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Suffolk, Virginia


Gene, Roy & Dale

My childhood life I remember well
It was filled with Gene, Roy and Dale,
Trigger, Champ and the dusty trail
Pat, Bullet and Nellie Belle,
Yes I remember well,
Gene, Roy and Dale,

All the kids had cowboy fever,
With Red Ryder and Little Beaver,
Hoppy, Lucky and Johnny MacBrown,
Bringing law and order to the towns,
Yes I remember well,
Gene, Roy and Dale,

I rode with Tom Mix, and Bob Steel,
And how they made it look so real,
With the Three Musketeers and the Lone Ranger,
And with Tex Ritter who knew no danger,
Yes I remember well
Gene, Roy and Dale,

There was Charles Starrett and Stony Brooks,
And all the good guys chasing crooks,
We had no T.V. or radio,
Just one thin dime for that picture show,
Yes I remember well,
Gene, Roy and Dale.

Joseph A. Harris, Sr.

Joe Harris told us his sweet story behind this poem:  "When my wife and I were married she was only sixteen, and I was nineteen, My wife decorated our bedroom walls with pictures of Roy and Trigger, Bullet, Nelly Belle the Jeep, The Sons of the Pioneers, Gabby and the complete gang... After a few years I had to repaint the room, and I didn't take her pictures down and save them, needless to say what I heard from her. So when Roy died I wrote the song poem and told her it would last forever, I sing it at times knowing she is listening... God bless the western entertainers, and may their movies linger for years to come."

Never Forgotten


Joseph A. Harris Sr. touched our lives briefly but meaningfully. His moving account of the poem he wrote for his wife speaks volumes about this kind and generous man. He was loved very much by his family, and his son told us "He was a great man, brother, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather." 

Until we meet again Joe, thanks for making the world a brighter place. 







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