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Cowboy Casual

Out where the westerlies blow cold
With the sound of a baby’s cry
You can hear the big cats out there
Your Winchester your only ally.

Your horse is acting anxious
There’ll be no sleep tonight
The cattle bawl and turn their backs
To the wind that refuses to die.

You feel a certain kinship
With the cowboys of the past
Sitting against this same old rock
Where memories have trespassed.

Punchin' cows for the money
But many would do it for free
Always looking for that something
That was just not meant to be

The silhouette of the the mountains
Seen in the flashes of lightning
Maybe to a lesser man
This would all seem frightening.

But cowboys do as others do
And work hard for their pay
Not dressed up in suits and ties
But cowboy casual everyday.

All he wants is a hot cup of coffee
Before he freezes inside out
From the Jordan Valley to Tendoy
This is what cowboying is all about

Save your cheering for the teachers
The soldiers and firemen
But give a nod to the cowboy
And the cattle that he tends

© 2010, Greg Hayward
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


  About Greg Hayward

I live in Kuna, Idaho and love this place called Idaho. I love the old cowboy singers and the great unknown poets of the West, even if the West is just in their hearts.

I have written well over 200 songs and perform them in big cities like Butte City Idaho, population 76. The folks that come in to listen are hard-working cowboys, farmers, and the occasional accountant. They are kind enough to let me practice on them.

I have only been writing what I consider cowboy poetry for a couple of years. I typically put a melody to them but some words just plain need to be by themselves.

I love walking where there ain't no fences and we are lucky to have such places out here in the West...




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