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The Gift

I was warming by the campfire one cold December night.
Staring at the shadows that were cast out by the light.
When out of the darkness a strange sound came drifting in.
It sounded like a jingle, from them little bells made of tin.
Then I heard a voice it said, “Hello, hail the camp.
Can I come and warm up by your fire, I’m mighty cold and damp.”
I said, “Come on in pard and pour yourself a cup.’
And when the stranger stepped into the light, I saw he was holding a little pup.
The puppy had one eye that was black and one eye that was blue.
The stranger handed him to me and said, “This pup’s for you,
You seem to be a good man, honest and sincere,
So I brought you this companion to keep you company through the year.”
Well, I sized the stranger up from his head to his toes.
He sure weren’t no cowboy, what he was I didn’t rightly know.
He had a funny looking hat perched on top of his head,
And all that other garb he wore, it was all colored red.
He sported himself a beard, it was whiter than the snow.
He had a real friendly smile and eyes that seemed to glow.
Then I noticed a little red light, a shining in the dark.
I asked him what it was, he said, “Oh, that’s where I parked.
I asked “What you riding on?”, He said “I’m riding on a sleigh.
And that little red light you see, it helps me find my way.
I said “That sleigh your riding, it’s being pulled by a horse?”
He laughed said “No, it’s pulled by reindeers of course.
A magical team that can fly me through the sky,
And get me back home, before the day is nigh.”
Then he stood up and laughed with a jolly Ho Ho Ho.
Thanked me for the coffee and said “ Well, I’d better go,
I just wanted to stop and have a chat with you,
Cause when I retire, I want to be a cowboy too.
I waved goodbye as I watched him crawl up in his sleigh,
Then he hollered “Adios”  and went flying on his way.
Then, I woke up,  and thought what a dream that was,
It all seemed so real, was it really Santa Clause?
I yawned and stretched and decided it was time to arise.
Then I saw something mighty strange, much to my surprise.
Laying at the foot of by bed, was a puppy that was new,
He’s got one eye that is black and one eye that is blue. 

© 2009, Harry (Bill) Wolf
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

This poem is included in the 2009 Christmas at the BAR-D celebration.

About Harry (Bill) Wolf):

Residing in Midland, Texas, Harry Wolf is a past member of the Board of Directors for the Western Music Association. He has been nominated for Song of the Year by the Western Music Association and Songwriter of the Year on three occasions. Raised on the Plains of West Texas and hip deep in the culture of the West, Harry has performed at numerous events throughout the Western music and cowboy poetry arena, including two appearances at the Golden Boot Awards.





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