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J. D. Reitz  A Cowboy's Christmas Eve
Smitty  Cowboy Christmas

Bill E. Wild Little Ol' Toymaker

(and don't miss Omar West's own Anna Claus
, posted here.)

Happy holidays folks!


A Cowboy's Christmas Eve

It was the night before Christmas not a creature was stirring, not even the Pocketmouse
Just like the foreman and his family were down at the main ranchouse
  The cowboys were all snuggled down in their beds
With dreams of new cowboy gear going through their heads
  Dreaming of pickups, saddles, ropes, boots and new bits
When a noise down from down in the corral
  Scared us almost out of our wits
And so surprised that we all were by the clatter
  That we sprang from our bunks to see what was the matter

In the corral was parked an eight-hitch wagon with a yellow bull up front
  We were all thinking, that this was just another cowboy stunt
But the leader of that team caused us all to say, Good Gracious
  Because it was that great rodeo bucking bull named Bodacious
And each of the horse too, after we knew their names
  Had all earned reknown as they played their rodeo games
The entire team and wagon was dressed out in red and white
  But in the next moment we were all treated to an even more amazing sight
Cause down off that wagon jumped a little round man dressed in a Nudies suit
  And it too, was all red and white, from hat to boots
Upon his back he was carrying a big old red sack
  Then he hollered out," Hey guys , come on over and help me unpack"

It wasn't very long before that corral was filled with cowboys, kids, and dogs
  Somebody decided to fire up a few Christmas logs
The Pocketmouse was thinking, my, what a wondrous sight
  As he watched that strange looking Santa Claus pass out gifts, left and right
For all the hands, there were new boots and spurs, a new saddle for the boss
  He even passed out five pounds of oats for each ranch hoss
New shirts and jeans for all, enough for the whole year
  And the Pocketmouse got a box of cheese that filled his heart with cheer
The bosses wife got a set of silver and a set of towels that said his and hers
  the kids got gifts of kid-size saddles, ropes and spurs

When Santa was done handing out each and every gift
  He asked the cowhands , "could you give me a little lift"
So the helped him up on his wagon he said, "I sure hate to run
  But I got a lot of these sacks to empty before tomorrow's sun"
When he was set, he hollered, "open the chute
  Because it's time for this old Cowboy Santa Claus to scoot"
Upward and onward,Bodacious, Kingsway, Skeeter and Wrangler
  Up and away with you Rufus, Cody, Bozo and Papa Smurf
It is time for us to find another piece of this earthly turf
  And they were off, in a flash a stardust that left a bright tail
We all stood and watched an awe as away that team and wagon did sail

Ringing out, was a voice, just before that team and wagon left our sight

J.D. Reitz & The Pocketmouse

I wrote this poem for those of you that believe Rocky and Bullwinkle are real, that Natasha and Boris have retired to New York City and that we all can learn something from watching Fractured Fairy Tales.

Read more of J. D. Reitz' poems here.

Happy holidays folks!


Cowboy Christmas

It's the night before Your birthday, Lord
'n I'm celebratin' the cowboy way
I'm thankful for all my blessin's, Lord
'n the way You died for me that day
This ol' boy's far from perfect
I give each day my all
Workin' hard to make a livin'
Farmin' the land with Paw
Workin' from sun-up 'til sundown
For my family I so dearly love
Workin' the land 'n the cattle
'Til the stars shine up above
I'm thankful for all my blessin's, Lord
My family, my house 'n my health
I'm thankful for the simple life
This cowboy don't need wealth
I'm blessed with much more than they eye can see
Ain't got no fancy car or clothes
But when it comes to the true meanin' of Christmas
It's only a true cowboy that knows


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Happy holidays folks!


Little Ol' Toymaker

The Little Ol' Toy Maker is my name.
Makin' toys is my game.
I make toys.  Yes I do.
I will make a' special toy just for you.

I'll make a' cowboy toy just for you little buckaroo.
But, if ya want a' toy ya got ta be good.
And behave the way ya mommy and daddy say ya should.

Come Christmas Day go look under your tree.
And find the toys from Santa and me.
Cause seein' ya happy is the way ya should be.

I've got ta be a' makin' them all year long.
I make them while singin' a' happy song.
Sometimes I don't thank I will get them all done.
But, I manage ta finish 'em one by one

The Little Ol' Toy Maker is my name.
Makin' toys is my game.
I make toys.  Yes I do.
I'll make a' special toy for you.

Merry Christmas son.

Bill E. Wild

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Happy holidays folks!



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