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Denison, Texas
About Jason Avants


Jason Avants

Ya Got It To Do

Well he gets his horse agoing,
Down that dusty trail
His mind still lost in thought,
As he takes the path to hell
He shot a man in Austin,
Over a game of chance
He'd caught the man a cheatin',
and had given him warnin' in advance
But that gambler had kept a slick dealin',
And that was all he could take
He dropped his hand to his gun,
and rubbed out another snake
Now he is on the outlaw's trail,
because the gambler had friends
But in his heart he had no worries,
because he recalled his father's words and settled
down till the end:
Ya got it to do
When your back's against the wall
Don't never forget where you've come from
Or you'll be riding for a fall

Jason Avants
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



Living the Life of A Drifter
Trailing From Town To Town
Scraping For Money Every Ride
Hitchhiking On The Outbound
Someone's Son Or Brother
Who Wants To Wear The Gold
Holes In His Boots
But His Spirit Very Bold
He Wraps That Rope On Tight
Gettin Ready For The Showdown
His Heart Pounding Fast As He Tries To Last
Eight Seconds Or Falls Down On The Ground
He Has To Hold On
Only His Pride At Stake
As He Makes His Way
Through That Long Long Eight
He Takes The Gold
And Sets His Hat On Straight
As He Heads To The Truck
His Mind Already On Another Gate.

2002, Jason Avants
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Headin' To Arizona

His thumbs been a waggin' since he finished at Cheyenne
His torn faded wranglers are about more than he can stand
He's headed for Arizona to ride once again
But if he don't make the short go, he might make an end
His boots' got holes, and his hat's seen better days
The shirt that he's wearin', is colored many shades
But his heart's still as strong as the first time he rode
His body is just battered and his mind's a little cold
He still tips his hat to any woman that walks by
His manners are old fashioned, as ancient as the by and by
The handlebar mustache has started to show gray
The eyes they still twinkle no matter what day
So he keeps that thumb going and he holds his head high
Because he still has his freedom and the big Western sky.

2002, Jason Avants
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Jason Avants

Born and raised in Denison, Texas.  I lived my life on a farm my mother and father held together for quite a few years, and grew up learning what it meant to handle the chores that come with this kind of living.  I spent most of my young life enjoying life to the hilt, riding horses when i could and took a turn at ranching cattle on our land.  After I graduated high school, I joined the United States Navy, which is what I am still doing to this day.  After eight years of the service, I am looking and planning to finish out this military career.  I still ride from time to time and always live by my country roots.



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