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near Vinita, Oklahoma
About Gina Wilkins

Gina Wilkins at Ruidoso



Ma Linam

Born at the foot of the Boston Mountains
Her folks traveled there from Tennessee;
She told me stories of her past,
Ma Linam meant so much to me.
They were headed west on the wagon trail,
In the spring of ''78,
Their destination still unknown,
Pa said they'd just have't wait.
The trails were rough, and the winds were high,
The nights grew very cold;
The family huddled round the fire,
These pioneer people were very bold.
Jerry Newby was her Pa,
A meat peddler by trade;
The tin lined trunk to keep the meal cool,
Is in my home to this day.
She told me about crossing the Mississippi,
The eagles soaring in the sky;
At age twelve, nursed her Ma with the fever,
And about the night she died.
A fire to build, meals to cook,
Before the others arose;
This girl grew up at an early age,
With siblings yet to grow.
They settled in Indian Territory,
Oklahoma, later to be,
She looked at me with intense eyes,
And said, "This is our land you see."
They worked a farm, and raised a family,
Lost a daughter at age four,
She said God saw her through the hard times,
And He'll be there forever more.
Ma Linam died at the age of 95,
She had told me of her past;
With love and the fondest memories,
Her legacy will always last.

2003, Gina Wilkins


Lee, Harlan, and Annie (Ma) Linam

Gina told us this poem "is a true story of the things my Great Grandmother told me while I was growing up in rural Northeast Oklahoma."



About Gina Wilkins:

Gina lives on a farm 9 miles west of Vinita, Oklahoma.




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