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Gathering Reports

We welcome reports of events from all.  Everyone benefits from your efforts when you write a report: the performers, the organizers, and interested readers. Your good report can help encourage future attendance for a gathering.

You can submit a report to us by email.  Here are some items to consider:

  • Include the official name of the event, its location, and the date it was held.

  • Get the names of as many performers as you can; refer to the program or check with the organizers to make sure you have all of the names and that they are spelled correctly. In the case of music groups, try to include the names of group members.

Even if you can't include everyone in the body of your report, try to add a list of names so that everyone is mentioned.

If you were a performer, it's fine to include yourself in any list of performers or description.

  • Organizers work hard, and if you can include information about them and give credit, do.

  • Give readers a taste of the event; they are more interested in what happened at the event than in personal accounts of your own experiences getting there, for example.

  • Please send your report in a plain email, not as an attachment.

  • Send photos separately, not embedded in the report.

  • You are welcome to send up to about five photos by attachment with your report.

If you are not the photographer, obtain permission from the photographer for the photos to be posted. Please send the  credit line requested by the photographer; we're happy to include links to photographers' web sites.

Readers like photos that have a variety, and that don't have the same person or people in each shot.

Don't include a photo of someone who is not mentioned in the report.

We don't identify young people by name in photos without parents' permission.

  • If you can scan the cover of the event program or the poster, we welcome that for the report as well and it can be sent as an attachment.

  • Before you submit your report, run a draft of it by the organizers or another attendee, to ensure it's accurate and that important facts are included.

  • For annual or repeat events, if known, include the event's next date.

We try to post events in a timely way.  They are noted in our News, posted in our indexes of Gathering Reports, and links are made from our Events Calendar.  

We notify you when your report is posted.  Corrections are easy on this end, and are always welcome.

Other publications and web sites welcome event reports. Consider submitting to:

The Backforty Bunkhouse Newsletter
Rope Burns

We welcome comments and additions to this information.  Email us.

  About News Items


We welcome news items from all. You can submit ready-to-post news items for consideration to us by email.

This section is intended for general news such as Western news about poets, like the news items that are currently posted: special Western awards and events; newspaper articles of Western interest; news from other publications.
Please note: generally, we don't post news about radio appearances, personal appearances, or poems posted on web sites; we just couldn't keep up with the volume.  We do welcome your news about poems being published in edited print publications.
Please send items ready-to-post and include pertinent web addresses. 

Email us with your questions or item submissions.


  About Blogs and Sites of Interest


This section is intended for outstanding sites and blogs that are frequently and regularly updated and that offer a depth of information of Western interest. It is not intended for the promotion of personal promotional web sites or blogs.
Please send suggestions about blogs and sites of interest, and include the links. Selected items will be posted.

Email us with your questions or item submissions.

  About New Releases
We welcome announcement submissions for new cowboy poetry and Western music releases, and of books of general Western interest. Items should be new and ready for shipping. We consider announcements for items released in the past six months.

Please send a scan of the cover, a brief description, and order information (price, plus postage and address, links).

Most items meeting the above criteria are posted.

Email us with your questions or item submissions.

About Picture the West Submissions

Your modern and vintage photos are welcome for Picture the West.

Here's some information about submissions:

We welcome about five photos for each Picture the West entry.

You are are welcome to send more than one group of photos; we usually separate postings by the same photographer by at least a month.

Please send captions/descriptions for photos, and a few words of background for the group of photos. A brief description of the location, ranch history if appropriate, and such information adds to the postings.

Traditional shots are good, and also unusual or different photos are always interesting to viewers.

It's good to include photos that show the characteristics of area, including regional styles of working, dress, and gear.

 We love to have photos that include families and young people; young peoples' names should be included in captions only with parental permission.

With the photographer's permission, we often choose a Picture the West photo to feature as our cover photo on  Facebook. That's usually the week that the Picture the West photos are featured, though we like to re-use
photos later for that purpose sometimes (again, only with permission). We always include information about the photo, any links, and a notice about copyright and permissions.

Pictures only need to be in low resolution. The size doesn't matter; we resize most photos so that the largest dimension is not more than about 800 pixels for CowboyPoetry.com. For a Facebook cover photo, it's
good to have a photo that is at least 1200 pixels wide. We can usually work with whatever you send.

We welcome a photo of the photographer, a brief description of about the photographer, and are glad to post any links requested.

Let us know how you want any photo credit to read. For example:  photograph Your Name, Your Link

Here's an example that may be useful: http://www.cowboypoetry.com/photowk102.htm#nm

Email us with your questions or submissions.


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