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Jim John  A Tallgrass Prairie Christmas
Barbara Bockleman  You and Me


Happy holidays folks!


A Tallgrass Prairie Christmas

Old Santa could drive any team.
He was better than the best.
But that blizzard ragin' down below
Was puttin him to the test.

You see, the snow weren't exactly fallin'
It was blowin' from left to right.
The wind was whirlin' and swirlin'
On this most special night.

Out here on the open prairie
Winter can come and go.
This time it came with a vengence,
We was darn near buried in snow.

Santa was circlin' and circlin',
Goin' round and round and round,
Lookin' for the slightest chance
To get his team of reindeer down.

Cause, pardner, it was Christmas eve.
There was a town down there below
And Santa ain't the kind of guy
To be stopped by a few feet of snow.

He thought he just might be able
To sweep on down close by.
So he swung his sleigh in a sweeping turn
And headed down for a try.

That sleigh bucked and rocked somethin' awful
Santa reined his team to the right
And they fought and fought and struggled
To penetrate that blowing white.

It turned out they couldn't make it through
And they had to turn away.
But old Santa heard something down below
And knew he didn't need to stay.

It would'a been nice to have made it down.
But it had all clearly worked out.
Those folks down there in that town below
Knew what Christmas was all about.

You see what Santa heard in that blizzard
Let him know that all would be right,
For he heard those folks a'singin'-----
"Silent night ----- Holy night!
All is calm ------ All is bright!"

And old Santa proclaimed as he rose out of sight,
"Merry Christmas To All On This Most Holy Night!"

Unpublished Work, Copyright 1997, James H. John

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Happy holidays folks!

You and Me

It's true that Christmas Day
Once a year comes our way,
Celebrated in joy and cheer,
Hearts free and minds clear.

So Christmas should be
With love between you and me.

For one brief time we all try
To stop the tears of those who cry,
Feed the hunger of those in need,
Heal the wounds of those who bleed.

So Christmas should be
With love between you and me.

Let's keep the Christmas joy of giving
Shown in each day of our living.
Lift high the Christmas gift of love,
A true thanksgiving to our God above.

Then the year ahead will be
Filled with love between you and me.

Read more poems by Lariate Laureate Runner UpBarbara Bockleman here.


Happy holidays folks!



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