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The Ride

     He pulls his Stetson down on his ears.
He sees no crowd, and he hears no cheers.
     There's only one thought goin' through his mind --
He'll ride this bull, or he'll die tryin'.
     The bull's in the chute, and he's on the gate.
No backin' out now; for that, it's too late.

     The rumors and stories, they certainly aren't lies.
This bull is a rank one, there's fire in his eyes.
     He hasn't been ridden, though many have tried.
All before him have failed, and two men have died.
    The rope is wound tight, the glove's on his hand.
Now they are one, the beast and the man.

    This is his life - it's what he does best.
He's ranked number one, above all the rest.
    His mama is cryin'; his dad's by her side.
They wish just this once, he would not ride.
   The gate swings out wide, now the bull is in flight.
In eight seconds, hist'ry will be made tonight.

   Just before he comes loose, the buzzer does sound.
He knows he has done it as he hits the ground.
   For the bull, it's not over; he comes back around.
He goes after the rider, and then pins him down.
   The rider stands up, but something is wrong.
He staggers and falls in front of his mom.

    Hist'ry is written as he takes his last breath;
The ride of his life - ended in death.
February 2003, Garrett Ritter


About Garrett Ritter:

A native of Burkburnett, Texas, Garrett is a senior at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma.  While majoring in Criminal Justice, Garrett is a starting
pitcher for the Cameron Aggies.

Garrett spent the last two summers farming.

He fills his free time with hunting, fishing, and enjoying God's beautiful handiwork through nature.

"The Ride" was the first poem Garrett ever wrote.  It was inspired by his favorite movie, Eight Seconds.



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