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Lubbock, Texas


Lubbock poet, writer, and youth advocate Fred Ortiz died Sunday, February 3, 2008.  An article here on the Lubbock Online site announces the sad news.

His friend Alan Read sent had sent news about Fred Ortiz' serious illness. An article on the Lubbock Online site tells about Fred Ortiz' advocacy for children and senior citizens in Texas. He founded "Up and Coming Scholars," which gives first-generation college students scholarships and guidance. He was the recipient of the Purpose Prize, which you can read about here, where there is more about his life and good works.


Cowboy's Prayer

Howdy, Lord. Gotta tell Ya I'm much obliged to Ya. 'Though the trails I rode
ain't been the best an' I reckon I made a coupla mistakes along the way, I'm
still riding tall in the saddle. Sometimes You delt me a mighty tough bronc
to bust, but I reckon that's why you made me a cowboy. Honest, straight
arrow and strong so as I'd be able to handle it.

Shoot, I reckon nobody gotta tell You 'bout friends that ain't, good things
You do made out to be bad and folks telling lies about You. Gosh a'mighty
Lord, it 'pears You and this ol' cowboy rode a fair piece of the same trail.
Fer sure, You rode it a bit straighter. I reckon my mount tripped up a mite.
But you know, Partner, them Ten Commandments of Your'n's a lot like my
simple ol' cowboy logic. Do right by folks. Help 'em if you can. Be a
honorable man. Don't lie. Be true to yourself and once in a while, make time
to visit with the Almighty.

I reckon I got me some things to take care of, some fences to mend, afore it
gits later. I'm much obliged to Ya fer the time to do that. An', You know,
Top Hand, it's mitey tough riding that range alone. Ride shotgun fer me,
Partner. That ol' trail's gotta be a mite straighter from here on in to that
Last Corral. Help me unroll that last bedroll on soft ground. I reckon I can
use a hand.

2002, Cowboy Fred Ortiz
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



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