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Cowboy Inventory

One cow, Two cow, Three cow Four
Six pairs, Seven head Two bulls and more
Eight horses, Four saddles, and Six bits
Ten rawhide ropes and my cowhand wits
Two missing cinches and my country roots
Three dogs and one pup with one of my boots
One holy glove and a mess of barb wire
A 1973 pick up with one flat tire
Sixteen bent staples in the pocket of my jeans
Missing fencing pliers, you know what it means
One hard day of work a night up with a calving cow
A lame horse in the morning not sure why or how
Three calves in the kitchen getting bottle fed
A yearling colt out side being broke to led
A half empty can of good ole' "Long Cut Chew"
A old Stetson hat six years ago was brand new
85 calves a branding is very much needed
An old bull pasture that needs to be seeded
A horse in need of new shoes on his broken up feet
A barn that is waiting to be cleaned, "scoop toss and repeat"
At least Six showers I need but they can wait
Coz I need to ship cows and the trucks are late
Well, folks the fencing is done the critters are fed
You all come back later, I'm going to bed 

2004, Jessica Lynn Helms
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Cowhorse at Heart

His heart beating fast his eyes on fire
His head down low of this game he wont tire
His ear is cocked his hip leaning in
He watches each move determined to win
He spots her in the back and charges on
The cows disperse and now she is gone
proud of him self he watches them scatter
now the pride sinks because he was sure that he had her
but the bay colt is just chasing in play
lets them get close and chases them away
slowly the sun fades to the ever going west
and the bay colt beds down for a dreamy rest
not even in his dreams can he begin to see
of what the future holds and what he is to be

2004, Jessica Lynn Helms
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.




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