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Blue Eyed Dog

Now any good trainer will tell you
"Don't be over harsh with your pup,
Just raise it with love and affection,
If it makes a mistake don't give up".

Well, my little pup was a doozy
A blue Queensland Heeler, you bet!
She'd make me the perfect companion,
Those heelers are smart as they get.

She learned right away how to read me,
And took to the cows like a pro,
But she had her own mind how to do things,
And wouldn't back up to a "No!".

"This just isn't right", I would ponder
And gently rebuke her with words
Then we'd set out again, and she'd do it her way,
Despite the correction she'd heard.

I slowly began to take notice
That my cow-dog thought she was the boss
But she worked cows alright, and kept the bunch tight,
Didn't chouse 'em or run the calves off.

She let  me know when she was hungry,
Or when someone came in the gate,
Made sure I got up in the morning,
Then whined if we started out late.

Now the cowgirl's obeying the cow-dog!
Let me tell you,  "Whatever you do,
Raise your pup with love and affection,
But don't get one that's smarter than you!"

2003, Jerrie Paschal
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

About Jerrie Paschal:

I am 4th generation to live on the little ranch my family started in the Little Colorado River valley, near Holbrook, Arizona, in 1882. Family ties go back to the Pleasant Valley War, wagon freighting from Holbrook to the Apache Reservation, cowboying in the rugged country around Globe.  I'm born and bred to the ranch life, and have found that a good sense of humor sometimes helps to keep it all together.



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