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Kimball Junction, Utah
About Fred Engel



I usually am billed as Fred Engel With a Cowboy Point Of View because I write about current day happenings from a cowboy's point of view. Example: when Oprah got into trouble with the Texas cattle feeders in Amarillo because of her comments about beef and that she was gonna become a vegetarian, I had the following to say, hoping to help save the cowboy's job.

Attention Vegetarians! 

Attention Vegetarians!  Eat beef.  It's ok
Think about it. Beef is just the second stage of grain and hay!
Alfalfa, barley, wheat, corn and oats
You all say there's nothing better to be pushin' down out throats
And these are all converted into dairy products that we all eat
So what's the difference when they're converted into good wholesome red meat?
Beef in America, why it's a way of life
And it's supposed to be enjoyed with a fork and a knife
Now cattle are here for one purpose, and one purpose alone (well, unless yer talkin' to
And that's to feed and dress our families and to beautify our homes
God made cattle for us to eat
And to use their hides for coverin' our bodies, our hands, and our feet
And Mad Cow, well, that's just all a lot of bull
And to spread a story like that, well, it's just not tasteful
I will admit, however, that some cattle do get a little upset now and then
But most cattle are contented
For example, remember ol' Ferdinand?
Now cattle give us jobs, a culture, and an entire diverse industry
So listen here all you vegetarians, just sit down and relax...and pass the steak sauce,
   would ya please!

  Fred Engel


About Fred Engel:



I look at things from a cowboy point of view because that's how  I see 'em best. When I write I try to take contemporary situations and present them from a cowboy's point of view.  

REMUDA DUST (Benchmark Publishing, 1993) is a collection of 34 of my earliest poems with art work from my favorite western artist, Tim Cox. It has been marketed in over 500 stores from California to New Jersey and from and Barnes &  

My work has been reviewed by national publications including Western Horseman and The New York Times. Western heritage internet sites including, and have featured my work on their pages.  While living in California, my radio feature Fred Engel With a Cowboy Point of View, was a regular part of the programming on radio stations KPIG 107.5fm, Freedom, CA and KTOM 100.7fm, Salinas, CA.  Also, I appeared regularly as a special guest on KION-TV, Salinas, CA for "Ed Bradford with News at Noon".

Since 1994, I have been both a performer and M/C in cowboy shows and gatherings, school and church functions, and business seminars in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and way out yonder in the state of Nebraska.  A member of the Western Music Association and Cowboy Poets of Utah, I continue to write and have put together another book of over 50 poems, not yet published.   I now live in the mountains of Northern Utah, 30 miles East of Salt Lake City.   I care take a small 200 acre outfit, ride and train a few horses, and once in a while I get to chase some cattle around for different folks.


I've gained experience over the years
From sellin' different things to jammin' truck gears.
I've driven a truck from coast to coast,
And sold all kinds of things from gourmet foods to fence posts.
I've punched cows some in my day.
I've roped 'em, burned their hides, and fed 'em their hay.
I've done a little weldin' and built some things.
I've dug ditches, an' more 'n once built a weir box for a fresh water spring.
So, if you ever need a salesman hog-tied and welded to a truck
Well, give me a call, and we'll let 'er buck!

I'm available for meetings and gatherings of all kinds to present the cowboy point of view on many different subjects.  For bookings, send a fax or call me at (435) 615-9164, write to me at P.O. Box 980142, Kimball Jct, UT 84098, or email me at


Member of the
Cowboy Poets of Utah



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