September 2005:  George, give us a holler, we have a message for you.

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Wyoming, Iowa
George Foy



I Hear A Guitar

Julia's again playin' that guitar,
all the way from Lancaster and afar,
seems like it's her constant goal,
must be 'cause it's part of her soul.

Hear she's a gospel singer too,
wants to help those who,
have strayed, fallen and lost,
she too, can relate to the cost.

Also understand she has a big dog,
protects her from harm, even in fog,
don't see the need for such a large thing,
but guess a lot of comfort it does bring.

To pay her bills she works for a Bell,
south and western I've heard tell,
stares at a computer all the day,
not my bag, must be the pay.

Went bar-hoppin' with her one week,
she certainly wasn't at all meek,
got her a cowboy hat for all her troubles,
I was impressed but I was drinkin' doubles.

So if you should see this woman around,
tell her I think of her when my thinking is sound,
tell her too that I still hear her guitar,
all the way from Lancaster and afar.

About George Foy:

George Foy told us I am an Iowa farm boy from Wyoming, Iowa and for many years was a high school band director in the state. I met Julia from Lancaster, Texas a year ago and we have been corresponding ever since. She would often send me poems so I finally decided to send her one back, hence I Hear A Guitar



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