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Kettering, Ohio
About Geoff Burkman



Rhymin' the Cowboy Way

The cowboy way is done an' gone,
Ain't never comin' back.
Them days of ropin', wranglin' brawn
Has fallen off th' track.
He's gone, he's done,
An' one by one
He's disappearin' fast
From memory
Of you an' me,
Just slippin' right on past.

O'er purple mountain majesties
An' amber waves of grain
No longer float th' harmonies
Of cowpokes' sweet refrain.
They're gone, they're done,
An' one by one
They're passin' by the day
An' we forget
An' sadly let
The cowboy fade away.

Now all we got is rodeos
An' boogie-scootin' boots,
An' Wrangler T-wearin' romeos
Who stink of cheap cheroots.
They're gone, they're done,
An' one by one
They're headin' down the road
That you an' me
Call history,
The one the cowboy strode.

2003, Geoff "Deuce" Burkman
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Geoff told us:  I found your site recently when I did a show here in Dayton, Ohio by the name of "Under a Cowboy Moon," by Carl Williams of Houston, Texas.  It was one of six finalists in a local playwrighting event called FutureFest, now in its 13th year at the Dayton Playhouse.  It is, as you may be able to tell from the title, a play about a cowboy poetry contest.  I played a character named "Deuce." I have an older brother named Ace and a younger brother named Trey. Daddy was a gambler, Watley,  resident barfly and town council member.  In protest of the fact that Deuce never did get to enter the contest, I wrote a poem for him anyway.

About Geoff Burkman:

I hail from Kettering, Ohio (a southern suburb of Dayton, but a city in its own right).  I was born in North Carolina, spent most of my youngish years in Jacksonville, Florida, and my formative years in Cincinnati, Ohio, took a detour to the Philippine Islands for several years, then back to Cincinnati for high school.  Majored in Creative Writing at Brown University. Took off for Las Vegas after graduation and spent several years there before returning to Ohio to run a used-record store.  Opened my own store which lasted 22+ years.  Closed it last year to pursue acting/writing full time.  Married twice, currently divorced, looking forward to number three.  Two beautiful daughters, now teens.



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