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Carbondale, Colorado
About Jim Rathell

Jim Rathell and Sandy




Ode to Sandy (My bio, Jim Rathell)

When was just a young lad
I dreamed of riding out west
With my six-guns holstered 'round my waist,
And maybe a star upon my chest.

Or maybe I'd wear a black mask
And have a loyal Indian by my side.
Or I could dress all in black
With a white hat riding high.

But then I saw Roy Rogers
And his golden horse Trigger
That's what I want to do, I thought
When I get a little bigger.

Me and my palomino
Would ride those Happy Trails
Where spiffy outfits with fringe
And marry, ah, what's her name? yeah, ol' Dale.

But a boy's dream fades with passing years
And reality takes a big bite
Military, college, marriage, kids
And not a yellow horse in sight.

I made my way through well enough—
Took up the advertising game for pay
Lived life in the big city, got a new wife.
I was happy enough, I'd say.

But then somewhere 'round 50
I had a vision that life was gettin' short
And I remembered those boyhood fantasies
And thought - you'd better get a move on sport.

So we packed up and moved to Colorado
Abandoned our city folk ways.
Skiing is what first took us there,
But it was horses that made us stay.

The magic day came in July
When a cowboy I knew rang me up.
He said I've found the horse for you
Get over here with your checkbook.

She was only two, and kinda scrawny.
And, to make matters worse, a mare.
But visions of Trigger danced in my head
When I saw her yellow hair.

I bought that yellow horse that day
And all along she's been a great gal—
A trail horse, a reiner, a cowhorse
But most important, she's my pal.

So now I have my Trigger,
And I'm not ashamed to admit -
I think we look pretty good together
Ridin' off into this Colorado sunset.

© 2006, Jim Rathell
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



About Jim Rathell:

Jim Rathell's poem above, "Ode to Sandy," is his bio. He explains:

I was invited to go on an invitational ride of 200 men in Wickenburg, Arizona in 2006.  It was the 60th anniversary of the of the Desert Caballeros. It's a point-to-point ride that starts and ends in Wickenburg. We parade through the heart of town, at high noon. Then it's 125 miles of desert, sleeping out under the stars and the camaraderie of 200 guys (from all over the world) getting away from it all for a week. We take a day off in the middle of the trip to have our own rodeo.

On the first night in Wickenburg and before the ride begins there is a dinner. During the dinner the nuevos (the new guys on their first ride) stand and give a short bio as an introduction. There aren't that many ... maybe 15 or so. I decided that doing the standard bio was not that interesting and kinda boring. So I delivered my poem. I thought it was more fitting for the occasion.



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