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A Cowboy Christmas Prayer

Lord, as I lean back on this fence post with my dog Bucky,
I'll ask you instead of Santa and see if I get lucky.

Give me the strength to start the day without the help of caffeine,
I know I don't have to explain, you know what I mean.

Give me the strength to always be cheerful, ignoring all my aches and pain,
I've not taken good care of this body you let me use, with only me to blame.

Give me the strength to resist complaining and boring people with my trouble,
I know there are some out there with more problems, maybe even double.

Give me the strength that if I eat the same food everyday to be grateful without a doubt,
and to remember that there are folks out there that are without.

Give me the strength to understand when my loved ones are too busy to give me any time,
they do have their lives and it's not always about mine.

Give me the strength to overlook it when those I love take it out on me when something goes wrong,
sometimes I am weak but you help keep me strong.

Give me the strength to not resent taking criticism and blame,
I know on the cross you had to do the same.

Give me the strength to not give advice unless there's a request,
sometimes our silence is what folks like the best.

Give me the strength to resist treating the rich better than the poor,
we'll all have the same when we walk through your door.

Give me the strength to face the world without deceit and the lies,
We know folks like this and we see through their disguise.

Give me the strength to relax without whiskey, beer or other drink,
to know you're in my heart is all I have to think.

Give me the strength to sleep without the aid of drugs, don't need them for my rest,
you let me sleep without them for years and I know that you know best.

Give me the strength to say that deep in my heart I have no prejudice
against folks with different beliefs or don't look like me, Lord, wouldn't that be great,
if you could return my heart to it's infant stage before it was taught to hate.

As I think back at this long list of prayers it puts my mind in a fog,
Lord, I guess what I'm asking, is can you make me more like Bucky, my dog.


2005, Greg Gilbert
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

This poem is included in our 2005 Christmas celebration.

About Greg Gilbert:

I am one of the "can't wait to get off" and ten years later "can't wait to get back" to the farm people. I moved back to the farm after 28 years away with a large company. My last eleven years were spent as the Area Manager of Human Resources. I learned so much about people in this position but the person I learned the most about was me. In addition to raising cattle in SW Arkansas I also give inspirational presentations to companies and churches with a little humor and guitar mixed in. I have always been able to put rhyme together and love the great inspirational stories of cowboy poetry and just started making notes about the many wonders of life.

I am a survivor of raising two wonderful daughters in a sometimes hostile demographic environment of 75% female and have been married to my best friend for over 31 years. I have written a book titled If Your Baby Could Talk...Would You Listen? A Baby's Thoughts On Raising Good Parents available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or



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