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McKinney, Texas
About Jim Odell



Grandpa's Wisdom

It's an amazing sight to see when I rise early with the coming dawn
The dust dancing on the rays of sun light coming through the window glass
Seeing things fresh again as like the first wobbly steps of a new spring fawn
Or the first snow falling on a silent meadow hidden up high in a mountain pass

Makes me think of all the small miracles God grants to us each and every day
If we look closely we would never see things the same again out there riding the line
To look with admiration at so many things and be happy and content for a simpler way
It's a life for some but not for all as for myself I think it suits me just fine

It's a tough existence living from day to day not knowing what's around the bend
Enduring long hot summers and bitter cold winter's held up in some drafty line shack
Lonely nights around a camp fire listening to the cattle bawl and the trees dancing in the wind
Then there's the long hard drives eating dust and hard jerked beef from your saddle pack

The experiences are worth their weight in gold is what I would say if given the chance
Though not much to pass onto my boys when said and done but it was never mine to give
Life is what you do with the good Lord's blessings, He is generous and it sure is some dance
I would tell them give it all you got work hard have fun cause we only get one time to live

2003, Jim Odell 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Jim told us: I spent my youth on the family ranch that my great grandfather started. He passed it down to my granddad then to my dad. I have fond memories of the stories my dad would tell me of his grandpa when he was cowboyin and how he rode an old bay mare from Tennessee to Bakersfield to buy some land.  After buying the land he rightly called it the Baymare Ranch.  



The Life Of A River

The sound of the river echoes in my mind
Making it's run along the bank down the bend and then around
The pale half light of the midnight sun making the point easy to find
I brush against the fireweed as I step over the ancient timbers on the ground

A moose and her timid calf wade across from the far shore
Stopping here and there to graze in the shallows for the tender grass
Quietly fading into the spruce until they vanish and are no more
A cherished moment of a fleeting wilderness too quickly to pass

The crisp air with its droplets of moisture is cool upon my face
The water is alive with the recent run of the reds coming into spawn
Making their final run upstream creating new life in their last desperate race
The short summer ending and the reds and fisherman are soon to be gone

Constant is the flow of the lonely river as it rushes to the sea
From the distant snow capped mountains with glaciers of pale greens and blue
Carving through the valleys and bogs of stunted black spruce tree
Finally reaching the headwaters of the gulf mixing and starting it's journey anew

2003, James Odell
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Spring in the Air

The trees grow tall way up there
the grass is shaggy and green
Spring wildflowers a colorful fair
The prettiest sights you ever seen

Night awakens with the song of a  meadow lark
The air is sweet with sage and pine
 The evening grows heavy as the land grows dark
the crickets begin their own chorus line

A lone wolf is heard during the night
The horses perk their ears to listen
The moon slowly rises and comes into sight
Casting it's glow the creek waters glisten

The shadows of dark flee before the dawn
A cool north wind sends chills up the spine
Across the meadow a doe grazes with her fawn
fading starlight gives way to a crimson skyline

2003, James Odell
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Day's End

night is falling
the meadow lark is calling
the sage is in bloom
the fire is glowing
a cool breeze is blowing
here comes the moon

the air is sweet
among the mesquite
the coffee begins to boil
nighthawks fill the skies
a lone coyote cries
so ends a day of toil

it's been a good ride
the weather on my side
I really can't complain
the hills are green
fairest colors I've seen
we've even had some rain

a screech owl hoots
as I drag off my boots
and put my feet near the flame
the coffee is good
I throw on more wood
to waste it would be a shame

I hunker down for the night
I'll be up at first light
and be on my way
may be riding in the rain
across the desert plain
but it's a brand new day

2007, James Odell
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.




About Jim Odell:

I reside in McKinney, Texas with my family. I grew up in a small town in Southern California where the way of life consisted mainly of ranching and farming. I enjoy the pacific northwest and American southwest and get allot of my inspiration from my travels there. Along with writing I also enjoy painting scenes of the American landscape.



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