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western Illinois
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Horse and Rider

The prairie blows the grasses
And whips the horse’s mane.
They travel, horse and rider,
Through the sea of amber grain

Hills roll by, and clouds pass
But steady are the horse’s hooves
Upon the wind blown grass
As they travel, horse and rider

There is no trail that they follow
No path that can be seen
There they travel, horse and rider
Upon the endless blowing green

© 2008, Ivy Schexnayder
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



  About Ivy Schexnayder:

I am a Christian women living at home with my parents. I help on our farm where we have cows, chickens, horses, and sometimes pigs. I train and sell horses for a living. I enjoy writing poetry on the side. I love to express feelings and vivid imagery in my writing. Horses are one of my passions and I love to show it through poetry.

Ivy Schexnayder's web site





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