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Diamond Field Jack Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Rupert, Idaho, November


12th Annual Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival and Western Art and Gear Show, Monterey, California, December separate page



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November, 2010
Diamond Field Jack Cowboy Poetry Gathering   Rupert, Idaho

 Report and photos by Bobbie Hunter


Diamond Field Jack Cowboy Poetry Gathering 2010

After a brief hiatus, the Diamond Field Jack Cowboy Poetry Gathering is back and going strong! Fans and performers of cowboy poetry waited two years to get back in the saddle, but the reward was well worth the wait.

The Wilson Theater, located in downtown Rupert, Idaho, has been undergoing a breath-taking renovation over the past several years. Veteran performers tell of the first gathering ever held there, recalling huge sheets of black plastic heaving in the wind, attempting to keep out frigid gusts of air. Their recollections encompass a variety of adjectives, but "c-c-cold!" was the one used most often!

Although the auditorium is still under construction, other parts of the building have been restored to their original beauty. The Wilson Theater is becoming a showcase not only for the entertainment provided there, but for the building itself; the structure is a crowning jewel for the community.

On the weekend of November 12th and 13th, 2010, fans of cowboy poetry gathered to celebrate their western heritage. They were joined by a group of vendors who presented a diverse array of wares, all the while lulled to the rhythmic cadence of cowboy verse and western music.

Sam Mattise and Gene Jones during auction

Sam Mattise and Wayne Nelson wore a variety of hats: organizers, emcees, and sound technicians. In addition, each of the talented duo performed their unique and highly stylized art. The task of emcee was shared with Layle Bagley for the Saturday night program.

As part of the Diamond Field Jack Gathering, Cowboy Poets of Idaho benefited from an auction, open to the public, which featured a spectacular variety of objects. Layle Bagley donated many objects such as hand-crafted obsidian knives, spears, bolo ties, and tomahawks. A myriad of other objects crossed the auction bloc, under the capable direction of Sam Mattise, CPI auctioneer.

The Tall Tale segment was a special treat and never was the truth stretched so far, by so many, in such a short time! Runner up was Sam DeLeeuw; the winner was Martin Holmes. In honor of his victory, Martin was awarded a silver pin designed by Earl White. Earl is a local jeweler and all around good-guy. He and his wife, Sandy, are long-time, true-blue, died-in-the-wool CPI supporters.

Wayne Nelson and Bruce "Loose lip" Pinson

Lonnie Shurtleff

Ken Wellard

Performing on Friday night were: Tom Patton; Lucky Johnston; Bruce "Loose-lip" Pinson; Arden Gailey; Toni McGuire; Don Shelman; Colt Angell; and Bobbie Hunterall from Idaho. Lonnie Shurtleff represented the state of Oregon; Ken Wellard and Saddle Strings (Brian Arnold, Laurie Morgan, Cindy and Kurt Argyle) represented Utah.

Ted Hoffman

Vern Woodbury

Performing on Saturday night were: Gene and Sandy Jones (Bad Water Cattle Company); Ted Hoffman; Dave Corrigan: Ellie Corrigan; Mark Seeley and Rand Hillman (Fall River Boys); and Vern Woodburyall from Idaho. From Utah: Sam DeLeeuw; Jenny and Dave Anderson; and Loyd Warnick. And from Australia, Ian McLellan.

Sam DeLeeuw, Vern Woodbury, Dave Anderson

As always, the open-mic sessions were open to the public; the hope was that anyone interested in performing would share their talent via this venueCPI member or not, all were welcome. Among those performing during the day sessions were Stella and Cliff Robinson; Connie Patton; Garde Bowman; Martin Homes; Marion and Bob Baird; Eldon Thompson; Chris Riker; Vince Croft and Mindy Palmer, all from Idaho.

The 2011 Diamond Field Jack gathering will be held on November 11 and 12. When you come, prepare to be dazzled by the talented performers and by the charming Wilson Theater. But whatever you do, don't miss it!



We invite you to send in reports about gatherings and other events.



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