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A River Ride

Equestrians, the Tevis course
Ascend to Squaw, our River's source
Astride a trusted friend they'll count
A hundred miles on lathered mount
Through canyons they descend and climb
The equine bond they reach, sublime
Past Devil's Thumb and Michigan Bluff
A slow trot's mostly good enough
For most it's true, No Hands appears
When darkness falls. Spurred on by cheers
One moonlit climb earns Auburn's crown...
A buckle, if the horse is sound

2005, Jennifer Mitchell Towner
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Jennifer comments:  I wrote this poem in 2005 at the request of several Tevis Cup Endurance Riders.

This poem, has been published as a 5x7 writing card and on marble plaques on which riders and their mounts and finishing times and places are engraved. Some of the images on the face of the writing card come from the Western States Trails Foundation and others were contributed by endurance runners and riders.

I interviewed several riders in order to write the poem. I was familiar with the trail because I hike sections of it all the time. I grew up with thoroughbreds on a ranch in Sonoma called Laurel Brook Farm.

[Below is] a picture and the poetic composition created as the backdrop for the poem.

I found a graphic designer who said horses were one of the three most beautiful things in the world. His name was Paul Richards, and he worked the Photoshop controls while we collaborated on the composition.



   About Jennifer Mitchell Towner
provided 2013

I grew up on a horse ranch in Sonoma, California.
My poetry has been published in several newspapers in the communities in which I have resided. 




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