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Durango, Colorado
About Frank "Max" Winer




L. A. Cowboy

I'm not a cowboy and I never was,
but I think I'd like to be and that's because,

Back in L.A. when I was just a small boy,
after school we'd pretend to be Hoppy, Gene or Roy.

Invisible horses and guns that were  toys,
made the West seem more real to big city boys.

But we all grew up and went our own way;
to school or jobs, even some fishing the bay.

Most of us were stuck in the city to stay,
punching keyboards, not cattle, day after day.

Then struggling home on a crowded  freeway,
praying the traffic might be lighter today.

So much pollution from ten million cars,
you can't see the beauty of ten billion stars.

But after forty years I was finally set free,
and became what is known as a retiree.

What to do, how to live, where will I go?
Some good friends said, "You should see Colorado."

So I packed up my gear, my bird and my cat,
moved to Durango, bought some boots and a hat.

I got to know folks and what a  surprise,
I found cowboys weren't in movies but were really life-sized!

Not Hoppy or Roy or even "The Duke,"
but Steve and Wilmer and Kenon and Luke.

They taught me to ride and toss a sad rope;
ain't caught nothin' yet but I'm not givin' up hope.

I may not be a cowboy but I've sure got it made,
because every day is like being back in third grade.

2006, Frank "Max" Winer
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About Frank "Max" Winer:

I was born in Missouri but my family moved to Southern California when I was three years old, where I went to school and worked for the next sixty years.  In 1998, I retired and moved to Durango, Colorado. In 1999 I attended the cowboy poetry sessions at the "Durango Cowboy Gathering"...I have attended every Gathering since and will continue to do so.



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