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Somewhere In Montana

Somewhere in Montana, in the shadow of a mountain,
I looked up and saw the brightest star shine its light on me.
For a moment in my lifetime all the world stood still before me
   and I felt your arms around me with the touch of a mountain breeze.

With a midnight song, I will come back home, to you.

Somewhere in Montana, where the wild call goes unnoticed,
I could feel myself get stronger like a flower on the hill.
Walking with the spirit of the land and all its power,
I could see your eyes before me and a promise to fulfill.

With a midnight song, I will come back home, to you.

Somewhere In Montana, where the eagle lives in silence,
I stood tall by a hidden canyon and I echoed out your name.
All the years were broken when I looked out in the darkness
   where my words of love were spoken to you, and always will remain.

With a midnight song, I will come back home, to you.

The mountains and the river, from the sky to the summer meadow,
Life is seen in all its mystery of how it all began.
Whatever makes me whisper when I hold you close beside me,
I believe your are the promise from the maker of this land.

With a midnight song, I will come back home, to you.

Somewhere in Montana....

2002,  Gary Brandt
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

About Gary Brandt:

Gary Brandt has a web site for his music, and the following information is from that site::

The busy father of a teenage son and daughter, Gary currently teaches elementary and middle school music in the Detroit area.  He has traveled throughout Michigan (also to Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana) sharing multimedia presentations.  Gary performs with Omni Arts, an "education through the arts" program sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation. He participates annually as song writer and performer at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation National Convention.  For the past five years, Gary has performed in summer programs at the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon.  Gary participates regularly in a casual worship service at the Grand Blanc United Methodist Church, as well as leading a small group fellowship in personal spiritual growth.

With songs of freshness, beauty, and simplicity, Gary reminds us of homespun values and a celebration of life.  He teaches us about our importance to each other.

If you are looking for a program that is highly energetic, with contagious enthusiasm for children and adults of all ages, you should contact Gary Brandt.  He will write and perform music specifically for your needs, with a natural and refreshing optimism.  Gary's unique ability to help us all celebrate life, with a love of nature and appreciation of God's beauty around us, is sure to inspire and touch you.



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