies black and gray wool dress jacket. Size small. Donated by Lani Hernandez. Starting bid $35 with $5 increments.  

SOLD 123. Signed and dedicated El Vaquero written and illustrated by Ernie Morris. Donated by Ralph Pavey and Blanche and Ernie Morris. Starting bid $100 with $15 increments.   

SOLD 124. "Maggie, Millie, Mikki and Me" self portrait. Framed Joelle Smith signed and numbered limited edition print. Donated by Sally Smith.      

SOLD 125.  Chris Owens limited edition print "Evening Shadows" 325/950. Donated by Toh-Atin Gallery. Starting bid $50 with $10 increments. 

SOLD 126 TBA. Donated by Richard Beal.  

SOLD 127. Vintage Pendleton ladies black cardigan with red roses accenting the lower hem of the sweater. Donated by Lani Hernandez. Starting bid $25 with $5 increments.   

SOLD 128. Signature "Cookie Mom" cookies with homemade jam and a surprise. Donated by Sally Smith.   

SOLD 131. Vel Miller's woman's perspective of the West is depicted in "Celia's Shawl" as the collectible 2002 Monterey Cowboy Festival poster. Donated by Mick Vernon. Framed. Starting bid $100 with $10 increments.   

SOLD 132. "Vaquero Serenade" by Joe Milazzo features a contemporary horsewoman looking back on a traditional horseman as the 2003 Monterey Cowboy Festival poster. Donated by Mick Vernon. Framed. Starting bid $100 with $10 increments. 

SOLD 133. Carrie Ballantyne's modern day buckaroo carrying on the traditions graces the 2004 Monterey Cowboy Festival series poster. Framed. Donated by Mick Vernon. Framed.  Starting bid $100 with $10 increments. 

SOLD 134. The previously unveiled 2005 Monterey Cowboy Festival series poster. Framed. Donated by Mick Vernon
. Starting bid $100 with $10 increments. 

SOLD 135. Shrink wrapped Cowboy Hall of Fame poster by Joelle Smith. This is a self portrait and is signed. Donated by Sally Smith.    

SOLD 136. Framed Joelle Smith signed card "The Cowgirl Hall of Fame" (self portrait). Donated by Sally Smith.      

SOLD 137.  "Storytellers" card by Joelle Smith. Signed depiction of Jay and Deeth Harney. Donated by Sally Smith.   

SOLD 138. Don Edwards depicted with his horse in "Saddle Serenade" by Joelle Smith. This is a smaller version of the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival poster signed and framed card. Donated by Sally Smith.    

SOLD 139. Bracelet made and donated by one of the best in the West, Arne Esp.  Arne Esp is one of the nation's best western engravers whose work has been featured on many saddler's work. The heavy sterling cuff bracelet sports a rope edge and floral engraved.  Starting bid $150 with $15 increments.   

SOLD 140-164. Gift baskets with a variety of western cowboy music and poetry CDs, magazines, books, etc. Each is different.  Starting bid $35 with $5 increments 

SOLD 165. The Cowboy Artists of America by Catherine Reynolds. Coffee table book. Starting bid $40 with $5 increments   

SOLD 166.  Fleece hand tied medium sized throw in orange and brown plaid on one side/reverses to solid brown.  54" x 60". Made and donated by Nevada Watt of Ranch Kid's Cuddlers   

SOLD 167. Rare collectible Visalia Stock Saddle Co. catalog #31. Lee Rice illustrations, circa 1938. Donated by Griff and Kathleen Durham.   

SOLD 168. Bobbing eagle garden ornament. Donated by Lisa Wood. Starting bid $5.   

SOLD 169. Harley Brown complete set of four signed artist proofs, each dedicated to Joelle. Unframed. "Baja Sunset" 15" x 19."; "Mitla Afternoon" 10" x 12"; "Inuit Mother and Child" 15 1/2 x 13"; and "Sonora Child" 15 1/2" x 12."
Donated by Harley Brown. Starting bid of $150 with $10 increments.  

SOLD 170. Large wall carving of horses racing. 5' wide, 6" deep. Donated by Frank Schranz. Starting bid $100 with $10 increments.  

SOLD 172. (second set, see Lot 169 above)  Harley Brown complete set of four signed artist proofs, each dedicated to Joelle. Unframed. "Baja Sunset" 15" x 19."; "Mitla Afternoon" 10" x 12"; "Inuit Mother and Child" 15 1/2 x 13"; and "Sonora Child" 15 1/2" x 12." Donated by Harley Brown. Starting bid of $150 with $10 increments.  

SOLD 173. Hand-stamped unlined leather 1/2 wide belt with stainless buckle. Can be custom sized/fitted on site. Made and donated by Pine Watt.  

SOLD 174. Three piece buckle set is engraved by Arne Esp. It is a modern style and has been left bright. Donated by Arne Esp. Starting bid $250 with $25 increments  

SOLD 175. Signed and dedicated Charles Russell Log Cabin Studio by Elizabeth Dear with CD Heavens to Betsy by Betsy Hagar. Donated by Elizabeth Dear and Paul Zarzyski with Betsy Hagar. Starting bid $25 with $5 increments   

SOLD 176.  An all-Zarzyski package. Paul has signed and dedicated two of his books including All This Way for the Short Ride and Wolf Tracks on the Welcome Mat plus CD's Words Growing Wild and The Glorious Commotion of It All. Donated by
Paul Zarzyski 

Additional generous donations of books, CDs, and more, 
lots 140-164, were made by these artists and others:

Juni Fisher
Lost Canyon Rangers
Belinda Gail
Curly Musgrave
Duke Davis
Echo Klaproth
Western Jubilee
Dave Stamey
Laurie Wagner Buyer
Dennis Gaines
Andy Hedges
Buckshot Dot
DW Groethe
Chris Isaacs
Cowboy Celtic
Rick Devin
 TJ Casey
 JD Siebert
 Sarah of Equine Vision Magazine (Horses in Art Magazine)

and others ...






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