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Late Life Reflections

Tears welled up in the old man's eyes
   As, slowly, he began to realize
   The life and times he had lived and loved;
The wild-eyed kid and brash young man
   And later, much later, the steady hand
   The skinned, raw fists now encased in gloves

The dark, slick saddle and sure catch rope
   Had been replaced by throw and hope
   His eyesight dimmed by passing years
And long, combed locks of sienna brown
   Became a sweating, shining crown
   Of grey, that graced his nose and ears

His once great plans for wealth and fame
   Of calves to brand and colts to tame
   Were fading like the setting sun
The loves he won, then lost again
   Now, very few still called him friend
   Two or three, perhaps just one

And the valley where it all began
   Was long since spoiled by modern man
   The natural vistas that he had seen
Were paved and peopled, cut and fenced
   And all humanity had been condensed
   Into a shallow life, sterile and serene

As he quickly turned his horse and rode
   Over memory trails they both had known
   He slowly smiled and gigged the bay
The path was clear and sign was new
   And though there was no wooden pew
   He trotted on, to Glory Day...

2015, Floyd Traynor
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.


Floyd comments: This poem was the American Cowboy Magazine Poetry contest Grand Prize winner. I recited it at the Rockn' Western Rendezvous in Loveland, Colorado in 2015...I wrote it after my last visit to the ranch where I grew up in Mule Creek, New Mexico. The ranch was sold in 1985 and has changed hands several times since then.

It was the first time that I realized that the memories are made by the people, not the place, and they are long gone...



  About Floyd Traynor
     provided 2015

Floyd was raised on a ranch at Mule Creek, New Mexico. Four generations of his family have cowboyed on the Arizona-New Mexico border. He learned his skills from old-time hands and vaqueros. A graduate of NMSU, he has built fence, pulled wells, and hauled feed on ranches from the Mexican border to the panhandle of Texas. He has been writing poetry since he was seven years old.

An employee of Grant County, New Mexico for 14 years, Floyd sold his saddle and retired to Turkey, Texas in January of 2015 with his partner, Radna Proctor. He admits his saddle had gathered a lot of dust. Writing poetry and songs has helped fill some lonely hours along the trail of life.

Floyd is past chairman of the New Mexico Cowboy Poetry Gathering held in Silver City, and has recited in several gatherings in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. He believes it is important to keep our western heritage intact for future generations




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