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2003, Janis Saket
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Janis told us: In my book, Frederic Remington -The Canton Cowboy, I illustrate some of his paintings with cowboy poetry.  His story is also told from a cowboy's perspective... I'm hoping to introduce children not only to great art but cowboy poetry as well!

About Janis Saket:

I have been a Kansan all my life and a child of the arts just as long.  My family roots have included musicians, artists, and writers who were also educators. And, according to my father, some rootin', tootin' characters who were anything but refined! There were all kinds of railroad men, farmers, and widows who lost their husbands in the civil war and consequently came West by covered wagon from Pennsylvania. They, in turn, left evidence of an appreciation of all kinds of music and "pretty things" as well as a penchant for a roarin' good time!  All these elements culminated, at least in me, in a love of a diversity of fine arts from opera to op'ry and Horace to Hambone.   If it's quality, I care, no matter what the genre.

I began my career as a musician and an opera singer with an obvious love of the classics.  That led me to my second passion, which was teaching Fine Arts to children.  I've taught "children" of all ages in the classroom for the past thirty years.  Now, I've embarked upon a project to do the same through a series of books about famous artists and their lives.

When researching the great American artist Frederic Remington, I felt his story would best be told in the voice of his beloved cowboys.  Thus I began writing cowboy poetry to illustrate some of his paintings.  My books are still looking for a publisher but the chance to experience and write cowboy poetry has brought its own rewards!  What a joyful way to express oneself!

I still live in Kansas with my husband, Curt, who is a true anomaly.  He is an honest used car dealer!  I have three grown children and five grandchildren, each of whom are finding their own voices and creative outlets.  I see our family tradition continue every time I read one of their compositions, go to one of their plays, attend a football or soccer game (sports can be a fine art, too!), or see one of their concerts.  They, too, have an eclectic love for all kinds of artistic endeavors.   It must be in their genes.  Cowboy "genes", that is.



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