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Gooding, Idaho
Jackie Rezzonico



Double Trouble

So there she is, the Charolais cross away from the bunch
trouble multiplied by two is more than just a hunch

She watches as the herd turns tail and heads off to the gate
her calf goes down there with them, she fills her eyes with hate

She won't go with them, never does, and so it is with her
who will ride on out there to see if she will even stir?

Nobody goes on over there, no one heads off to ride
to see if they can get a step from that mean old ugly hide

Boss turns his head and looks at me with his easy nod and grin
I pat my old horse on the neck as we head off to sin

We circle wide to give her space and think about just how
there has to be an easy way to deal with this old cow

The sun is gone behind the clouds on this hot and humid day
I'm sad and hungry, wishing we had gone the other way

We turn around and look at her, my old horse and I
he makes a stand and stares at her with his best evil eye

With a glance she bolts back and takes off like a bird
and very much to my surprise she jumps right in the herd

She's looking for her baby in the middle of the bunch
I watch her go right through the gate; it must be time for lunch!

2007, Jackie Rezzonico
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Jackie told us that this poem, "...was inspired by my horse, Stanley, who seemed to be able to control any cow with his 'snake face' and glaring 'evil eye'. The poem is about him."


About Jackie Rezzonico:

I got my first horse in '67 and never looked back. I have been one of the lucky ones. I have trained lots of horses, done some cowboying, raised a son and had a lot of fun with family, friends and critters. Currently my husband and I live out in the country, we still have a few horses and are surrounded by ranches and farms.

 Jackie Rezzonico on Audrey, working at the Shoshone Sales Yard in 2001.




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