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Bob E. Lewis The Cowboy's Christmas Ball
Bob E. Lewis Christmas on the Rafter-L Ranch
Gail T. Burton Bunkhouse Christmas Eve

Jerry Tolbert Turkey Talk

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, posted here.)

Happy holidays folks!


The Cowboy's Christmas Ball

Old Pete got his invitation,
In the mailbox one afternoon,
It told of the annual Christmas Ball,
That would be coming around real soon.

He really didn't know if he would go or not,
His best clothes were not very good.
He dug out his old Sunday hat he would wear,
It was shaped like an old log of wood.

These clothes had all been stashed in a box,
With mothballs packed tight all around.
He checked to see if he found any holes,
But luckily none could be found.

He thought that they smelled kinda raunchy,
But he guessed he could air them out some..
He'd hang them all out on that old barbed wire fence,
Till time for the party would come.

He forgot about that old jenny,
That they kept around to halter break colts.
When he went out one day to gather his clothes,
What he saw there sure gave him a jolt.

The jacket was gone except for one sleeve,
The pants were as bad off it seemed.
There was nothing left but the pockets,
It all seemed like a very bad dream.

He glanced out toward a big old shade tree,
Where that jenny was standing alone,
At her feet lay what was left of his hat,
She'd eat it plumb down to the bone.

Old Pete walked slowly back into the shack,
He'd have to stay home now this year.
He'd miss seeing all those pretty little girls,
But at least he'd have no crowds to fear.

Bob E. Lewis

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Happy holidays folks!


Christmas On The Rafter "L" Ranch

The kids had all been married off,
And had families of their own.
That only left just me and mom,
To take care of things at home.

They always asked us to come and have,
Our Christmas there each year.
But they all had children of their own,
It was time for their Christmas cheer.

It was late in the evening,
Just as the sun was going down.
Mom and I went to the barn,
To make our usual round.

I fed the stock then came back in,
Mom was sitting on a bale of hay.
She was awful quiet with her head bowed low,
As if she sat and prayed.

I walked over next to her,
And  held her hand so tight.
I got the feeling that she had,
That God was here tonight.

To smell the hay and animals,
And hear the noise they made.
God was here with us tonight,
And so we sat and prayed.

Time just seemed to stand so still,
We didn't do one thing.
We just sat and prayed with all our might,
Because we heard the Angels sing.

It was just like we were sitting there,
When our Jesus Christ came to us back then.
And we'll be back out here next year,
And hear the Angels sing again.

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Happy holidays folks!


Bunkhouse Christmas Eve

It was a cold December evening
In the bunkhouse shut up tight
With the cowboys sleepy talkin'
Whiling 'way the hours of night
They remembered things they'd done,
Talked of places where theyıd been,
And they questioned one another
'Bout the tales that they would spin.

They all started reminiscin'
Of the things they'd read about
Of places they would like to see
And the trail's they'd like to scout.
One wished he'd been with Washington
On that Christmas long ago
When they rowed across the river
Into history's golden glow.

They talked of grand historic things
And of things they'd like to do
'Till a top hand in the corner
Said "I'd like to tell you true:
If I could be where I would wish
At any time of night or morn;
I wish I'd been in Bethlehem
On the night that Christ was born."

One wished he'd been with Teddy's boys
As they charged up San Juan hill.
Another thought an ocean trip
Would bring him a lifelong thrill.
But the old man in the corner
Said "a wish I'd like to claim
Was to have been in Bethlehem
On the night our savior came."

My mind can see the narrow streets
Of that small Judian town,
And I feel the stillness of the night
As the world turned up-side-down.
Ya' dream of grand historic things
And life's changing things of earth,
But the grandest of creation
Was the night of Jesus' birth.

I'd like to hear the angels singin'
To the shepherds there at night,
And I'd walk along beside 'em
As the stable came in sight.
Just to see the star a-shinnin'
'Fore the breakin' of the morn;
I wish I'd been in Bethlehem
On the night that Christ was born."

They asked him why he'd like to be
In such a far and distant place;
Why his strange compelling ache
To see a little baby's face.
He said: "I've always been a cowboy,
Often took a dangerous stand,
God has carried me here safely
In the palm of his kind hand.

You know I've rode the western trails,
Seen all the sights of these great lands,
But I wish I'd seen the baby,
Seen the Savior's scarless hands.
Just to pledge Him my devotion
Before He bore that cross of scorn.
Yes, I wish Iıd been in Bethlehem
On the night that Christ was born."

And we pray that you have peace;
His peace

by Gail T. Burton  (read more of his poems here)

Happy holidays folks!

Turkey Talk

First, it shot out of the oven,
Like a Rocket up in the air;
Then, it broke both plates in the Cupboard,
And demolished my favorite chair!

Next, it ricocheted into a corner,
And exploded with a great big Boom!
It splattered all over the table,
And messed up the whole darn room!

It stuck to the walls and the windows,
It coated the entire floor;
There wuz Turkey hangin’ from the ceilin’,
And Dressing all over the door!

It covered every appliance,
Smothered my saucers and bowls;
There weren’t no way to stop it,
The Turkey was outta’ control!

I scraped and I scrubbed with displeasure,
But I confirmed this thought as I mopped;
I ain't never ‘gonna stuff no Turkey,
With corn before its been popped!!!

Happy Holidays!
by Jerry Tolbert  (read more of his poems here)



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