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Richfield, Utah
About Jim Garman





I discovered something very strange today,
seemed someone was stealing our hay.
It didn't seem to make much sense,
you could plainly see through the fence.

I was determined I would catch that crook,
and get the sheriff to throw the book.
No one was going to steal our hay,
right in the middle of the day.

I knew that all I had to do was wait,
soon that thief would come through the gate.
Well, he never showed up of course,
and that thief turned out to be our horse.

2003, Jim Garman
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.
Previously published in Rocky Mountain Rider, May 2003

Jim told us: I wrote this one after our daughter's horse was actually doing this by stretching his neck quite a distance and pushing against the top of the fence until he could reach the top bale of hay and pull it into the corral.  We couldn't figure out why the hay was disappearing until we caught him one day.


Pulling Their Weight 

My hand and I needed a load of logs,
to build a new pen for all our hogs.
We weren't able to budge our mules,
who stared at us like we were fools.

Would that load of logs be so much weight,
They couldn't pull it through the gate?
Maybe that's right, let's get the horse team,
thinking those mules would help was a dream.

There is no limit to what those mules can do,
if you keep the load down to a log or two.
That is if they're no bigger than a toothpick,
or those mules will turn stubborn, double-quick.

It's not that they're afraid of work,
just love making me look like a jerk...

2003, Jim Garman
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.
Previously published in Rural Heritage, Spring 1998



About Jim Garman:

Jim Garman, AKA Rapid-Fire, went public with his poetry in Dec of 1996, and has made numerous appearances in the local area,  schools, and events free of charge.  The handle of Rapid-Fire was given to him by a local 4th grade student during one of his first demos in a class when he completed his first
poem on a subject a student requested in less than 4 minutes, off of the class computer/printer.  The student stood up and yelled from the back, "WOW!, Rapid-Fire Poetry"  The name stuck and his been his handle ever since, and he has yet to be stumped by any challenges to do the same.  He also writes immediately upon seeing or hearing anything humorous around town, on billboards, at work, etc.  Additionally,  he has taken on several political issues/politicians when he feels something isn't quite right about it.  That includes U.S. Presidents........

Jim publishes WRITE ON!!:

WRITE ON!! Poetry Magazette.  Monthly, digest sized publication.  No advertisements, just poetry from poets all over the world.  All genres are considered as long as it is suitable for all age reading.  Maximum line length is 28.  Submissions can either be mailed to:  

C/O Jim Garman
P.O. Box 901
Richfield, UT  84701-0901

Or sent by email,  no attachments, poetry to be in the message text, to:




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