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Venues with Monthly and Multiple Dates


Venues with Monthly and Multiple Dates


June - September, 2008
Cowboy Campfire at Scofield's Red Mule Ranch  Fiddletown, California

Ron and Marie Scofield are your hosts for an evening of old-time cowcamp entertainment under the stars at the Red Mule Ranch in Fiddletown, California. Enjoy a chuck wagon tri-tip dinner and a variety of cowboy music, poetry, and story telling in an 1880's setting. In addition to Ron's traditional brand of old cowboy music standards, special guest performers contribute their unique style of western wit, wisdom, satire, and song. The Old West trio will be there (on all dates except July 9 and Sept 3) to share old and new cowboy ballads, three-part harmony, and yodeling tunes.

Reservations are required.  See the web site for reservation information.

2008 Dates:

June 7 - Sourdough Slim
June 14 - The Cowgirls (Eli Barsi, Joni Harms, and Doris Daley)
June 28 - Juni Fisher
July 12 - Old West Trio & Jim King
August 16 - Old West Trio & Bob Christensen
September 6 - Old West Trio & Jim and Karen Ross
September 27 - Old West Trio & Mark Twain

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Second Saturday of each month
Emerald Valley Opry  Eugene, Oregon

From Dallas McCord:

Visit our web site,, for photos of past performers and the folks performing next month.

The Opry is a show we've been doing for several years to raise funds for the local schools' music departments.

Our average attendance is 500 fans. The Opry puts on the show the second Saturday night of every month.

Last year, we raised enough to buy eight new guitars for the high school's guitar class, bought a new 32-channel mix board and several high end mic's.

The Opry has a house band to assist any performers who want it and to backup the folks who just wish to sing but do not play an instrument.

We charge the fans $5.00 or $4.00 if they're over 55 years old.

The Opry Band plays for the opening and then we have five acts that get 30 minutes each to perform. It's a heck of a deal. The folks get to see and hear six groups/acts for $5.00 or less. All of the seats are padded for added comfort and we have a clock on the stage for the performers to know when their 30 minutes are up.

Since we raise money for the schools, we do not pay performers. However, the CD sales are fantastic.

The last two years, we've given out two $2,000.00 scholarships and will do the same in 2008.

We are very proud of our Opry. The fans helped us send over seventy boxes of care packages to the troops in Iraq. Our Christmas show raised over 900 pounds of food and $800.00 in cash for the local mission to feed and shelter the homeless.

Check out the Emerald Valley Opry web site. It's been fun for the past three years I've been involved with the Opry. And yes, we even have cowboy poetry. But, it's mostly country- and bluegrass-driven.

2008 Dates:

January 12, 2008
February 9, 2008
March 8, 2008
April 12, 2008
May 10, 2008
June 14, 2008
July 12, 2008
August 9, 2008
September 13, 2008
October 11, 2008
November 8, 2008
December 13, 2008

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March-December, 2008
Mavericks Coffee House 
Visalia, California

From Gary Brown:  

Mavericks Coffee House & Roasting Company
Exclusive Venue for Cowboy Poetry & Music
238 E. Caldwell Ave. Visalia, CA 93277
Call 559 624-1400. Limited seating.
Ticket sales begins 30 days before concert date.

March 15 -  $25 Dave Stamey (Mavericks 5th anniversary show) This multiple award singer/winning songwriter helps celebrate our 5th anniversary.

March 29 -  $20 J Parson- A working cowboy from Bakersfield who writes and sings. J was a big hit at Elko in 2007.

April 19 - $25 Gary McMahon  - Singer, songwriter, comedian, yodeler. Baxter Black recommends him if he's busy.

April 24 -  $30 The Quebe Sisters Band - 3 sisters,Texas state Fiddle champs & sing like the Andrew Sisters.

May 23 - $25 Skip Gorman- A heralded singer of old time cowboy music and plays, guitar, fiddle &  mandolin. Old Time Cowboy Songs & Fiddle Tunes  We've been trying Skip to come West for 5 years. He is true to the original cowboy music when the Victrola preceded the IPod. His music has been featured in two Ken Burns PBS documentaries including the Lewis and Clark special. My vehicle always has a Skip Gorman CD in the queue.

June 13 - $30 Eli Barsi, Doris Daley, and Joni Harms' California Tour - Two great western singers and a wonderful cowgirl poet. These three
special ladies have all won awards for their craft. Doris is a poet and Eli and Joni are singer/songwriters. You may also hear a yodel or two. This is the first time that they have toured together. This will be a great show! 

June 17 - $40 Michael Martin Murphey - Major, multi talented entertainer who sold a 1 million+ cowboy album. This is a rare opportunity to see Murph play in a small, intimate venue, up close and personal. He has probably done more than anyone else to resurrect the interest in western music. Murph is a fantastic musician and a great humanitarian. He was the first in the genre to sell a million copies of his first cowboy songs album. Sherrill and I  had the pleasure to have seen Murph play solo, years ago at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Orange County. He is truly a professional performer of the first caliber. I've also had the opportunity to know his brother Mark Murphey and seen him perform many times in Ashland Oregon's Shakespeare festival. He is a fine actor and a nice must be genetic.

June 20 - $30 Don Edwards  - Don is someone special and a dear friend. His music helps keep this genre alive. Don never crossed over to the dark side and remains true to western music. No one knows more about western music and its origins than anyone else. When it comes to the musicology of the cowboy song, just call him Dr. Edwards. He si Jack Thorp and John Lomax mixed together and then some. Jordan Brown plays Don's tribute to Marty Robbins continually at is his favorite album.

June 27 - $25 Juni Fisher - Our valley cowgirl who has gained critical acclamation from the western music world. It seemed like it was only yesterday, when Juni was a "who is she....never heard of her" to "why don't you have her on your show?" This talented story teller, songstress and musician is known by everyone in the western music genre. Her Gone to Colorado CD is being highly acclaimed by her peers and fans alike. Last year, Juni and my Visalia buddy Joe Hannah won the WMA Song of the Year for "I Hope She'll Love Me" penned by Juni. She placed hers on her mantle along with all the other awards she has won. Due to the song's success, Juni being a reborn capitalist, she and Joe are working on a sequel - "I Hope He'll Leave Me." Just kidding. Come on out and meet her mother, sisters and 32 cousins...yes. she is a Big Valley gal. I am proud she calls me Uncle Gary

July 7 -  $30 RW Hampton - This is the only time that RW will be in California this year. Come join in and congratulate him on his recently winning his second Wrangler award from the Cowboy Hall of fame for the Western Music album of the year. He is is indeed more than a hat...he's the real deal, cinch em up and set tall in the saddle cowboy. Those performers who are self assured as to their own talents and are not jealous...except for Pat Richardson...all say he has a special God given talent. His friend and my favorite nephew Dave Stamey, once introduced RW in Monterey as the "voice"! That about sums it up. I'm proud to have been involved on four of Dick's albums. He is a special guy.

August 2 - $25 Katy Moffatt - She is one of my personal favorites...did a dynamite show for us about 2 years ago. Katy sings all kinds of music....from folk to western, blues to Torch songs. Packs a lot into a small frame! $25.

September 12 - $25 Dennis Agajanian - This will be Dennis's third visit to Mavericks. He is a house favorite. There is no one else who can play the William Tell Overture with a flat pick and play it like Dennis. He has won about every award  from  the Christian Bluegrass group...Musician of the Year, Entertainer of the Year and has opened for Billy Graham and Franklyn Crusades for years. Besides singing Gospel songs of his faith, Dennis loves western music. I've know him for years and am thankful that  he was a Police Chaplain for the San Clemente Police Department when I was there. Come and be amazed at his musicianship, however if you want a front row seat, make sure you wear OSHA approved safety goggles, in case one of those strings break. 

December 1  - $35 Tom Russell - Tom is a favorite of the Mavericks crew. He is the consummate story teller and entertainer. We are pleased to have Tom perform when ever he is in California.

December 12 -  $30 COWBOY CHRISTMAS SHOW featuring Belinda Gail and Curly Musgrave - This is a first for Mavericks but not for these fine western musicians. We are looking forward to the show.

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Third Sunday of each month
Western Music Association
California Chapter  Los Angeles, California

From Lindalee Green:

The Western Music Association’s CA Chapter would like to invite everyone to attend our Jam and Meeting at the Autry National Center, in Los Angeles, California. It is held every 3rd Sunday of the month. This event is very well received and has had up to 18 performers and 80 in attendance in the most recent past. 

The Autry National Center is located at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA, 90027 – directly across from the LA Zoo.  Come one, come all! 

The remaining dates for this year are:

April 20
May 18
June 15
July 20
August 17
September 21
October 19
November 16

We will also have 3 fundraisers: June 29th, September 28th and December 14th, 2008. 

For further information please contact Lindalee at or 661-297-5955.  The Autry National Center’s website is and the Western Music Association’s website is

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September 19, 2008 Tucumcari
September 20, 2008  Santa Fe
September 21, 2008 
Santa Fe
September 23, 2008  Farmington
September 26, 2008
September 28, 2008 Silver City
September 29, 2008 Las Cruces
September 30, 2008 Lovington
October 1, 2008 Clayton
Jack Thorp Anniversary Concerts  New Mexico

Mark L. Gardner and Rex Rideout will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Jack Thorp's Songs of Cowboys in eight New Mexico concerts in September and October. Thorp (N. Howard Thorp, 1867-1940) collected cowboy songs and poems across the west for nearly 20 years, starting in the late 1800's. He first published them in 1908, in a small book called Songs of the Cowboys.

Mark L. Gardner edited the 2005 book, Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys, which includes a CD of Gardner and Rex Rideout performing poems and songs played on vintage instruments in the style they would have been heard in Thorp's time. See our feature about the book here.

From the official media release about the concerts:

A series of eight concerts celebrating Nathan H. "Jack" Thorp and his seminal 1908 publication, Songs of the Cowboys, will take place across the State of New Mexico this September. The concerts will be performed by Mark Gardner and Rex Rideout, Old West music revivalists and authorities on Jack Thorp and his times. Their performances, free to the public, are sponsored by a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council.


Jack Thorp (1867-1940), who is widely acknowledged as the first collector of cowboy ballads, published the very first book of cowboy songs at Estancia, New Mexico, in 1908.  His slim booklet contained 23 songs, a number of which Thorp wrote himself, including the oft-recorded classic, "Little Joe, the Wrangler." Although born and raised in New York City to a prominent family, Thorp visited the West at an early age and eventually made New Mexico his home.  He worked in New Mexico as a cowboy, rancher, livestock buyer, surveyor, mounted policeman, and brand inspector. Thorp's acquaintances and friends included legendary lawman Pat Garrett, cowboy artist and author Will James, author and folklorist J. Frank Dobie, and poet Alice Corbin.


The Thorp Centennial concerts are confirmed for the following New Mexico communities: Tucumcari (September 19), Santa Fe (September 20 & 21), Farmington (September 23), Gallup (September 26); Silver City (September 28), Las Cruces (September 29), Lovington (September 30), and Clayton (October 1). Gardner and Rideout's Santa Fe performances will coincide with the release by the Palace Press of the special limited edition of their critically-acclaimed book and CD, Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys. Also on tap that weekend in Santa Fe is the premier of a documentary feature on Jack Thorp by filmmaker Susan Gervasi of Lazy G Films.


"It is a real honor to be the ambassadors for the Jack Thorp Centennial," Mark Gardner said recently. "Thorp is truly the father of cowboy music, and I am always saddened at the number of people, even among today's cowboy music performers, who are not aware of him or his significant contributions to the genre. Rex Rideout and I have been trying to correct that situation for some time now, and we are extremely pleased that we will be celebrating Thorp and the centennial of his songbook in his adopted home of New Mexico."


For more information on Gardner and Rideout, visit their web sites at and www.TimeTravelMusic.Com.  For the New Mexico Humanities Council, visit




September 19, Tucumari, Tucumcari Historical Museum
Bruce Nut, Tucumcari Historical Museum  505-461-4201

September 20-21, Santa Fe, Palace of the Governors
Fran Levine 505-476-5093

September 23  Farmington,  San Juan College Campus
Jimmy Miller 505-334-9325

September 26, Gallup, UNM Gallup Campus
Martin Link & Roy Howard  505-863-6459

September 28, Silver City, Silco Theater
Susan Berry, Silver City Museum  505-538-5921

September 29, Las Cruces,  Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum
Cameron Saffle, 575- 522-4100

September 30, Lovington, Lea County Museum
Jim Harris 505-396-4805

October 1, Clayton, Herzstein Memorial Museum
Edwin Bush  505-374-2977


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January 16, 2008
Heritage of the American West  Spearfish, South Dakota
Live on the web, 7PM MT
Annual Cabin Fever Party
Featuring: The Cambria String Band of Newcastle, Wyoming
Bluegrass ensemble, winners of the 2007 Wyoming State, 5 String Banjo Competition.
Larry Roetzel on banjo, Peter Wooten on bass, and Doug Thomas on guitar.
The band takes its name from history unique to the Newcastle, Wyoming area.... 
Cambria and the Cambria Fuel Company:

Popular broadcaster Jim Thompson and Creative Broadcast Services present Heritage of the American West, with "music and poetry of the great American Cowboy" on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM (MT). Produced and hosted by Francie Ganje, the show brings top talent from across the West to an appreciative audience. The show takes place before a live audience at the High Plains Heritage Center in Spearfish, South Dakota and is broadcast simultaneously on the web (archived web broadcasts are available).

Visit the Heritage of the American West web site.

        See our feature about the Heritage of the American West here.

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January 21-23, 2008
Fort Worth Stock Show  Fort Worth, Texas
Eleventh Annual "Campfire Tales" presented by Texas Cowboy Poets Association - West Arena

From Charles Williams:

The Eleventh Annual Ft. Worth Stock Show Campfire Tales takes place over three days: January 21-23, 2008. We have another outstanding show lined up, with old favorites such as Jay Snider, Janet McBride, Lanny Joe Burnett (who is co-producing with me this year), Judy James, Dan Roberts, Devon DawsonBob and Johnie Terry and the Phil R. Monic Orchestra and Chorus; new favorites such as Gail T. Burton,  Lavern "Straw" Berry, Bob Campbell, Fletcher Jowers and the Phunky Phiddlers; and some newcomers, such as John PelhamChelsea Beck, and The Ackermans. The expansion to three days has allowed us to give more people more time, and we are grateful to the Stock Show for giving us the extra day. 

Shows start at noon in the West Arena.

For more information, contact Charles Williams: 214-750-1262 or

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January 25-26, 2008
1st Annual Gila River Heritage Round-Up   Thatcher, Arizona  
The 1st Annual Gila River Heritage Round-Up, sponsored by the Graham County Historical Society will be held at the Society's museum and Eastern Arizona College Lee's Little Theater, both located on main street in Thatcher.

Allan "Hook" Hill and Kip Calahan are the headliners for this event.

Other invited performers include: Mike Dunn, Rolf Flake, Steve Lindsay, Larry Shiflet and local Gila Valley entertainers.
For information contact Ralph Smith or Linda Schell-Curtis at

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January 26, 2008
Wyoming Wintercamp Cowboy Poetry Gathering   Powell, Wyoming

From Ken Chrissley:

The Wyoming Wintercamp Cowboy Poetry Gathering at the Park County Fairgrounds, in conjunction with Reaching Hands Ranch, an organization that rescues horses and mentors at-risk youth. in Powell, Wyoming, January Jan. 26, 2008.

Open mic sessions start at 10:00 A.M. and go until 4:00 P.M.

There will be a pre-show warm-up at 6:30 P.M. with the night show from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Contact Ken Chrissley, 307-754-0183 or

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January 29, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Express to Elko   Emeryville, California to Elko, Nevada

From organizer Todd Barrett:

For a few fortunate individuals, the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering will begin a day early: Tuesday, January 29th. These are people who will board the specially restored railcar, the Bella Vista, in Emeryville, California, at 7:00 AM which will be the last car on the Amtrak train heading for Elko, Nevada.

They will enjoy the beautiful ride up through the Sierras in the company of poet Pat Richardson and vocal/guitarists Scott Wilburn and Ray Doyle of Wylie and the Wild West (, eating three sumptuous meals prepared by an award-winning chef upstairs in the scenic dome, attended by a steward with access to a full bar and superb wines.  Train food never tasted like this!

Stand on the open platform at the rear of the car and watch the rails disappear behind you. Gather in one of four drawing rooms for a game of Texas rummy, tackle a jig-saw puzzle or recline on a day-bed and take a nap. Watch DVDs of past NCPG performances on the big screen in the dome. Or, just sit and watch the world go by, and feel yourself decompress, preparing for the next four days at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko!

The trip will cost approximately $1,000 per person and include everything on the train: entertainment, meals, beverages, and tips.

As the train will be passing back through Elko at 4:00 AM, this will be a one-way excursion. Passengers may want arrange flights back home from Elko on Sunday, as boarding the normal Amtrak train in Elko at 4:00 AM is a bit rough.

For more information, contact:

Posted 12/20

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January 31-February 2, 2008
Montana Country Poets and Pickers 14th Annual Western Heritage Roundup  Chinook, Montana

From Fred Liese:

The Chinook High School FFA is again hosting the Montana Country Poets and Pickers for their annual FFA
fundraiser. This 14th annual Western Heritage Roundup will be held Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 for three evening
performances at the Chinook High School Auditorium, Chinook, Montana beginning at 7:00 p.m. Cost will be
$8.00 at the door. Free Jam sessions will be held at the Chinook Motor Inn following the performances.

Friday and Saturday beginning at 10:00 a.m., the Poets & Pickers will provide free entertainment throughout
the day at the Chinook Motor Inn.

Sunday, Feb. 3 at 10:00 a.m., Cowboy Church will be held at Chinook Motor Inn.

For fun country-style music, poetry and all out family entertainment; we'll see you in Chinook.

For further information call: Dale Mailand at 406.353.2383

Posted 1/23


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February 1-3, 2008
16th Annual Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering  Sierra Vista, Arizona

From Steve Conroy:

The 16th Annual Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering

The year is 1874 and the Arizona Territory is exploding with people, towns and new enterprises.  Many of the original Spanish Land Grant Ranches have been sold to enterprising new Americans.  John Horton Slaughter bought the San Bernardino Ranch and became a very prominent cattleman in Cochise County as well as a most famous Sheriff.  During the mid-1800s, the western range cattle developed from the descendants of the Spanish longhorn cattle that had crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico.  English newcomers brought their breeds to the United States, introducing the Angus (Black and Red), Hereford (Horned and Polled) and Shorthorn.  Ranchers used the shorthorn bulls to improve the longhorn cattle; then they used Hereford bulls in the late 1870s, followed by use of the Angus.

In 1519, Hernan Cortez sailed from Spain in search of great wealth, eventually landing in Mexico, and there re-introduced the horse into the New World.  The Colonial Spanish Horses are direct descendents of those first animals.

In 1874, ranges were open and fences were few, which allowed cattle to drift naturally to their feed and water.  This was the ideal setting to provide work for a new breed of men – the cowboy.

The great cattle drives from the southwest to Kansas increased the availability of beef to the Eastern markets, which generated a greater demand for beef over the next 20 years.  Then, in 1892 and 1893, a great drought caused the cattle market to collapse.  The hay day of the great cattle drives was finished.

As we revisit that history and recount it in poetry and song, we invite you to join us in Sierra Vista for the 16th Annual Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering as we celebrate this rich heritage. Our theme this year is “Horses and Cattle – The Cowboy’s Life.”  The Gathering will be held the weekend of 1-3 February 2008 at the Buena Performing Arts Center.  It is a family affair, so bring everyone to see some great wholesome entertainment!

The headline performances on Friday and Saturday are at 7:00 PM with jam sessions at the Windemere following each performance (around 9:00 PM). The matinee on Sunday is at 1:00 PM (won’t interfere with the Super Bowl XLII).  We have a super lineup of great performers for every performance this year!  On Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, over 50 poets, musicians, storytellers and musical groups will entertain for free.  These are the artists that go into the county schools that participated in the Poetry program.  They perform for the children on Friday, and they perform for the general public on Saturday.  We have six rooms with 7 sessions each featuring three participating artists or groups per room.  We also have two rooms with 6 sessions each for walk-ins (new people who want to practice or demonstrate their poetry or music skills) and those are as much fun as the others.

On Saturday, all the Youth Poetry Contest Winners will perform their poetry at 10:00 AM, and at 11:00 as part of the Sing-along, our Music Contest Winners will perform their entries.

Featured Artists for the 2008 Gathering are: Van Criddle, Daughters Of The Purple Sage, Sam DeLeeuw, The Desert Sons, Bunny Dryden, Due West Trio, Rolf Flake, Dennis Gaines, Andy Hedges, Jim Jones, Nona Kelley Carver, Liz Masterson, Ken and Lyn Mikell, Shad Pease, Jean Prescott, Trails & Rails and Joyce Woodson. The Participating Artists are: Mary Abbott, Trey Allen, Jan Choate, Dean Cook, Jack DeWerff, "Buckshot Dot", Jim Dunham, Mike Dunn, Elliott Family, Ken Graydon, Kerry Grombacher, Larry Harmer, Sue Harris, Allen "Hook" Hill, Eldon Housley, Katy Creek Band, Kay Kelley, Steve Lindsey, Peggy Malone, Jon Messenger, Jane Morton, Mike Moutoux, Tim Nolting, Tony Norris, Gregory Scott, Jay Snider, Jim and Nancy Sober, Ann Sochat, Gail Starr, Rhonda Stearns, Doc Stovall, Bud Strom, Washtub Jerry and Way Out West.

To get a copy of the full schedules for the Featured Performances and for the Saturday Day Schedule, check our website at

Tickets are on sale at our website, at in Sierra Vista at Spur Western Wear, Safeway, Ace Hardware, and the Sierra Vista Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Tickets for the performances are $17.00 for general admission, $15.00 for seniors and military (active/retired) and $6.00 for children (grade 1 through 12).  Come join us!

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February 9, 2008
The Happy Trails Breakfast Club  Victorville, California

From Larry Maurice:

The Happy Trails Children’s Foundation has announced the first Happy Trails Breakfast Club, a special fund raising event to benefit the abused children served by the foundation. This inaugural event will commemorate the lives and careers of legendary cowboy stars Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West.

The Breakfast Club will provide an opportunity for Roy and Dale’s fans, Western film fans, and especially fans of old B-Westerns to come together in an informal way to enjoy a breakfast buffet, meet a special celebrity guest, enjoy live music in the tradition of the Sons of the Pioneers, and see a Roy Rogers double feature on the big screen. There will be door prizes, a trivia contest, and a question and answer session with the celebrity guest.  Fans will have an opportunity to reminisce and tell about your personal experiences of growing up with Roy and Dale or perhaps meeting them in person.  The theme for this inaugural event is “I Wish I Were a Kid Again.” 

The special celebrity guest will be actor Ben Cooper.  Ben began his career as a child actor on the stage and radio in New York.  He later moved to Hollywood where he appeared in numerous feature films and TV shows.  He has had a long and interesting career and is a fan favorite at festivals and other gatherings.  Musical guests will be the Tumbling Tumbleweeds, a group of young men who were a big hit at the Western Music Association Festival in Albuquerque this past November.  There will be other special guests present including members of the Rogers family, vendors and special displays of memorabilia.

The Happy Trails Breakfast Club will be held 9 a.m. Saturday, February 9, at the Ambassador Hotel in Victorville, located at the Palmdale Road exit on I-15.  The cost is $25 per person with a 10% discount for Happy Trails Trailblazer Club members.  You do not have to be a member of the Trailblazer Club or any other organization to attend.  All are welcome.  Reservations are required so that the cooks will know how much breakfast to fix.  We invite you to come in costume, western or casual dress.  For reservations, tickets, or more information, please call the Happy Trails Children's Foundation, (760) 240-3330.  If you do not get an answer, please leave your name, phone number and a brief message and your call will be returned.  We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.

This is an event you do not want to miss.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors and bring your kids and grandkids to this wholesome family event.  Call today.

Happy Trails Children’s Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization.  All donations are fully tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 (c)(3).

Posted 1/25

February 9, 2008
Cowboys at Heart  Wilcox, Arizona

From Bethany Braley:


DATE: Saturday, February 9, 2008 2:30 PM – 8 PM

LOCATION: Historic Railroad Avenue & Rex Allen Theater, Willcox, Arizona

TICKETS: Dinner, Movie & Music - $22 per person – Tickets should be purchased in advance.


The National Day of the Cowboy and the Rex Allen Museum 501(c)3 organizations are co-hosting Cowboys at Heart, a fun and educational event to benefit both organizations. Part of the festivities will celebrate rodeo through the showing of the Emmy-nominated documentary, Let ‘er Buck, at the historic Rex Allen Theater. Other elements include an authentic chuck wagon dinner (prepared by chuck wagons from Texas and Arizona), live western music, a silent auction, and raffle. The chuck wagons will be bringing over $10,000 in cowboy accoutrements to create an authentic trail camp in Willcox. 


2:30 Live music by Tex Hill and Jack Alan, raffle ticket sales and silent auction. Raffle ticket buyers wearing both a cowboy hat and boots, receive 3 additional raffle tickets compliments of  Rex Allen Museum and National Day of the Cowboy.

3:00  Chuck wagon meal begins. Chuck wagons will set up camp on Friday. Chuck wagon cooks will begin food preparations early Saturday morning. The public is welcome for questions and conversation.
4:30  Let ‘er Buck producer, Lance Valdespino, will speak about his experiences researching and producing the film. He will be available after the screening to autograph copies of the DVD.
5:00 Sharp 6:30 PM Historic Rex Allen Theater showing “Let ‘er Buck.”
7:00  Raffle drawings and announcement of silent auction winners.

Tickets for the movie/dinner package are limited to 200 due to the capacity of the Rex Allen Theater. Advance reservations and ticket purchase are strongly recommended.   


CONTACT: Bethany Braley, 162 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643  -  520-766-6362

                      Delcie Shultz, 150 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643  –  520-384-4583


Posted 1/18

February 10-17, 2008
Cruising the Roots of the West   Caribbean Cruise from Galveston


Poet Mike Puhallo is hosting a cruise that will include cowboy singer/songwriter, Matt Johnston and cowboy/humorist/chuckwagon cook, Kent Rollins. Uniglobe Freedom Travel is now taking reservations for this 7 night cruise along the Western Caribbean departing from Galveston Texas February 10, 2008.

Mike Puhallo writes, "In addition to pickin', poetry and wild west stories we will be offering informative workshops. There is also lots of other entertainment available on the ship and we will be stopping at a half dozen fun spots along the way....A week of tropical sea breezes, sunny beaches, funny stories and great music would sure make a nice break from from feeding cows and stoking the woodstove."

You can find the details at the Uniglobe web site.

“Cruising the Roots of the West”
February 10-17, 2008

Voyageur of the Seas

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise From Galveston

Featuring the talent and fun of Mike Puhallo,
Matt Johnston, Kent Rollins (from Oklahoma)
seminars, jam sessions, cowboy poetry and much more fun!

In support of the British Columbia Cowboy Heritage Society
Total Air and Cruise Package Price
Inside Cabin $2153.80, Oceanview Cabin $2307.80
Balcony Cabin $2447.80, Superior Balcony Cabin $2537.80

Check our web site
For more information

Book by June 22 for Best Prices and reserve your Cabin!


Prices above are based on airfare from Vancouver Canada. For bookings or more information call:

Rhonda Kopp, CTC, ECC
Uniglobe Freedom Travel
242-1320 West Trans Canada Hwy
Kamloops, BC V1S 1J2
Phone 250 372-0544
Fax 250 372-2355
Travel protection and medical insurance is highly recommended.


Posted 5/2


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February 14-17, 2008
Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering Ellensburg, Washington

From Beth Bender:

Ellensburg, WA – Tickets to the 2008 nationally acclaimed Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering in Ellensburg, WA are now available. The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering brings the best traditional cowboy musicians, poets, and artist together to celebrate the western tradition of ranching and cowboy life. Featured will be nationally known entertainers—many of whom have performed at Carnegie Hall, Grand Old Opry, on National Public Radio, and numerous other venues around the world. The 2008 event includes performances by Don Edwards, Wylie & the Wild West, Waddie Mitchell, Brenn Hill, Jack Gladstone, Doris Daley, The Dreyer Brothers, Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue, Sourdough Slim, Rockin’ HW and numerous more musicians and poets.

A limited number of tickets are available for the President’s Day weekend event February 14th through 17th, 2008.  During the weekend participants can enjoy a variety of events, including four concert performances at the Central Washington University Music Hall. The Friday evening concert at 6:00 pm will feature Don Edwards, Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue, Doris Daley, Brenn Hill, and is hosted by Rockin’ HW. The Saturday afternoon concert at 1:00 will be hosted by Wylie Gustafson with Sourdough Slim, Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue, Doris Daley, and Brenn Hill. The Saturday evening concert at 6:00 will feature Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Jack Gladstone, and Rockin’ RW with hostess Doris Daley. Our performance on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 features hosts Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue with Waddie Mitchell, Dryer Brothers, Wylie and the Wild West, and Sourdough Slim. Concert performance tickets are $30 per person. 

Other events are the Spirit of the West Round-up at the Quality Inn on Thursday, February 14th at 7:00, Friday night dance with music by the Dreyer Brothers at the Kittitas Valley Event Center from 9:00 to midnight, and a dance Saturday evening at KVEC with music by Wylie and the Wild West. A Sunday dinner show for $40.00 will be held at KVEC with a Dutch oven dinner by Three Peak Outfitters and entertainment by Waddie Mitchell, Jack Gladstone, and Rockin’ HW. The winners of the Elementary School Art and Poetry contest will be presented at the dinner show.       

Opportunities abound for guests to see local and regional cowboy and cowgirl poets and crooners share rhymes, stories, and songs in Historic Downtown Ellensburg. Downtown venue passes are available for $20.00. The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering also hosts a Gear & Art Show at the Kittitas County Event Center featuring western wear and art for sale, a series of workshops and demonstrations, Dutch Oven Cooking, Open Mic sessions, Western Dance lessons, an autograph session, and Cowboy Sunday. County schools are also treated to special assemblies by the performers, and this year SWCG will add local Senior Living Facilities to their schedule. New this year will be the Kid’s Korral with activities for children. Don’t forget to visit the Kittitas County Historical Museum.

Visit the Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering web site for detailed schedules and more information.

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February 17, 2008
1st Annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Show  Martin, South Dakota

From Ken Cook:

P.E.O. Chapter CV presents the 1st Annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Show
At the Inland Theatre Martin, South Dakota
Sunday, February 17th, 2008 5:00p.m.
Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

The Gathering is being produced as a fundraiser by the Martin PEO Chapter CV, which is actively involved in promoting the education of women.The PEO Chapter sponsors scholarships annually to Bennett County female graduates and continuing education scholarships.

Featured entertainers for this event include Yvonne Hollenbeck, Vanessa Heese, Dan Hines, Otto Rosfeld, Bill Hines, and Ken Cook.

Western Music Association Female Cowboy Poet of the year, Yvonne Hollenbeck performs throughout the United States and is one of the most published cowgirl poets in the West. Yvonne was a featured artist at the 2008 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.

Western music sensation Vanessa Hesse is a championship award winning singer, guitar, mandolin and upright bass player who ranches with her husband Dale and 10 year old son Jesse south of Winner, South Dakota.

Dan Hines is currently working with his Dad ultrasounding cattle and learning embryo transfer. Dan is making his first stage appearance,
presenting some of his original poetry written while guiding hunts in the mountains of Wyoming.

Otto Rosfeld is a native of the Sandhills of Nebraska and one of Nebraska's premier Western Arts Entertainers. Since 1975 he has performed his original poetry and music for audiences of all ages.  

Bill Hines and his wife Jeanie have recorded three CD's ranging from original work to old time gospel and bluegrass music.  Bill wears more than one hat in his hometown.  He is a veterinarian, rancher and pastor. His musical talents include the guitar, banjo, and harmonica.

Ken Cook will round out this years gathering.  Ken's poetry cuts a wide path from the "who'd a thunk it" mishaps involving kids, cattle and horses, right down an emotional trail reliving the years he has spent ranching.  He has had the privilege of entertaining folks at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering as well as the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. 

Contact: Ken Cook  605-685-6749 or

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February 20, 2008
Heritage of the American West  Spearfish, South Dakota
Live on the web, 7PM MT

Cowboy at Heart
Featuring: Montana singer and songwriter Bob Petermann

Popular broadcaster Jim Thompson and Creative Broadcast Services present Heritage of the American West, with "music and poetry of the great American Cowboy" on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM (MT). Produced and hosted by Francie Ganje, the show brings top talent from across the West to an appreciative audience. The show takes place before a live audience at the High Plains Heritage Center in Spearfish, South Dakota and is broadcast simultaneously on the web (archived web broadcasts are available).

Visit the Heritage of the American West web site.

        See our feature about the Heritage of the American West here.

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February 21-24, 2008
8th Annual Saddle Up! Celebration  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


PIGEON FORGE, Tenn.—Saddle Up!, a Pigeon Forge celebration of the American West, returns to this East Tennessee town for the eighth year, Feb. 21-24, 2008. The event brings some of America’s finest western musicians and cowboy poets on a rare visit east of the Mississippi River.
Featured entertainers for the 2008 event include
Wylie & the Wild West, Sons of the San Joaquin, Gary and Jean Prescott, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Sourdough Slim, Chris Isaacs, Kent Rollins, and Jeff Gore & Silver Valley.
Wylie & the Wild West have performed on stages around the world, fronted by yodeler, rancher and world-famous “Yahoo-er” Wylie Gustafson. Sons of the San Joaquin are a trio of singers who share their love of western history and sweet harmony.
Yvonne Hollenbeck is one of the most published cowgirl poets in the West, while Jean Prescott has been honored by the State of Texas for contributing to the preservation of Texas music and history.
In addition to singing cowboy music, Jeff Gore is a rancher and the founder of Jeff Gore Ministries. Sourdough Slim combines singing, yodeling and comedy with accompaniment on accordion, ukulele and more!
Chris Isaacs and Kent Rollins will lend their storytelling talents and be the head wranglers of a Dutch Oven Cooking Competition.
A Cowboy Symphony returns for a second year on Thursday, Feb. 21, and will feature the Sons of the San Joaquin at Country Tonite Theatre.
Additional Saddle Up! activities include a Saturday night Western Swing Dance to the music of Wylie & the Wild West; and Sunday morning Cowboy Church followed by an authentic chuckwagon lunch.
Concert venues are Country Tonite Theatre and American Jukebox Theater. The dance will be at Pigeon Forge Middle School, and Cowboy Church will take place at Stages West.
Weekend passes, excluding the Cowboy Symphony, are $50 plus tax. Day passes are $30 plus tax. Tickets for Cowboy Symphony are $20 plus tax. Ages 17 and younger are admitted free.
Weekend passes and Cowboy Symphony tickets will be available in advance at Country Tonite Theatre, 1-800-792-4308, or onsite on Thursday, Feb. 21. Day passes for Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be available onsite at American Jukebox Theater. Admission to the dance is $5 per person age 18 and older (17 and younger are admitted free) with proceeds benefiting the Pigeon Forge Middle School. Cowboy Church is free and will be followed by the chuckwagon lunch where a $5 minimum donation will benefit Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.
During Saddle Up!, on Feb. 22 and 23, visitors also can enjoy the Chuckwagon Jamboree at Fiddlers’ Feast in Pigeon Forge. Information and tickets will be available at 865-908-3327.
Saddle Up! has been named a Top 10 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society. More information is available from the Pigeon Forge Office of Special Events at 865-429-7350 or at

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February 29-March 2, 2008
4th Annual Lee Earl Memorial Cowboy Gathering   Lewiston, Idaho

The 4th Annual Lee Earl Memorial Scholarship Cowboy Gathering will be held at the Elk’s Lodge in Lewiston, Idaho, on February 29 - March 2, 2008. The event will feature three days of open mic sessions, night shows, Peoples' Choice Awards, Cowboy Church, art and craft vendors, Tall Tale contest, youth sessions and school assembly performances. The gathering will be a fundraiser with the intent to award scholarships to graduating high school seniors that will major in English and music.

Lee Earl was not only a fine cowboy poet, but was very active in the youth poetry and music program. He organized school cowboy poetry and western art competitions in the Lewiston area that eventually grew to involve over four hundred school children each year. Though Earl died in 2004, his memory lives on through the Lee Earl Scholarship Fund. The Fund presented two one thousand dollar scholarships to area students in 2005, 2006 and 2007. This was made possible by over 75 western performers donating their time to the gathering in Lewiston each year.

Update from Bodie Dominguez:

This year's event will continue with the established "Woodstock" style of non-stop poetry and music over the three-day weekend. There will be several school assembly performances on Friday, February 29, 2008, in which all are encouraged to perform.

Featured performers include, Horse Crazy, Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue, The Rockin' HW (Michael Whitaker and Alan Halvorson), Shiloh Sharrard, Dave McClure, Van Criddle, The High Strung Band, Stampede!, Sam DeLeeuw, Sam Mattise, Brian "BJ" Smith, Howard Norskog, Bear Grass, Hank Cramer, Billy Rose, Bodie Dominguez, Jim Aasen and many more. 

Join Jinny Lowe, publisher of Happy Trails, AWA award-winning dejay, Toe Tappin' Tommy Tucker, Smoke Wade, the Lee Earl family, and
all the performers, for an unforgettable weekend of cowboy poetry and western music.

Performers contact: Smoke Wade, 355 W. Mesquite Blvd. #D-30, PMP #404, Mesquite, Nevada
Vendors contact: Virginia Earl, PO Box 88, Asotin, WA 99402 (509) 243-4312

Read more about Lee Earl in our feature here, where there are links to reports from past events.

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March 1, 2007
From Richard Linnartz:

Fort Worth's tribute to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
March 1, Saturday, 7PM
Texas Independence Day Gala at Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Ft. Worth Stockyards
The Cowtown Opry presents Roy and Dale hits and special music and poetry of their lives. Cheryl Rogers Barnett, daughter, will stand in and recount memoris of bein gin the Rogers family.

See: and reserve $55 plate/$440 for table of 8 today--call Jack 817-233-5068 and/or make a donation for youth scholarships to learn Roy and Dale's favorite music to carry it into the next generation--it can help as it did for many of us.
The Cowtown Opry is a 5013c non profit organization since 1994, preserving, promoting and performing Ranch Heritage music as Roy and Dale loved so dearly.  They mentor youth to learn and perform this music as well. LeAnn Rimes is one of their former youth.

Information 817-366-9675-Don't miss this awesome show.

For those not able to attend this exciting gala, it will be fun! Send a letter or note to Cheryl and the Rogers family as to the memories you have of Roy and Dale and how they impacted your life and career. These will be presented at the gala. Send to: 

Cowtown Opry-Gala Comments
131 E. Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth Texas 76106

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March 6-9, 2008
12th Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival  Kamloops, British Columbia
From Mike Puhallo:

Celebrating 150 years as Canada's Original Cowtown.

In 1858;

· The Crown Colony of British Columbia was established,

· The Cariboo Gold Rush began.

· BC's Cattle Ranching industry was born.

· Kamloops established its place as the hub of British Columbia's Ranching industry.

The Kamloops Cowboy Festival began a dozen years ago, as a celebration of this heritage. It has gone on to establish a reputation as one of the most prestigious Western Heritage events anywhere, attracting visitors, artists and entertainers from across North America and beyond!

Not only does The Kamloops Cowboy Festival attract individuals, it also attracts other events. This year both The Canadian Professional Rodeo Assn.( West Of The Rockies Tour) and the BC Rodeo Assn. will be holding Spring Committee Meeting in Kamloops so their delegates can also attend the Cowboy Festival. The Kamloops Art Gallery and The Kamloops Museum and Archives each plan to host events in conjunction with the Festival.

Bus Tours; There are three tour bus companies from Alberta offering all inclusive Kamloops Cowboy Festival packages.

Parsons Holiday Tours Ltd
Tours Depart Lacombe with pick ups en route.
Parsons Holiday Tours Ltd 1-800-590-9983 or (403)782-6341
Box 6111, Lacombe, AB, T4L 1X5. See Canadian Tours

Anderson Vacations Call Centre
Tours Depart Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary with pick ups in between.
Anderson Vacations Call Centre Phone: (403) 245-6200 Toll Free: 1-866-814-7378

A-Star Tours
Tour Departs Edmonton with departures en route to and including Calgary.
Edmonton: (780) 465-9114 Calgary: (403) 262-9234 Toll Free: 1-888-883-9114
Email: or view the A-Star Tours Information page including an information sheet and price list.

The Kamloops Cowboy Festival currently uses both Calvary Community Church and Forsters Convention Centre to host; four feature concerts, three days of nonstop cowboy poetry and western music, an Invitational Western Art Show, A Western Art and Gear Trade Show, A Cariboo Country Film Festival, The BC Cowboy Hall Of Fame induction Ceremonies, and a couple of special performances for volunteers and weekend pass holders only. There is also a variety of workshops and Jam Sessions.

It is a jam packed weekend!

Advance ticket sales taking off already! At this moment most of the acts appearing at this year's festival have been booked but none of the schedules drawn up yet. So no announcements have been made as to who will be appearing or when, but we already have approximately 200 weekend passes presold through the tour bus companies and our host hotel!

Tickets are now on sale for the 2008 Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Available at The Horse Barn on Mt Paul Way in Kamloops or order by phone;

Kamloops area call 579-5667 toll free within Canada 1-888-763-2224

Outside Canada call; 1-250-579-5667 or visit our website

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March 6-9,
5th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Gathering  Cartersville, Georgia

From the Booth Western Art Museum:

Booth Western Art Museum to Host
5th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Gathering


CARTERSVILLE, Ga. – The 5th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Gathering, hosted by the Booth Western Art Museum and presented by Comcast, will be held March 6-9 at the Booth Western Art Museum and the Grand Theatre, both located in historic downtown Cartersville, Georgia. Highlights include the Southeastern Chuck Wagon Cook-off, an evening concert by Red Steagall, an old-time fiddle contest, children’s activities, a poetry-writing workshop, Dutch oven cooking contests, and a presentation by featured artists Paul and Chris Calle.

The Cowboy Gathering officially begins Thursday evening March 6, at 7:00 p.m., when featured artists Paul and Chris Calle, present highlights of their careers and show examples of their work in the Booth Theatre. Guests are also invited to a Meet the Artists Reception for Like Father, Like Son: The Art of Paul and Chris Calle and A Time and Place: Landscapes by Ken McClesky from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Doc Stovall and the Tumbleweed Cowboy Band will also be performing Western music in the Museum atrium from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

On Friday evening, March 7, at 7:00 p.m., guests are invited to experience The End of the Trail Supper and Concert, which will include a barbeque dinner served on the Booth Museum grounds amongst the wagons gathered to compete in the Southeastern Chuck Wagon Cook-off.  Cowboy poets Andy Hedges, Kent Rollins, and Jim Hawkins along with several cowboy poets from around the state of Georgia will entertain guests around the campfire. Tickets are $15 for Booth Museum members and $20 for not-yet-members.

Saturday starts early as teams of cooks prepare beans, meat, potatoes, bread and desserts just as they did on the cattle drives of the late 1800s in the Annual Southeastern Chuck Wagon Cook-off. Visitors are invited to watch as teams use authentic ingredients and cook over an open fire to prepare lunch for the public. Lunch tickets are $12 and should be purchased in advance at the Museum. Lunch will be served at noon.

Throughout the day Saturday, top musicians from around the Southeast will compete in guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and banjo contests at the Grand Theatre. The contests will begin with mandolins at 10:00 a.m., followed by banjos at 11:00 a.m., guitars at noon, a junior fiddle division (under 18) at 1:00 p.m. and an open fiddle division at 2:30 pm. Musicians wishing to compete should call 770-387-1265 for details.

A host of family activities and entertainment will be offered throughout the weekend inside the Booth Museum. Children’s activities including story time in the Museum Store and hands-on activities where children can make their own Western art masterpieces will be offered from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. There is a nominal fee for some activities.  Adults will have the opportunity to participate in a Cowboy Poetry Writing Workshop at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. The Youth Cowboy Poetry Contest will be held throughout the day on Saturday and will feature contestants ranging from grades five to 12. Throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, enjoy storytelling, open mike cowboy poetry sessions, and Western music in the Booth Theatre.  

Featured entertainer for this year’s Cowboy Gathering is Red Steagall, famed Western singer, songwriter, poet, and guitarist. A native of Texas, Steagall has entertained audiences all around the world and has been called “a singing scholar of the old West” by James Earl Jones and “The best of the best” by Rex Allen. Tickets for the Saturday night concert at the Grand Theatre are $25 for adults, $20 for Museum members and $10 for students and can be purchased at the Booth Museum, Grand Theatre box office or by calling 770-387-1300.  A CD signing will follow the performance in the Encore Room, adjacent to the Theatre. 

Cowboy Church will be held in the Booth Theatre on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. This is a non-denominational church service with a Western flair and is free for everyone. Following the service, top cooks from around the southeast will compete in the Dutch Oven Cooking Contest on the Museum grounds. Cooking will begin at 11:00 a.m. Judging for breads will take place at 1:00 p.m., followed by main dishes at 2:00 p.m. and desserts at 3:00 p.m. After the judges have sampled the entries, cooks will serve samples to the public. Winners in each division will be announced at 4:00 p.m.   

The Southeastern Cowboy Gathering is designed to celebrate the rich heritage in songs and poetry celebrating the Western experience and is a unique opportunity to enjoy the West without leaving the South.

 “Looking at the paintings and sculpture contained in the Booth collection you can almost imagine what it might have been like to be a cowboy out on the range,” said Booth Museum Executive Director Seth Hopkins. “Exposure to cowboy poetry and music can further enhance enjoyment and understanding of our collection. While this will be a fun and entertaining event, we also want to emphasize the educational aspect of the Cowboy Gathering.”

For more information on the 5th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Gathering, including admission prices and schedule, visit or call  770-387-1300.

More about the Youth Cowboy Poetry Contest

The Southeastern Cowboy Gathering has held a Youth Cowboy Poetry Contest in previous years, open to students in its county and neighboring counties. This year it is opened up statewide to students in grades 5 -12. The top fifteen finalists in each of the three grade categories will compete at the Booth Western Art Museum on Saturday, March 8, 2008 as part of the Cowboy Gathering. Three finalists will then return to the Booth to compete for cash prizes in the final competition on Saturday, April 19, in honor of Cowboy Poetry Week.

About the Booth Western Art Museum

The Booth Western Art Museum, an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is an 80,000 square foot museum located in Cartersville, Georgia, where guests are invited to explore the American West through contemporary Western artwork. The Museum also houses a Presidential Gallery, Civil War art gallery, and Sagebrush Ranch – featuring hands-on art activities and areas for role-playing, storytelling and reading, all with a Western flair. Visitors to Booth Museum also enjoy the intimate downtown setting with unique specialty and antique shops, boutiques and nationally featured restaurants all within walking distance of the Museum. Open since August 2003, the Booth Museum is the only museum of its kind in the Southeast and is the second largest art museum in the state of Georgia. To learn more about the Booth Western Art Museum, visit


See our feature about the Georgia gathering here, which includes a report on the 2007 event, and find more details about the event at the Booth Western Art Museum web site.


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March 9, 2008
14th Annual Cowboy Jubilee and Poetry  Carson City, Nevada

The Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare Auxiliary will be celebrating the 14th anniversary of the Cowboy Jubilee and Poetry, March 9 at the Carson City Community Center Theatre, 851 E. William Street.

Sourdough Slim and the Quebe Sisters will appear, and other performers will be announced.

Reserved tickets can be purchased by calling 775-883-1532.  Performances will be at 4 and 8 pm.  Between the shows, attendees can enjoy authentic western tri-tip barbeque donated by the Nevada Beef Council, which will be served from 5 to 8 pm. Entertainment during the barbeque will be provided by the Back Forty.

Tickets are $25 for Campfire (reserved) seating and $20 for Range (gen. admission) seating.  Barbeque tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12.

The Cowboy Jubilee and Poetry is an annual fundraiser for the Carson-Tahoe Regional Healthcare Auxiliary.

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March 13-16, 2008
Hole in the Wall Gathering at the Festival of the West  Phoenix, Arizona

From Janice Coggin:

The Hole in the Wall

Featuring Cowboy Poets and Musicians
Appearing in the Moonshine Room
Festival of the West
Rawhide at Wild Horse Pass


Admission is Free

Thursday March 13

11:30 - 12:00, 12:30 - 1:00,
  1:30 - 2:00, 2:30 - 3:00
  3:30 - ??

Rolf Flake

Andy Hurlbut

Lyle Suttell

Lon Auston


Friday, March 14

11:30 - 12:00, 12:30 - 1:00,
  1:30 - 2:00, 2:30 - 3:00
  3:30 - ??

Dean Cook

Jim and Ellie Cook

Sue Harris

Doc Rolland

Saturday, March 15

11:30 - 12:00, 12:30 - 1:00,
  1:30 - 2:00, 2:30 - 3:00
  3:30 - ??
Jan Corey

Ted Newman

Doc Jordon

Diane Merrill

Sunday, March 16

11:30 - 12:00, 12:30 - 1:00,
  1:30 - 2:00, 2:30 - 3:00
  3:30 - ??

Dick Morton

Jane Morton

Ken Whitecotton

Diane Merrill

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March 14, 2008
Second Annual San Ramon Valley Horsemen's Association Cowboy Poetry   Alamo, California

"Old West" Cowboy Poetry and musical slideshows with poets Susan Parker, Frank Thornburgh, and Lynn Owens, and the work of photographer Andreas Koch.

The event is a potluck dinner; please contact Heidi Koch if you are planning to attend.

Location: Alamo Womens Club, 1401  Danville Blv. Alamo, CA 94507
6:30 social and potluck dinner, 7:45 Cowboy Poetry.
SRVHA members $ 8, nonmembers $10
info and RSVP Heidi Koch

The San Ramon Valley Horsemen are "BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN...." with our SECOND ANNUAL COWBOY TALES AND POETRY / MUSICAL SLIDESHOW AND POTLUCK on Friday, March 14th,at 6:30 at the Alamo Women's Club in Alamo.

We are proudly announcing that our very successful "Old West" event from 2007 is back by popular demand from the community, from
equestrians near and far, nature lovers, hikers, real -life ranchers and cowboys, Bonanza-dreamers and more. If you attended the event last year - we're sure you'll want to come again. If you missed it in 2007, you now have another opportunity to experience a very special evening - you will not be disappointed! Read an article about last year's memorable event here.

This year we will be even bigger (and better if that's possible...)and are able to offer you five performers with various presentations
that will delight you. We are very fortunate to be able to present you well known and successful performers (some of them you can check
out on their own website), all with a busy performing schedule locally and nationally, all in one evening.

You will also love the wonderful exhibit of Old West collectables brought in by Lynn Owens, the "Oat-Couture" collection of exquisite
and unique leather art from Donna and Goldie and a table with books, CD's and DVD's.

Coming back will be the much loved cowboy poets LYNN OWENS and SUSAN PARKER (, new will be joining us FRANK THORNBURGH ( well known for his tales and poems. Also, an aspiring local junior cowboy poet, Morgan Hunter, will get a chance to perform one poem.

Cowboy poetry has been around for a long time and is a piece of history from our American West - today it is a way to preserve, honor
and promote our western heritage with poems and stories that will let you have a peek into ranch and cowboy life, that will entertain and
captivate you - make you laugh and touch your heart.

Back again will also be well known photographer ANDREAS KOCH ( with his newest musical slide shows. His
pictures combined with music are a breathtaking and touching tribute to the hidden treasures of our open space and a delightful display of nature for equestrians and non-equestrians alike. A special highlight will be the "Roundup," produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Diablo Ranch and the Brumleve family.

This is a perfect event to bring your non-horsey spouse, friend and neighbor along—a true community event where everybody is welcome.

Please do RSVP to enable us again to be ready for a big crowd. Contact us also if you have questions or if you need a ride (Heidi
Koch 925 743 1576 or

[See Frank Thornburgh's report on the 2007 event.]

Updated 2/19

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March 14-15, 2008
22nd Annual Vinton Cowboy Poetry Show   Vinton, California

92202 Highway 70
Vinton, Calif. 96135

March 14 & 15, 2008

Featuring:  Belinda Gail, Curly Musgrave, and Tony Argento, Jr.

Shows:  Friday evening 7:30 PM
        Saturday 1 PM and 7:30 PM

Dinner:  Both days 4 - 7 PM
Show tickets   $18
Dinner tickets $12

Betty Ramelli, Event Organizer
(530) 993-4692
e mail:

Posted 9/12

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March 14-15, 2008
5th Annual Bosque County Chuckwagon Cookoff & John A. Lomax Music Festival (pdf file)  Meridian, Texas

5th Annual Bosque County Chuckwagon Cookoff & John A. Lomax Music Festival 

March 14-15, 2008

Bosque Bottoms in Meridian, Texas

For more information call (254)435-6113

Email ...

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March 19, 2008
Heritage of the American West  Spearfish, South Dakota
Also live on the web, 7PM MT

"Ranchers, Rounders & Ropers"       

Robert "Jinglebob" Dennis - South Dakota rancher, cowboy poet and writer
   (The title of the show is taken from Robert Dennis' book, Ranchers, Rounders & Ropers)

Paul Larson - South Dakota cowboy Singer/Songwriter

    6:00 PM: Exhibit & Reception
    7:00 PM: Show Time!!!

Held in the Bruce Miller Theater at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish. Visit the show's web site for more information.

See our feature about the Heritage of the American West here.

Posted 3/6

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March 22, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Hootenanny  Mesquite, Nevada

7 PM at the Mesquite Community Theatre, 150 N. Yucca, 702-346-1338
Contact Smoke

From Harlo Birkholz:

Cowboy Poetry in Mesquite

When Butch Burkholder suggested starting a cowboy poetry workshop in Mesquite, in 2006, he already had a rich history of that marvelous form of poetry under his cowboy belt buckle. Butch had a small book full of poems he had written and had been a judge at the yearly Western Legends Cowboy Poetry roundup in Kanab, Utah, in 2006. Working with his neighbor, Linda Faas, they started workshop sessions in the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery, twice a month, and were delighted to find cowboy and cowgirl poets virtually coming out of the woodwork of Mesquite and surrounding areas.

The first, and most obvious question, is just what is cowboy poetry? Butch defined it as poetry that has a rhythm, has a pastoral theme and has a story with a punch line. Limerick doesn't fit at all because of its tightly controlled format and brevity. Cowboy poetry is more lyrical, something you can tap your foot to and has a story that may bring a smile, tears or outright laughter. The competitive rules for cowboy poetry are a bit more extensive, but Butch wasn't worried about grooming poets for competition, he just wanted to have fun.

The group had so much fun, Butch told them they were going on stage with their new talents and then set about orchestrating Mesquite's first annual Cowboy Poetry Hootenanny, held on April 7, 2007. With the addition of singers, dancers and musicians to add a little variety to the show, the first Hootenanny played to a sell out crowd and Cowboy Poetry as an entertainment media was born in Mesquite. The second annual Hootenanny is scheduled for March 22, 2008 at the Mesquite Community Theatre, 150 N. Yucca, at 7 pm.

The cowboy poetry workshops are held every other Monday at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery, 15 W. Mesquite Blvd., and are free to all participants. You don't have to wear boots to be a cowboy poet, but you'll have to have stories to tell and be willing to do some homework by writing your stories into a cowboy poetry format. The workshops will show you what that format is and if you can say, "Ya'all" and it sounds the same whether to a friend or to a crowd, you already sound like a cowboy. The workshops will teach you to use a microphone and to have stage presence and, most important, to have a lot of fun with a great group of characters who call themselves cowboy poets. It should be noted, the term cowboy when used with Cowboy Poetry has nothing to do with gender and is a definition of the type of poetry, not the poet.

Unfortunately, Butch will not be reciting at the next Hootenanny. Butch passed away last September and will be missed by everyone who knew him. He may not be reciting, but his memory will be with those of us who will be. Butch knew he was getting on in years and started the workshops as a way to be sure Cowboy Poetry would get started and go on in Mesquite. He was, it did, and it will. There isn't a workshop that doesn't talk about him in loving terms and with admiration for the character he was.

Butch never claimed to be a cowboy. He did write cowboy poetry, a lot of it. He did look like a cowboy and he usually called himself a cowboy in tennis shoes because he couldn't wear boots.

Truth is, a lot of Cowboy Poetry is written by writers who are not, in the true sense of the definition, cowboys, but the good poetry is always written by someone who knows what they're talking about. The point is, if you didn't grow up on a ranch, you can still write cowboy poetry if you're willing to get familiar with your topic and learn the terminology. This is the kind of information anyone attending the workshops will be given and is part of the syllabus of Smoke Wade.

Smoke Wade is, hands down, the most accredited cowboy poet in the area. Beyond that, he's darn good as indicated by the vast number of awards and titles he's picked up through the years. And, Smoke lives in Mesquite, well, sometimes. When he's in Mesquite, he helps with the workshops, sharing a wealth of knowledge about Cowboy Poetry with anyone willing to learn. Because of his vast experience and status as a world traveler, Smoke is a walking storehouse of information every cowboy poet and wanna-be poet can learn from. Smoke's stage and mic experience is something he teaches about in the workshops. His help at last year's workshops made the first Hootenanny an entertaining success and as much fun for the audience as it was for the performers. Smoke recited some of his award winning poetry at the first Hootenanny and he's returning to recite some more and MC the March 22 show as well.

Cowboy Poetry is alive and well in Mesquite. An enthusiastic bunch of poets ranging from fledgling writers to published poets meets twice a month at the Gallery. They're getting ready for the Second Annual Cowboy Poetry Hootenanny on March 22 and they're all having a good time working together and learning writing and stage skills. Anyone willing to join in the fun is welcome. Details of the workshops can be gathered at 702/346-1338.

Posted 1/24

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March 22, 2008
17th Annual Tribute to Marty Robbins  Wilcox, Arizona

The 17th Annual Tribute to Marty Robbins in Wilcox, Arizona, March 22, 2008.

From 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM, things happening all day for your fun and enjoyment.

Two shows: 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM, both taking place at the Wilcox High School Auditorium,

Additional information is forthcoming.

The Friends of Marty Robbins is a 501 C 3 Organization "Keeping Marty's Music and Memory Alive":  

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March 28-29, 2008
5th Annual "Them Dang Cowboys"  Domain, Manitoba

From Diamond Doug Keith:

The Domain Legion #208 and Aux. in Manitoba, Canada, are once again presenting an evening of Cowboy Poetry, Music and Story Tellin' entitled "Them Dang Cowboys" (are acting like a bunch of 5 year olds). The night celebrates the 5th anniversary this unique event. Two big big shows. Friday, March 28th and Saturday March 29th, 2008 (that always sell out fast) will take place at the historic "Dead Dog Saloon" (aka The Domain Community Hall) once again this year.

This year commemorates the 5th anniversary and we're returnin' OL' UGLY once again for the show. As well, Big Ray Martin, formerly of the Foster Martin Band and a fan favorite in these parts will appear. Also the musical duo of Chris and Sharky Schauer of Sundre Alberta. Formerly Ian Tyson's guitar and dobro player, Sharky, and Chris are wound up for the round up to put on a great show. All the events will be hosted by our own Diamond Doug Keith and his co-hosting daughter Cody Anne. There will also be a Cowboy Church Service in the Hall Sun. the 30th at 11:00, and all are welcome.

Tickets are $30.00 for the show and a King Cole Catering supper. They're available by calling: Shirley at 736-2936 or Rhonda at Central Veterinary Services at 275-2038. (Tables of 8 to 10 may be reserved, however single tickets are also available).

More info is available under the heading "Upcoming Events" on the web site (click on the link to see the poster). More extensive info is also available on the FACEBOOK Group page 'Cowboy Poetry and Cowboy-Toons are keepin' the West Wild' under Events.


Posted 2/27

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April 3
, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Burbank Library  Burbank, Washington  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Annual poetry slam and contest 2-8:30 PM. Cowboy poetry entries encouraged; Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue ( special guests at 7 PM. 509/382-4131

Updated 3/13

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April 4, 2008
Songs of Yellowstone and Tetons concert  Jackson Hole, Wyoming

April 5, 2008
Songs of Yellowstone and Tetons concert  Bozeman, Montana

Concerts to launch Songs of Yellowstone and the Tetons, a new Deep West Records CD from the Western Folklife Center, take place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Bozeman, Montana, April 4 and 5, 2008.

From the Western Folklife Center:

The musicians performing in the concerts include Connie Dover and Skip  Gorman, Ray Doyle, and Jon Chandler, winners of the Yellowstone Teton Song Contest sponsored by the Western Folklife Center in 2007.

The Jackson Hole concert will take place Friday, April 4 at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and will also include Jackson area musicians Dan Thomasma, Beth McIntosh and Ben Winship. Tickets are $12.00 and $10.00 for seniors. For tickets call Vista 360, the concert sponsor, at (307) 733-3082.

The Bozeman concert will take place Saturday, April 5 at the Museum of  the Rockies and will also include local musician Greg Keeler. Tickets are $7.00 for members and $10.00 for nonmembers. Tickets can be purchased at the Museum starting Monday, March 31, or at the door the night of the show.

Read more here at the Western Folklife Center web site.

Posted 3/26

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April 8, 2008
3rd Annual Oklahoma Cowboy Poetry and Songs  Stillwater, Oklahoma  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

The 3rd Annual Oklahoma Cowboy Poetry and Songs event will be held on April 8, 2008 at 7 PM in the Oklahoma State University Library in Stillwater, in conjunction with Cowboy Poetry Week. Those performing include OSU Alumni Dale Page (pictured), Jay Snider, Lyle Newman, Debra Coppinger Hill, and OSU students Brad Clayton and Tommy Moellering. The event is free and open to the public.

Karen Neurohr, OSU Librarian and Cathryn Christensen, Outreach Coordinator, OSU Rodeo Booster Club co-coordinate the event, whose sponsors are the OSU Library, Friends of the OSU Library, OSU Rodeo Association and OSU Rodeo Association Booster Club.  “Our event is a little early this year because of final exams,” stated Neurohr.

Updated 4/1

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April 10-13, 2008
26th Annual Cowboy Songs and Range Ballads  Cody, Wyoming

From the Buffalo Bill Cody Historical Center:

BBHC Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads looks to Yellowstone for theme

Cowboy musicians croon, yodel, and strum about Yellowstone this spring as the Buffalo Bill Historical Center celebrates its 2008 Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads, April 10 – 13. With the theme “Cowboy Songs & Yellowstone Traditions,” the program weaves together authentic cowboy songs, poetry, scholarship, and gear making—all against the backdrop of America’s first national park, Yellowstone.

New events, as well as the traditional tried and true, are on tap for this year’s event. A free, public reception with live music, refreshments, and a cash bar kicks off the weekend on Thursday, April 10, 4 – 7 p.m.

Then, beginning on Friday morning, cowboy musicians fill the historical center with the strains of “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” “Great American Cowboy,” and everything in between. In addition, participants present engaging and entertaining spotlights, workshops, and demonstrations.

Guest scholars—Lee Whittlesey, Yellowstone National Park Historian; Hal Cannon, Founding Director of the Western Folklife Center in Elko, Nevada; and Bob Lantis, noted cowboy poet and musician—parley on the Yellowstone theme in a Friday afternoon symposium, 1 – 3 p.m. The day caps off with Open Range and the Swing Stampede providing boot-scootin’ sounds for Friday night’s Swing Dance, 7:30 p.m. at the historical center.

On Saturday, the center’s Coe Auditorium showcases cowboy music’s young talent in a 1 p.m. matinee that’s free with admission and to all weekend pass tickets holders. That night, the Western Folklife Center of Elko, Nevada, presents “Yellowstone Melodies,” a concert that features Yellowstone and Teton Song Contest finalists Curly Jim Musgrave and Belinda Gail, Michael Hurwitz, Stan Howe, Skip Gorman and Connie Dover, and Joyce Woodson. The event takes place at the Terrace on the west edge of Cody and attendees can choose either the 5 p.m. show or the second show at 8 p.m.

Well-known cowboy folklorists John Shreve and Jim Garry will present a Chuckwagon Spotlight at 11 a.m. Sunday morning in the Buffalo Bill Museum, and then at 12:30 p.m., musicians and enthusiasts alike join together for the popular “Trail to Glory” in the center’s John Bunker Sands Photography Gallery.

Ticket prices for Friday’s Swing Dance are $15 per person and $28 per couple for historical center members, and $18 per person or $34 per couple for non-members. Prices for the 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. performances of Yellowstone Melodies on Saturday night are $15 per person, $8 for youth. A weekend pass which includes admission to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, the Friday Swing Dance, and the Saturday concert is $45.

For more information, contact Megan Wasp, the center’s public programs coordinator, at or 307.578.4028. The center’s Web site has additional information at

Start any journey into the American West at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, now operating its winter schedule, open daily 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, closed Mondays. This schedule is in effect through March 31. Devoted to western cultural and natural history, the center is comprised of the Buffalo Bill Museum, Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Plains Indian Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Museum of Natural History, and McCracken Research Library. For general information, call 307.587.4771 or visit

Posted 2/6

April 11-13, 2008
5th Annual Columbia River Cowboy Gathering  Pasco, Washington

From Bodie Dominguez:

APRIL 11th, 12th, & 13th....everything starts Friday April 11th at 12 NOON and  runs till 12 NOON Sunday. Over 25 cowboy singers and poets. Big names, well-known cowboy performers and brand new talent, all in one huge building!

This year the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering will change locations, and move to the Trac Pavillion in Pasco, Washington (take the Road 68 exit off of I-I82). The new location will give us room to grow: it's easy to find, great lighting; parking is closer to the building, and there is great potential for future growth including events and entertainers with horses. There is so much business within five minutes of the Trac Facility, like Wal Mart, just 3 minutes away, and lots of restaurants and shopping. RV spaces are well cared for and a full time attendant is available. All RV reservations and info can be found at orr call (509) 542 5982 for reservations. We will not handle the RV or camping anymore. Advance tickets go on sale SOON!

Our low price will stay relatively the same; just $10 a day for Friday, and $10 a day for Saturday. Those are advance prices thru April 10th, 2008. Tickets will cost $20 a day at the door. V.I.P. Wristbands are $15.00 a day for Friday and $15.00 a day for Saturday. Those are also advance prices for V.I.P. (Upfront) seating Wristbands. If any V.I.P. seats are still available at the door the cost will be $25.00. So we urge you to buy tickets in advance and save. The basic cost is still the same, give years after we started the event, just $20.00 for a weekend of entertainment! You can order tickets by mail, by sending a check to C.R.C.G.F. (Columbia River Cowboy Gathering Foundation) Please include a note of what your buying and send it and a stamped, self addressed envelope to Ed Dailey/Cowboy Gathering P.O. BOX 3804 Tri - Cities, WA 99302 We will send your tickets back  and you are set.

The Clover Island Inn in Kennewick will once again be our Host Hotel with special rates lower than any hotel in its class. Call 866-586-0542 for reservations, and ask about the special "Cowboy Gathering Rate." Driving at a legal  speed from the Clover Island Inn in Kennewick, over the bridge, getting on I-182, you take the RD. 68 exit in less than 12 minutes. So the hotel is very close, still, and has the best rates. There are closer hotels at double or almost triple the rate, so we suggest that our out-of-towners stay at the Clover  Island Inn with our performers.

We're looking for Sponsors for this event. Ads in programs, radio, posters, and banners are available. Call Ed at 509-947-5785

Some of the artists performing include: Rod EricksonNevada Slim & Cimarron Sue, Johnny "Lookin for Love" LeeSarah GautschiShiloh SharrardZac Grooms & Band, The High Strung Band (Reddington Family), Billy Rose & Doc, StampedeVan CriddleSmoke WadeSam DeLeeuwKeith AndersonClark Crouch, The Rockin' HW (Michael Whitaker and Alan Halvorson), Buster Waynes, Hank Cramer, and  Bodie Dominguez, with others added daily!  The biggest lineup ever!

Contact Ed Dailey, PO Box 3804, Tri-Cities, WA 99302

Updated 12/28

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April 16, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Shindig at the Memorial Libary  Liberal, Kansas ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Jon F. Noland, Seward County Community College Library Director in Liberal, Kansas, has organized a Cowboy Poetry Shindig: A visit with Ron Wilson from the Lazy T Ranch, 12:10 pm to 12:50 pm, April 16, 2008. The event, sponsored in part by the Memorial Library of Liberal, Kansas, is open to all. Contact for details.

Posted 3/10

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April 16, 2008
Heritage of the American West  Spearfish, South Dakota
~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week
Live on the web, 7PM MT
Featuring: South Dakota poet Slim McNaught and singer and songwriter Hank Harris (

Popular broadcaster Jim Thompson and Creative Broadcast Services present Heritage of the American West, with "music and poetry of the great American Cowboy" on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM (MT). Produced and hosted by Francie Ganje, the show brings top talent from across the West to an appreciative audience. The show takes place before a live audience at the High Plains Heritage Center in Spearfish, South Dakota and is broadcast simultaneously on the web (archived web broadcasts are available).

Visit the Heritage of the American West web site.

        See our feature about the Heritage of the American West here.

Posted 3/31

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April 18, 2008
Almita 1st Annual Cowboy Poetry Evening & Dinner  Panoka, Alberta

Almita Manufacturing will be hosting their 1st Annual Cowboy Poetry Evening & Dinner on April 18, 2008 at the Ponoka Canadian Legion.

Performers include poets Doris Daley, Bryn Thiessen, Staff Sgt. Robbie Robinson (Rtd), Bill Turner, and Hazel Rust and musicians Prairie Rose of Panoka and The Runaways of Panoka.

Tickets are $30.00 and includes dinner and entertainment.

Contact Joan at Almita 800.363.4868 or email


Posted 3/3

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April 18, 2008
Paula Saletnic Fundraiser  Scottsdale, Arizona

From Dr. Buck Montgomery at

Join Us and Help Arizona’s #1 Cowgirl Entertainer, Pistol Packin’ Paula, with her Medical & Recovery Expenses, Saturday April 19th, 2008, from 6pm to 11pm, at a Gala Event Hosted by Gary Martinson, Owner of Bison Homes & Bison Museum, at their beautiful Museum and Event Center, located at: 16641 N. 91st St., Scottsdale, AZ 85260. This Star Studded Fund Raising Evening Event will feature World Class “Best of the West” Entertainers, Live Music, Western Celebrities, 100's of Silent & Live Auction Items, Door Prizes, Catered Food and a Full Cash Bar. 100% Tax Deductible Tickets for this Exclusive Fund Raiser are $20.00 per person. Tickets are available before the Event at the Bison Museum or by calling Tammy Youngs at Dr Buck Productions {480} 703-6702.


Paula Saletnik, aka “Pistol Packin’ Paula,” was recently involved in a severe automobile accident, from which she sustained extremely serious bodily injury. During the evening of Thursday, January 10, Paula struck a deer while driving on a county highway near her home in Boerne, Texas. As she swerved to miss the animal, her truck rolled countless times and was thrown from the vehicle through the driver side window. Hours later, she regained consciousness and found herself lying several feet from her up-turned, totaled truck. Realizing she needed to call for help, she discovered her cellular phone was missing from it’s holder. Unable to move, she was encouraged when Pepper, her beloved dog, ran nearly a mile to a nearby farmhouse to get help. It was at this exact time that Paula’s landlord called her. Fortunately, she was able to reach the “ringing”cell phone, that miraculously was lying near her knee, truly a Godsend!... An ambulance arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, and she was transported to a nearby “Flight for Life” location. She was then airlifted by helicopter to the University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Paula’s diagnosed injuries included a broken sternum and pelvis (both sides, front & back), cracked ribs and fractures to three vertebrae. A surgical procedure was performed on Tuesday, January 15, with several permanent pins implanted. Her Doctors are hopeful for a full recovery, however, this will take several months or years of therapy, determination and possible further surgeries. Paula’s tough Cowgirl Spirit is intact and she WILL twirl her guns and ride her horse again! (a direct quote from Paula). Paula is very fortunate to be staying with friends for the next several months, who will assist her in her therapy and long road to recovery. One of her Biggest challenges she faces, will be her Ever-Mounting Medical expenses...This is where we can all help!.

Along with the above Fund Raiser, Created by her good friend and fellow entertainer, DR Buck Montgomery (DR Buck Productions, Phoenix, Arizona)...Donations can be made to a Trust Fund, At Any Bank of America branch, set up under the name: “PAULA SALETNIK MEDICAL FUND.” 

Additionally, If you’d like to contribute an item, or items for the April 19th, Bison Museum, “Pistol Packin’ Paula” Fund Raiser Silent or Live Auction, please contact Tammy Youngs at: or call: {480} 703-6702 {All Contributions are 100% Tax Deductible}


Tammy Youngs at : {480} 703-6702   email: ...(Donations & General Fund Raiser Info.)

Dr Buck at: {623} 521-3856   email: ...(Media Contact & Info.)

 Paula Saletnik, “PISTOL PACKIN’ PAULA,” has entertained Arizona audiences for Decades, now it’s time for us to show our support and gratitude by Helping Arizona’s #1 Wild West Cowgirl Entertainer...


Updated 4/11

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April 19, 2008
Booth Western Art Museum Youth Cowboy Poetry Finals   Cartersville, Georgia  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

The Booth Western Art Museum, sponsors of the Annual Southeastern Cowboy Gathering, have a statewide Youth Cowboy Poetry Contest, opened to students in grades 5 -12, with winners announced for Cowboy Poetry Week. The top fifteen finalists competed at the Booth Western Art Museum on Saturday, March 8, 2008 as part of the Cowboy Gathering. Three finalists in each catetory return to the Booth to compete for cash prizes in the final competition on Saturday, April 19, in Cartersville, Georgia, in recognition of Cowboy Poetry Week.

Updated 3/10

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April 20, 2008
Touchet Valley Western Show  Touchet, Washington  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Poet Clark Crouch and Western Swing diva Barbara Nelson join Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue for an all-ages show of cowboy poetry and music. Shows at 2 and 6:30 PM; $5/general admission.

Updated 3/13

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April 20, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Conifer Library  Conifer, Colorado  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

April 20, 2008, Conifer Library, 3 to 4 PM. Colorado musician Rex Rideout (Time Travel Music) focuses on Jack Thorp's legacy and the centennial of Thorp's 1908 Songs of the Cowboy in an event celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week.

Posted 3/25

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April 21, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Ogden Valley Branch Library  Huntsville, Utah  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Utah poets and musicians,  organized by Stan Tixier, plan a Cowboy Poetry Week program on April 21, 2008, at the Ogden Valley Branch Library in Huntsville, Utah, featuring cowboy poets Don Kennington, Bob Urry, Matt Urry and Stan Tixier, plus cowboy music group Coyotee Moon.

Posted 3/10

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April 21, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Dayton Memorial Library  Dayton, Washington   ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

3-4 PM. Children's cowboy music and poetry event featuring Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (

Posted 3/10

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April 21, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Weller Public Library  Waitsburg, Washington   ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

5-6 PM. Community cowboy poetry and music get together. Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (  host local poets and musicians.

Posted 3/10

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April 22, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Prescott Library  Prescott, Washington   ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

7-8 PM. Community Cowboy Poetry Week celebration. Winners of youth cowboy poetry and art contests announced. Cowboy poetry/prose/music book and CD donations (generously provided by Clark Crouch, Doris Daley, Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue, Rib Gustafson, Rockin' HW, Smoke Wade, Paul Zarzyski, Mick Vernon, Baxter BlackWestern Jubilee Recording Company, and others TBA) presented to the Prescott Library. Local poets and musicians perform.

Updated 4/8

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April 22, 2008
Brunch Among the Books at the Real County Public  Leakey, Texas  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Texas writer and poet Linda Kirkpatrick will present a cowboy poetry program at the Real County Public Library in Leakey, Texas for Cowboy Poetry Week, at a "Brunch Among the Books" event at 10:OO AM, April 22, 2008.

Linda Kirkpatrick has worked with the library to create a cowboy poetry exhibit celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week.

Updated 3/27

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April 22, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Gold Hill Hotel Gold Hill, Nevada  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

From Tom Weatherby and Dennis Golden:

Cowboy Entertainers Celebrate Cowboy Poetry Week at Gold Hill Hotel

Singer songwriter “Texas” Tom Weatherby and range poet Dennis Golden will perform at the historic Gold Hill Hotel, Gold Hill, Nevada, with a special dinner/show celebration of Cowboy Poetry Week on Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nevada’s oldest hotel will feature a special buffet dinner after which the cowboy duo will perform both original and traditional poetry and song as part of the Comstock hotel’s popular Tuesday night entertainment series. 

As Ambassadors for the Nevada Rangeland Resources Commission, they present both original and traditional renditions to help audiences better understand the special challenges the modern rancher faces today from urban encroachment to environmental and bureaucratic challenges.

A Texas native, Weatherby grew up singing and playing in a family with a strong music tradition influenced by their neighbor Bob Wills. An accomplished guitarist, his Texas accent lends authenticity to a great selection of cowboy songs.

Golden grew up in the 40’s and 50’s in the small ranching community of Cedarville, in remote northeastern California. His thought provoking and often-humorous original poetry on contemporary ranching is punctuated with rib tickling poems from the past.

The special buffet dinner and show is $25.00 per person.  Buffet from 5:00 til 7:00 pm with entertainment beginning at 7:30 pm.  For information and reservations call: 775 847-0111.

Posted 4/4

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April 23, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Touchet Community Library  Touchet, Washington   ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

5-8 PM. Friends of the Touchet Library sponsor an evening of Dutch Oven cooking, cowboy poetry contest, music by Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (; dancers and other performers to follow.

Posted 3/10

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April 24, 2008
Liberty Theater fundraiser   Dayton, Washington   ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Cowboy-movie themed fundraiser for the Liberty Theater in Dayton, Washington with cowboy poetry and music by Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (

The Liberty Theater  functions as a movie house several nights a week but also is a venue for local live performances, including community theater.

The program, tentatively titled "Cowboys Singing Under the Blues," the Blues being the Blue Mountains, is a fundraiser for the Liberty Theater renovation sponsored by the Touchet Valley Arts Council. More details TBA.

Posted 3/13

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April 24, 2008

Cowboy Poetry at the Buhl Public Library  Buhl, Idaho   ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

The Buhl Public Library presents its first Cowboy Poetry Week event April 24, 2008 from 7-9 PM.

From the library:

Our event will feature poet Marie Gotfredson Scoville (originally from Montana) and poet Hannah Jane. We will also have some cowboy music and a singalong led by Lois and Issac Hooley. We think it will be a night to remember.

Find more information here at the library's web site.

Posted 4/11

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April 24-27, 2008
15th Annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival  Santa Clarita, California

From the gathering organizers:

We are happy to announce that the 15th annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival is once again coming to Melody Ranch T Motion Picture Studio and other venues April 24-27, 2008. Special thanks to the Veluzat family for welcoming us to their spectacular venue.

As always, the Cowboy Festival will feature the best in Western gear, food and clothing as well as outstanding performers such as Don Edwards, The Sons of the San Joaquin, The Quebe Sisters Band, Hot Club of Cowtown; singer-songwriters Gary McMahan, Eli Barsi, Belinda Gail, and
Curly Musgrave; poets Waddie Mitchell, Larry Maurice, and Pat Richardson. New to our Main Stage this year are three wonderful groups: The John Moore Band, featuring renowned flat-picker and horse trainer John Moore; as well as Cowbop, a huge
hit on our smaller stages last year; and a terrific family band out of Colorado called The Sons and Brothers.

And that's not all! Returning to our Medicine Show Stage again are saloon pianist, David Bourne; master magician Whit Haydn; and the Banjo-oligist, Gordy Ohliger. Our three other stages will feature many of the Main Stage acts as well as Lon Hannah and Friends, Carin Mari and Pony Express, solo acts Patty Clayton and Michael Hurwitz, poets Diane Tribbit and Festival veteran, Gary Robertson, with more to be added.

Our Festival poster will be released soon and we're proud to say it will feature the artwork of actor and Western watercolorist, Buck Taylor.

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale Monday, January 7, 2008. We look forward to seeing you in 2008! For more information please visit or call (661) 286-4021.

Update April 18, 2008

Greetings from the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival!

Just one more week until the 2008 Cowboy Festival!!!! Tickets sales are going very well and you can order on-line at, by fax at (661) 284-1410 or by calling the Cowboy ticket line at (661) 286-4021.

Here's the latest news...

Tickets are still available for one of this year's premiere events: Silver Screen Cowboys and More! Held Wednesday, April 23rd at 7 pm at the Repertory East Playhouse featuring Jack Lilley, Walk of Western Stars 2008 Inductee. This evening will include a Wine Reception, provided by Loose Goose Wines, and an intimate evening with Western legend Jack Lilley, who will be joined by his sons, Clay and Clint Lilley--expert stuntworkers and entertainers in their own right.

This special night should offer great insight into the world of wrangling, Western livestock, stunt work and Western action in general. Get your tickets now for this unique experience with Jack & Sons! All of this for the great price of $10.00.

We've added a wonderful feature to the Cowboy Festival at Melody Ranch.

Celebrity Autographs!!

It's your chance to meet and greet some of your favorite celebrities at Melody Ranch.

10 AM to 3 PM
Saturday and Sunday, April 26 & 27

Main St. Melody Ranch (by the California Music stage)

Hugh O'Brien (Wyatt Earp) Harry Carey Jr. (She Wore a Yellow Ribbon)
Peter Brown (The Lawman) William Smith ((Rich Man, Poor Man)
Bruce Boxleitner (How the West was Won) Michael Dante (Winter Hawk)
Stella Stevens (Ballad of Cable Hogue) Bobby Hoy (High Chaparral)
Edd Byrnes (77 Sunset Strip) Frank Stallone (Tombstone)
Robert Horton (Wagon Train) Gregg Palmer (Big Jake)
Ed Faulkner (McClintock) Martin Kove (Wyatt Earp)

There are still tickets available for the Chuckwagon Dinner Show at Heritage Junction on April 24. This popular event attached to the Cowboy Festival, features the award winning Chuckwagon cooking of Manflo Ranch, and the musical talents of WMA and AWA Female vocalist of the year, Juni Fisher. Rounding out the show will be local cowboy poet, Joe Herrington.

Saturday, April 26, Art at Hart offers an exclusive tour of the priceless art and Western artifacts in silent film star Bill Hart's Spanish Colonial mansion followed by an artist's quick draw and auction. Western artists will create works of art in one hour's time while you watch. Tickets are going fast so place your orders soon!

And don't forget our Saturday Night Swing Dance at the local Senior Center. The Center features a great dance floor where you can two-step to the incredible sounds of Hot Club of Cowtown. It's been four years since we've had Hot Club at the Festival, so you won't want to miss this one. Adult beverages are available. The Dance will be simulcast by KCSN, 88.5 FM.

We encourage you to take the time and visit to familiarize yourself with our performers and schedule of events. For more information, call the Cowboy Festival ticket office at (661) 286-4021.

We'll see you next week!!

Update April 10, 2008


Actor Bruce Boxleitner Slated to Present at City's Annual Event at the Hyatt

The City of Santa Clarita's 2008 Walk of Western Stars will honor three legends of the Silver Screen on Friday, April 25, 2008, beginning at 3 p.m. on the sidewalks of Old Town Newhall, culminating with a western gala dinner at the Valencia Hyatt Hotel at 7 p.m. Hosting this year's Gala is long-time master of ceremonies, Larry Maurice, with entertainment provided by Cowbop. This year's nominees include actors David Carradine and John Saxon, as well as local animal manager Jack Lilley.

David Carradine
David Carradine is known for one of the most iconic roles in television history, the role of Caine on the series "Kung Fu," for which he earned his first Emmy and Golden Globe Nominations. His impressive career includes more than 115 films, 32 plays, and over 65 television appearances, including many Western favorites, such as "Taggart, " based on a Louis L'Amour novel. Recently, David Carradine received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Bill in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" epic for which he received his fourth Golden Globe Nomination.

Jack Lilley
Starting at age 15, (saying he was 18) Jack began doing stunts for Westerns and worked under legendary stunt man Yakima Canutt. He has performed stunts on hundreds of classic Western films and shows including "Gunsmoke," "Bonanza" and "High Chaparral," and boasts over 280 roles as an actor including roles in favorites like "Blazing Saddles," "The Mountain Men" and more. (See details below about an intimate film event featuring Jack on Wednesday, April 23).

John Saxon
John has appeared in more than 80 films and 200+ television episodes. He got his first breakthrough role as a teenager co-starring role with Esther Williams in the 1956 drama "The Unguarded Moment." In 1966, John received a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor nomination for his portrayal of a Mexican bandit in the 1966 film "The Appaloosa." Saxon was featured in many Spaghetti Westerns and American classics, such as "The Unforgiven."

We still have tickets available for the Cowboy Festival with other great events taking place outside of Melody Ranch!

Silver Screen Cowboys & More! - April 23 - $10.00
Repertory East Playhouse - Join the SCV Film Festival for an entertaining evening of film clips Q & A with Walk of Western Stars honoree, Jack Lilley, and enjoy behind-the-scenes insight into the Western film business.

The Chuckwagon Dinner Show - April 24th - $45.00
This popular annual event attached to the Cowboy Festival at Heritage Junction, features the award winning Chuckwagon cooking of Manflo Ranch, and the musical talents of WMA and AWA Female vocalist of the year, Juni Fisher. Rounding out the show will be local cowboy poet, Joe Herrington.

Saturday Night Swing Dance - April 26th - $15.00
This is a great chance to strut your two-step at the local Senior Center. The Senior Center features a great dance floor where you can two-step to the incredible sounds of Hot Club of Cowtown. It's been four years since we've had Hot Club at the Festival, so you won't want to miss this one. Adult beverages are available. The Dance will be simulcast by KCSN, 88.5 FM.

Art at Hart - April 26th - $20.00
Cowboy Festival poster artist, Buck Taylor, joins nine Western artists at the Art at Hart event on Saturday, April 26th at 7:00 p.m. at William S. Hart Park and Museum. An exclusive tour of the priceless art and Western decor in silent film star Bill Hart's Spanish Colonial mansion will be followed by an artist's quick draw and auction. Watch as the artists complete an original piece of art in one hour's time. The works of art will be auctioned off immediately following the quick draw. A petit buffet and wine tasting are including in the price of the $20 ticket.

We encourage you to take the time and visit to familiarize yourself with our performers and schedule of events. For more information, call the Cowboy Festival ticket office at (661) 286-4021.

We'll see you at the Cowboy Festival!!

Update March 6, 2008

Greetings from the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival!

Tickets sales are going strong for the 2008 Cowboy Festival! You can order on-line at, by fax at (661) 284-1410 or through the Cowboy ticket line at (661) 286-4021.

Here's the latest news.

There are still tickets available for the Chuckwagon Dinner Show at Heritage Junction on April 24. This has become a popular annual event attached to the Cowboy Festival featuring the award winning Chuckwagon cooking of Manflo Ranch, and the musical talents of WMA and AWA Female vocalist of the year, Juni Fisher. Rounding out the show will be local cowboy poet, Joe Herrington.

We're almost sold out of our Friends of the Festival ticket package. This ticket gets you preferred seating for all shows at the main stage Melody Ranch Theater, a free festival t-shirt and poster and all weekend access to our VIP Bunkhouse at Melody Ranch.

And don't forget our Saturday Night Swing Dance at the local Senior Center. The Center features a great dance floor where you can two-step to the incredible sounds of Hot Club of Cowtown. It's been 4 years since we've had Hot Club at the Festival so you won't want to miss this one. The Dance will be simulcast by KCSN, 88.5 FM.

And finally, Saturday, April 26, Art at Hart offers an exclusive tour of the priceless art and Western artifacts in silent film star Bill Hart's Spanish Colonial mansion followed by an artist's quick draw and auction. Western artists will create works of art in one hour's time while you watch. Tickets are going fast so place your orders soon!

We encourage you to take the time and visit to familiarize yourself with our performers and schedule of events. For more information, call the Cowboy Festival ticket office at (661) 286-4021.

We'll see you down the trail in April!!

Previous update, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival!  Here's the latest news..

Tickets for the 2008 Cowboy Festival go on sale January 7, 2008!  You can order on-line at, by fax at (661) 284-1410 or by calling the Cowboy ticket line at (661) 286-4021.

We'll be mailing our 2008 Festival brochures the first week of January so if you're not on our mailing list, make sure you sign up on our website or let us know by phone.

We have some great news about one of our featured acts in 2008...

Hot Club of Cowtown is back!

Whit Smith and Jake Erwin of the String Devils have reunited with Elana James and will be bringing back the signature Cowtown sound to Santa Clarita.  You can catch them on Saturday, April 26 on the Main Stage or both days on several of our Main St. Stages at Melody Ranch.  They'll also be playing the Saturday night Swing Dance at the Santa Clarita Senior Center which will be simulcast by KCSN.

In addition to our usual great community events, three new shows outside of Melody Ranch have been added to the Festival Schedule.
On Wednesday, April 23, "Silver Screen Cowboys and more!" will debut at the Repertory East Playhouse in Old Town Newhall.  You'll be able to watch some of your favorite Western movies accompanied by behind the scenes commentary.

Friday, April 25, presents an opportunity to enjoy an afternoon lunch followed by a Don Edwards concert at Rancho Camulos, a beautiful early California Rancho that inspired the novel "Ramona."  It's an intimate show in a grand setting.

And finally, Saturday, April 26, Art at Hart offers an exclusive tour of the priceless art and Western artifacts in silent film star Bill Hart's Spanish Colonial mansion followed by an artist's quick draw and auction.  Western artists will create works of art in one hour's time while you watch.

We encourage you to take the time and visit to familiarize yourself with our performers and schedule of events. For more information, call the Cowboy Festival ticket office at (661) 286-4021.

We'll see you down the trail in April!!

Updated 12/21

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April 25, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Safford City Graham County Library  Safford, Arizona ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

From Ann Blackford and the Gila Valley Cowboy Poets:

Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week 2008 in Safford, Arizona! For the third consecutive year Gila Valley Cowboy Poets will partner with the Safford City Graham County Library for the library’s annual Open House on April 25. From 11 am until 4 pm, the library invites the public to come in, hear and see demonstrations of library services and enjoy cowboy poets, musicians, storytellers and the Gila Valley Cowboy Poet Students performances throughout the day. The highlight of the day will be a very special guest star, Americas #1 selling cowboy music performer, Michael Martin Murphey who will make an appearance.

For more information call 928-348-7663.

Posted 3/28

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April 25, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week with Michael Martin Murphey at the Safford Center for the Arts  Safford, Arizona ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

From Ann Blackford and the Gila Valley Cowboy Poets:

At 7 pm on April 25, the doors open at the Safford Center for the Arts for a Michael Martin Murphey concert sponsored by Gila Valley Cowboy Poets, Inc. and McMurray Communications. A multi-award winning performer and member of the Western Music Hall of Fame, Murphey not only sings the songs of the cowboys, he walks the walk—as a rancher, a saddle-up-and-ride cowboy and a dedicated preservationist of American Cowboy Western history and of the land.

Tickets are available at the Safford Graham County Chamber of Commerce and Richards Music in Safford. Adults $15, students $10.

For more information call 928-348-7663.

Updated 4/10

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April 25, 2008
Cowboy Poetry and Music
 Prescott, Washington ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Cowboy Poetry and Music by Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (, Tuxedo Bar & Grill, Prescott, Washington. 509-849-2244

Posted 3/13

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April 25, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Leslie J. Savage Library, Western State College  Gunnison, Colorado  ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Celebrate Cowboy Poetry Week!  An Evening of Cowboy Poetry

Rex Rideout (Time Travel Music) of Conifer, Colorado and John Nelson of Gunnison will present a program of cowboy poetry on Friday, April 25, 7:00pm in the historic Savage Library, Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado.

Rex Rideout has been performing the music of the American West for the last 25 years. He approaches "cowboy music" as a historian and musicologist.  Rex is a long-time student of the music and songs of the 19th-Century American West. With Mark Gardner from Cascade, CO, Rex co-authored the award winning book and CD, Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys. Originally published in 1908, Songs of the Cowboys by Jack Thorp was the first publication of cowboy poetry.  For this performance, Rex will primarily recite some of the classics of Cowboy Poetry from the late 1800s and early 1900s as well as perform poems that are known as songs.

Rex participates in the Rural Library Project, sponsored by the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry to serve rural communities as it works to preserve and promote cowboy poetry and Western heritage.

A long-time Gunnison resident, John Nelson is in his 30th year of operating the Gunnison Country Guide Service.  About 20 years ago, while guiding trips into the backcountry, John began reciting cowboy poetry to entertain guests and wranglers.  Since then, he has performed for numerous gatherings, guest ranches, radio and television, and other events.  He has released a CD of poetry, Word Wranglin’ and Wrymin’, and a video, Just One More Day.  His first book, My Participle’s Danglin’  was a local bestseller and a new book, My Participle’s Danglin’ Again is due out soon along with a new DVD.  John will be performing some of his locally inspired favorites as well as a few of the old classics. 

Updated 4/4

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April 25-27, 2008
First Annual Utah, Arizona, Nevada  (& Neighbors) Cowboy Poetry Gathering & "Old Timers" Get Together   Kanab, Utah
Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week



Cowboy poets, Cowboys, Sheepherders, Ranchers, Miners and Lumberjacks:
in celebration of  Cowboy Poetry Week

First Annual Utah, Arizona, Nevada  (& Neighbors) Cowboy Poetry Gathering & "Old Timers" Get Together

At Kanab, Utah

If you fit any of the categories listed above—or want to meet and listen to some who do
what ever you were figurin' on April 25-27, 2008,
fergit it and plan on being in Kanab Utah to take part in this, first of its kind, grand party!

What?  A gathering of like-minded, rural, outdoor-oriented men and women who have lived and worked on the land in our fast disappearing West.

Why?  To afford folks an opportunity to meet and visit with old friends and for others to have an opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of "Them Good Ol' Days" from those who lived them. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in hearing and recording a bit of "living history."

Where?  Kanab, Utah

When?  April 25-27, 2008

Who is invited? Anyone with an interest in the rich culture, history and vanishing lifestyle of the West.

So, what's a goin' on ?

Friday April 25:  Figure on hittin' town around noon and head on over to Frontier Movie Town for a leisurely afternoon of visitin' with old friends
and if you have any  stories 'bout "them good-ol'-days" (of course they have to be true) to tell. We'll hand you the microphone and say "have att'er,"
then we can get an earful of  some of the best gol' darn cowboy poetry to be heard anywhere East, or West of the Mississippi, from folks in the audience, who will, it turn, allow themselves to be interrupted from time to time by music from Kanab's own Ramblin' Rangers, Kenny Hall and some other western balladeers.

Now, while this is all goin' on that world famous chef, Lonnie Kirby and her multi-talented Morsel Bunnies, will be fixin' us a, "not soon to be forgotten,",Lamb & Beef dinner with all the trimmin's.

When we're all stuffed with good grub, we'll head on over for an evening of more great Western entertainment at the Crescent Moon Theater.

Saturday April 26:  Starting at 10 am, we'll be spending most of the day at the Crescent Moon Theater, where you will have another chance to do some visiting, and storytelling interrupted from time to time by, music, cowboy poetry and open mic. Break for lunch at noon and come back at 1 pm for more  of the same, then around 4:30 we'll wind things up so everyone can have dinner at our local restaurants and be back in time for the 7 pm headliner show featuring The Ramblin' Rangers, cowboy poetry from some of our special guests, that include  Don Kennington and Phil Kennington, then end the evening listening to some of the most talented musicians in the business today, Western Shadows.

Sunday, April 27:  There will be a  non-denominational, Cowboy Church service from  9 'til 10 am at the Crescent Moon Theater.

Contact:  Laurali Noteman 435-644-5416 or Sam Jackson 435 644-5459

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April 25-27, 2008
10th Annual Missouri Cowboy Poetry Gathering  Mountain View, Missouri ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

From Jennie Cummings:

Missouri Cowboy Poet Gathering, April 25-26-27, 2008

24 cowboy poets to perform at the 10th annual Missouri Cowboy Poet Gathering in Mountain View, Missouri

Jennie Cummings, of the Mountain View Arts Council directs the three-day event.  Missouri poets, plus some from Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Iowa perform.  Check our website.   

For more info:    

Posted 3/4

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April 26, 2008
Grass Valley Elks' Cowboy Poetry  Grass Valley, California

From Laura and Tony Argento Sr.:

April 26, 2008, Saturday

4:00 pm Doors open
5:00 pm Cowboy Supper
6:00 pm Cowboy Poets in alphabetical order: Tony Argento, Dave P. Fisher, Harold Roy Miller, Susan Parker, and Harmonica Player Extraordinaire, Johnny Walker

Historic Grass Valley Elks No. 538
109 So. School Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Cowboy Supper and entertainment: $25.00
Entertainment only: $20.00

Limited Seating
Raffle and door prizes

Contact: Tony Argento (530) 273-9641 or Dawn Narvaez (530) 432-9106

Posted 1/2

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April 26, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Writing Workshop  Abilene, Texas ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

Texas writer and poet Linda Kirkpatrick will present a Cowboy Poetry Writing Workshop on Saturday, April 26, 2008 for the Abilene Writer’s Guild, in Abilene Texas, in celebration of Cowboy Poetry Week.

Posted 3/17

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April 26, 2008
Cowboy Poetry Week at the Oliver Warner Memorial Library  Hooker, Oklahoma ~ Celebrating Cowboy Poetry Week

From Carolyn Blackwelder

Meet the authors Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the Olive Warner Memorial Library in Hooker, Oklahoma. They will be hosting two of their hometown heroes—Chimp Robertson, a former Bull Rider, and Vietnam Veteran, who has written several books, will read from his newest release, Killin' Time, a collection of short stories. Also featured will be Janet Eggleston, who will be reading from her first book of Cowboy Poetry, Horses, Hats and Heroes. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

The Library is also hosting a kids cowboy poetry contest, and the first place winner will be reading his or her poem with the now-famous authors. 2:00 PM, Sat, April 26, come one and all to 111 S. Broadway, next to the Police Station in Hooker, Oklahoma. Refreshments will be served. We like Cowboys, after all, our town is named after a roper. For more information, email or or 580-652-2835 (OWL)

Library Director Carolyn Blackwelder writes that she is always glad for an opportunity to clarify the origins of her city's name, and shared some information from Lost Trails of the Cimarron by Harry E. Chrisman.

"The Legend of Hooker Threlkeld"

John “Hooker” Threlkeld was so nick-named after General “Fighting Joe” Hooker of Civil War fame, some say. Others say he received his name after an old cattleman on the Beaver River whose name was Hooker. Still others say he received his name by being such a “Hooker—of cattle”—that is, a top roper. Wherever he received that nickname, we know how the town of Hooker, got it’s name for it was named after John “Hooker” Threlkeld. Hooker was born in Kentucky, November 134, 1846. He came west with his parents to Missouri. On May 15, 1864, he joined up with a freight outfit and bullwhacked west from Omaha to Virginia City, Montana with his two brothers. In 1873, Hooker came to No Man’s Land where he spent the next thirty years in the saddle. He was foreman for the OX Ranch many years. When the OX withdrew to Montana after the disastrous blizzards of 1886, Hooker was given their side camp on the Frisco, later the Tom Stratton Ranch. That year Hooker married Hannah Davis of Greeley, Kansas. When Hannah’s folks came to that region, Hooker yielded his ranch, the XX Frisco, they called it, to her parents, and he and Hannah went to open up a new place farther up the Frisco. They called the new ranch the Hooker Ranch. He hauled lumber for his new home from Dodge and also built outbuilding of sod and stone....

Old cowboys who have seen Hooker in action described him as one of the really great ropers of the day, a man who could ride quietly into a heard, drop a tight, small, and fast loop from either side of his mount and catch calves standing beside or under their mothers. This type of roping, more so than the sensational run and catch kind, accomplished the day’s work on the range with speed and without ostentation. It was the sort of roping most highly regarded by the cowmen themselves..... He died December 5, 1939 at Redondo Beach, California.

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May 2-4, 2008
Stagecoach  Indio, California

Stagecoach, an event created in 2007 by Goldenvoice, the organizers of California's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, has announced its 2008 lineup. The event has tents devoted to cowboy poetry, rural Americana and storytelling, along with Western music, bluegrass, and country music. Stagecoach takes place May 2-4, 2008 at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California.

Cowboy poetry, western music, and storytelling performers will include Wylie & The Wild West, Red Steagall, Ian Tyson, Riders in the Sky, Michael Martin Murphey, and Waddie Mitchell.

Other performers include Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, The Judds, Carrie Underwood, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Dwight Yoakam, Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, George Jones, Taylor Swift, Earl Scruggs, KelliePickler, Shooter Jennings, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Ralph Stanley, Dan Tyminski, Jack Ingram, The Isaacs, Bucky Covington, Kentucky Headhunters, Cherryholmes, J.D. Crowe, Luke Bryan, Halfway to Hazard, Billy Joe Shaver, Ryan Bingham, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Crystal Shawanda, Jypsi, and The Greencards.

From the organizers:

Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Big & Rich, Carrie Underwood and, in a special one-night-only performance, the Judds are among the list of acts confirmed
for the 2008 STAGECOACH Country Music Festival powered by Toyota Tundra.

Following its successful debut in 2007 when more than 55,000 music fans of all ages turned out for the festival, the critically acclaimed event will
return to the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA, Saturday, May 3 and Sunday,May 4.  It will once again follow the annual COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC & ARTSFESTIVAL which is scheduled for April 25, 26 and 27; additional details regarding COACHELLA will be announced in early 2008.

The 2008 installment of STAGECOACH--California's Country Music Festival--will feature more than 40 acts of various musical genres: mainstream country, bluegrass, folk, roots rock and alt-country in four performance areas (the Mane Stage, along with the Palomino, Appaloosa and
Mustang stages).

This year's initial line-up is as follows: Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, The Judds, Carrie Underwood, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Dwight Yoakam, Dierks
Bentley, Trace Adkins, George Jones, Taylor Swift, Earl Scruggs, KelliePickler, Shooter Jennings, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Ralph Stanley, Dan
Tyminski, Ian Tyson, Jack Ingram, The Isaacs, Bucky Covington, Riders in the Sky, Kentucky Headhunters, Michael Martin Murphey, Cherryholmes, J.D. Crowe, Wylie & The Wild West, Red Steagall, Luke Bryan, Halfway to Hazard, Billy Joe Shaver, Ryan Bingham, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Waddie Mitchell, Crystal Shawanda, Jypsi and The Greencards.

Along with increased space and new amenities for on-site RV and tent  camping, concertgoers can once again look forward to various festival
activities including: the Half-Pint Hootenanny kids' activity area; Stagecoach Invitational BBQ Contest; live auction; interactive art displays;
mechanical bull rides; hayrides; saddle-making exhibitions; rodeo gear and trail boss seminars; line and square dancing demonstrations; fiddling
demonstrations; lasso and roping clinic; displays of Country Music Memorabilia, Antique cowboy gear, rawhide sculptures, Western heritage and
American folk art.

Tickets for STAGECOACH will go on sale Friday, November 16 at 10:00 AM (PT) via TicketMaster  Ticket prices start at $175.00 for two-day passes, plus applicable service charges and $1.00 per day for charity. RV and camping reservations are also available beginning November 16. For a complete breakdown on ticket prices and camping reservations, please visit  STAGECOACH is produced by Goldenvoice, The Messina Group and Moore Entertainment Group. For up-to-the-minute information on STAGECOACH, visit www.stagecoachfestival.

See our special Silent Auction for Stagecoach VIP tickets here.

Visit the Stagecoach web site for more information.

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May 8-10, 2008
First Annual Golden Spike Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival  Ogden, Utah

From Stan Tixier:

First Annual Golden Spike Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, Ogden, Utah, May 8, 9, 10, 2008.

A two-day, three-night event featuring Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail on Thursday night at the Ogden Amphitheater, Bar J Wranglers on Friday night at the historic Egyptian Theater and Baxter Black on Saturday night at the Egyptian Theatre.

Utah cowboy poets and musicians will provide warm-up acts for night-time shows and for the daytime shows at  at the downtown Ogden Eccles Conference Center adjacent to the Egyptian Theater. There will be a trade show, Cowboy Mercantile, open mike and youth poet sessions. Great shows and fun for everyone!

Contact Stan Tixier: 801-745-4121 or

Visit the event's web site for ticket information and more:

UPDATE 3/14/08:  Stan Tixier's poem for the event:

The Golden Spike

The history books will tell us of the winning of the west,

How we reached across a continent and how we passed the test,

The building of a railroad that would stretch from coast to coast,

Of challenges and hardships, way too difficult for most.


One crew started out from Omaha, across the prairie soil,

A-laying rails toward sunset, and for many miles they’d toil,

 One east from Sacramento through the mountains and the sky,

The going often treacherous and lots of men would die.


But, they met in northern Utah at a place they all could like,

It was Promontory Summit where they drove a Golden Spike,

‘Twas on the tenth of May; the year was eighteen sixty-nine,

When two big locomotives met and oh, that day was fine.


Now we gather and commemorate that great accomplishment,

And we hold a little festival, and this is our intent:

To entertain the folks that come and in the western way,

With music and with poetry that cowboys like to say.


We pick guitars and yodel and we tell our tales in rhyme,

Like they did around the campfire in an earlier day and time,

And we hope you folks enjoy it and we hope you all will like

How we celebrate the driving of that famous Golden Spike.   

© 2008, Stan Tixier
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Updated 3/14

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May 9, 2008
Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree   Winthrop, Washington

From Lauralee Northcott:

What do you get when you cross the best in cowboy entertainment with the old west town of Winthrop? An evening of delightful laughter! There are two such nights planned for 2008. The Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree will be presented Friday May 9 and Saturday Sept. 13, 2008 at 7:00 PM in the Winthrop Auditorium, sponsored by Winthrop Red Apple Market.

Friday, May 9, 2008
Winthrop Barn Sat 7 PM
Winthrop, Washington

Grand Ole Opry entertainer and yodeling champion Rod Erickson will kick-off 49er weekend by headlining the Dollar Watch Cowboy jamboree on Friday night, May 9, 2008. Rod has appeared on TV with the likes of Marty Robbins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mel Tillis. His MGM record, She Taught Me How to Yodel reached the “top ten” world Wide within a month of its release. Rod will be joined by Horse Crazy, captivating cowgirl band, along with Dave McClure cowboy poet and humorist. Mary Milka as Martha Star Route will be featured and don’t forget the Elbow Coulee Cast of Characters: Forest Stump, Girl of the Golden West, Jingle Queens of the San Joaquin and a perhaps surprise guest. These folks will remind you what it means to be entertained!

Saturday, Sept 13, 2008
Winthrop Barn Sat 7 PM
Winthrop, Washington

Mike Faast and Roger Ferguson will join the Dollar Watch gang during Auto Rally weekend in Winthrop, Washington. Mike Faast is Lead Singer and BandLeader for the Seattle based Western Swing Band "the Jangles," he is accompanied by super picker Roger Ferguson. Mike’s mellow voice and showmanship will warm your heart. Roger is a world class player, winning first place in the Winfield National Flatpick Guitar Championship, and placing in the semi-finals on mandolin. He toured nationally for two years with The Shoppe, playing electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and fiddle, and regularly opening for Country/Western heavyweights like Merle Haggard, Doug Kershaw, and Emmylou Harris.

Stan Kvistad, cowboy poet and local nuisance will grace the stage and give Dave a run for his money, to see who can be the wackiest! Horse Crazy, that totally fun cowgirl band will be on hand along with Dave McClure cowboy poet and humorist. Mary Milka as Martha Star Route will be featured and don’t forget the Elbow Coulee Cast of Characters: Forest Stump, Girl of the Golden West, Jingle Queens of the San Joaquin and a perhaps surprise guest. These folks will remind you what it means to be entertained!

Posted 4/16

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May 9-11 2008
Sixth Annual Motherin' Up...Gathering of Poets and Pickers   White Sulphur Springs, Montana 

From  Margaret Wilhelm:

The sixth annual Motherin' Up Gathering of Poets and Pickers will be May 9-11 in White Sulphur Springs Montana.

Friday, May 9----Youth poetry and open mike

Saturday, May 10-----day sessions, beginning at 10 a.m.

Night show begins at 7 p.m. with pre-show music beginning at 6:30

Sunday, Cowboy church 9 a.m.

All sessions will be held in the White Sulphur Springs High School.

For more information to either perform or attend contact Margaret Wilhelm at 406-547-3563 or box 888 White Sulphur Springs, Montana 59645... or

Posted 1/23

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May 30-June 1, 2008
Third Annual Canadian Rockies Cowboy Festival   Nordegg, Alberta

From Mike Puhallo:

Canadian Rockies Cowboy Festival

(May 30th, 31st & June 1st 2008) 3rd Annual, On Hwy 11 Midway between Red Deer and Banff Alberta
MC: Mike Puhallo, Gary Fjellgaard, Larry & Dwain Sands, Joni Harms, Ivan Daines, Horse Crazy, 3 Musty Steers, Bryn Thiessen, Alan Christie & Hillbilly Dust, Mag Mawhinney, Danny & Susan Gibson, Dave McClure, and Al Owchar. 1-888-810-2103

Posted 2/19

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June 13-15, 2008
12th Annual Echoes of the Trail Cowboy Gathering   Fort Scott, Kansas

From Judy Howser:

The 12th annual Echoes of the Trail Cowboy Gathering is proud to feature co-founder Johnny Kendrick & Sons on Friday night, June 13th, and Barry Ward on Saturday night, June 14th. Fans will enjoy some new performers this year, and will welcome back the ones they love to hear. Returning after an absence is Gerry Allen, famous for his spoof on "Ghost Riders in the Sky," and new to the program will be Steven Spalding, who started out in Nashville and sounds like Johnny Cash, and Sam Kiefer, who recited on the open microphone
last year.

Fans will enjoy old favorites Harold Carpenter, the tall, lanky cowboy who spins a rope while he spouts droll humor; Wanda Cothren, the Kiamichi Songbird with the golden voice; guitarist/singers Richard Dunlap, D. J. Fry, and Joe Lester, and Del Shields; plus cowboy poets extraordinaire Ron Ratliff, Jake White, and Ron Wilson. Six of the entertainers will open for Johnny Kendrick Friday night, and the other six will open for Barry Ward.

All 12 cowboy poets/singers will entertain non-stop Saturday, June 14th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on two stages in the Fort Scott Community College Academic Building, and open microphone will be at 3 p.m. after the student cowboy poets recite their winning pieces.

In the air-conditioned halls, a plethora of new vendors of fine western art, jewelry, and clothing will display their wares. A special addition will be Fort Scott's own Key Industries with their new line of Western Wear, plus some summer togs. Key plans to donate part of their sales to Echoes of the Trail, and we really appreciate it. Returning will be old timers Kathy and Joe Lester of Bar Broken Heart Saddlery; Ken Lorton and Donna Carruthers with their deer hide braiding; Lynn Doughty of Out West Gallery with his entertaining western caricature carvings; Buck Rowland and his huge array of fine tack; Country Cupboard with their great cowboy décor; and Shirley Willis with her fine silver and turquoise jewelry. Also, there will be all sorts of fine western items to bid on in the Silent Auction that ends Saturday night.

Duane Feighner will welcome guests with his haunting flute melodies, and Jeanne Rowland will serve up her excellent "Chili Diablo Taste of the West" fare. Outdoors, Don Collop and others will serve up morsels the old time cowboys only wished they could taste!

To end a perfect weekend, we'll worship and sing old time hymns with Barry Ward, Steven Spalding, Richard Dunlap, Johnny Kendrick, and the other cowboy poets/singers Sunday morning during Cowboy Church out by the chuck wagons. A hearty chuck wagon breakfast will follow.

For more info, call 620-223-0736 or log onto

See our feature on Echoes of the Trail here.

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June 20-22, 2008
Canadian Rockies Bluegrass Festival  Nordegg, Alberta

From Mike Puhallo:

June 20-22, 2008 
Canadian Rockies Bluegrass Festival, David Thompson Resort

Midway Between Red Deer and Banff Alberta
Featuring, MC Mike Puhallo, with Eli Barsi, Cowboy Celtic, and others TBA   1-888-810-2103

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June 21, 2008
Songs, Stories, and Cowboy Poetry—Celebrating the American West  Newman, California

From Rick Nagle:

Who:     Rosalie Sorrels, Wendy Brown-Barry, Mick Vernon, John Silveira
What:    Songs, Stories, and Cowboy Poetry - Celebrating the American West
Date:    Saturday, June 21, 2008
Doors:   7PM
Show:    8PM
Where:   West Side Theatre, 1331 Main Street, Newman, California
Tickets: $19 General Admission, $22 Reserved Seating
Info:,, 209.862.4490; Event poster:


Folk matriarch Rosalie Sorrels ( will be joined by cowboy poets Wendy Brown-Barry (, Mick Vernon, and John Silveira for an evening of songs, stories, and poetry celebrating the American West.

Rosalie Sorrels began her public career as a singer and collector of traditional folksongs in the late 1950s.  During the early 1960s she left her husband and began traveling and performing at music festivals and clubs throughout the United States.  Nanci Griffith chronicled this aspect of Rosalie's life with her song "Ford Econoline."  Currently "retired," she still performs in select concerts and festivals.  Her career of social activism, storytelling, teaching, learning, songwriting, collecting folk songs, performing, and recording has spanned six decades. She has recorded over 20 albums and written three books, including "Way
Out in Idaho," published in honor of the Idaho centenary, a monumental collection of songs, stories, pictures, and recipes gathered in the course of three years spent traveling around her home state and listening to its people.  Her most recent recording is Learned by Livin'—Sung by Heart, a compilation of songs that she has recorded since 1967.

Wendy Brown-Barry has lived in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the Gold Rush-era town of Mariposa, California since 1971.  Her works have been published in newspapers and magazines, and she has helped organize the Cannonball Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Mariposa, California since 1999.

Mick Vernon pens poems about his time spent in the saddle working cattle with the Dobbas outfit in the Sierras near Auburn, California, and about other reflections of western life.  He is the author of The Lyrical Lawman Rides, a book of original cowboy poetry (and CD by the same title). He is the former President of the Board of Directors and current Artistic Director for the Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival.

John Silveira lives in Hilmar, California with his wife and family.  He has been writing cowboy poetry for several years.  He says, "I was told it was good for the soul, and found that to be true."

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June 29, 2008
Western Music Association California Chapter Fundraiser  Northridge, California

From Lindalee Green:

June 29th, 2008 – Sunday - Texas Trailhands will be our featured act, with poet Joe Herrington and singer, songwriter Gene Culkin, performing and both taking part as MC.  It is scheduled from 1-4pm and it will be at:

Rancho Cordillera del Norte ~ “Concerts at the Rancho”
9015 Wilbur Ave.
, Northridge, CA
(just west of Reseda Blvd on the corner of Nordhoff & Wilbur)
For Information & Reservations Contact:

Marilyn Tuttle at (818) 365-8709 or Lindalee Green at

Find information about the monthly WMA meetings here.

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July, 2008
Dinner and a Movie: Gene Autry Westerns  Autry National Center, Los Angeles, California

Join Gene Autry and his trusty horse Champion at the Autry National Center Tuesdays in July for Dinner and a Movie: Gene Autry Westerns. Dine al fresco, enjoy special gallery talks, see screenings of fully restored Gene Autry Western films, and receive discounts on Gene Autry movies in the museum store.   

Senior Curator Michael Duchemin will lead the Gene Autry gallery talks from inside the current exhibition Cowboys and Presidents, Vice President of Gene Autry Entertainment Karla Buhlman will host a talk before the film, and a beautifully restored Gene Autry and Champion will grace the movie screen. The Golden Spur Cafe will offer tasty meals to kick off the evening.


Dinner: 5 pm
Gallery tours: 5:45 and 6:30 pm
Film introduction: 7:15 pm
Screening: 7:30 pm

Admission:   $15 Autry members / $18 general admission / $10 children 12 and under
                    Price includes museum admission, dinner, curator-guided gallery tour, and movie screening. As always, parking is free.

     RSVP: 323.667.2000, ext. 300

2008 Film Line-up

(No show on Tuesday, July 1)

Tuesday, July 8
Guns and Guitars (1936)
As musicians in a traveling medicine show, Gene Autry and Frog Millhouse land in the midst of a Texas cattle war. Gene blazes into action with bullets, ballots, and ballads to clean up the crooked cattlemen and their quarantined cattle. 

Tuesday, July 15
Rovin’ Tumbleweeds (1939)
When Rancher Gene Autry becomes a singer to aid farmers and ranchers, his radio popularity propels him into politics and he is elected to Congress. Blaming crooked politicians for the disaster, Gene tries to put through a flood control bill and finds he has a lot to learn.

Tuesday, July 22
Gaucho Serenade
A case of mistaken identity sends Gene and Frog, two down-and-out ex–rodeo stars, on a rip-roaring, cross-country trek as they help a little boy evade the gangsters responsible for the false imprisonment of his father.

Tuesday, July 29
Barbed Wire (1952)
In 1878, Gene Autry is a cattle buyer who tries to settle a battle between the cattlemen and homesteaders, when the latter are worked up into a feverish pitch by an unscrupulous landowner. 

Posted 5/1 

July 7, 2008
Kelly Spinks and Miles of Texas Benefit  Brady, Texas

From Joe Baker:

The Heart of Texas County Music Association is hosting a benefit show and dance for Kelly Spinks and Miles of Texas on Saturday, July 5, at the Ed Davenport Civic Center in Brady. The event will be staged from 4:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Admission is a suggested $15.00 donation.

All proceeds will be given to Kelly Spinks and the Miles of Texas band to help with expenses while the group recovers from injuries sustained in a recent auto accident. Spinks and one of his guitarists Pat McShan remain in a rehab facility in Austin.

Heart of Texas Recording Artists Darrell and Mona McCall, Tony Booth, Justin Trevino, Frenchie Burke, Curtis Potter and Kimberley Murray have all been confirmed for the event with others calls coming in daily.

"We have artists working on schedules and we are in hopes that several other entertainers will take part in this event," event organizer Tracy Pitcox said. "It is our hope to raise some money and help some fellow musicians."

A silent auction will also be held. Anyone wanting to donate something to the silent auction is urged to contact Sharon Jackson at 817-937-3760.

"We are in need of virtually anything that we can sell for a few dollars," Jackson said. "We would also like a few raffle items as well."

Food will also be available at the event with all proceeds going towards the cause.

"When I had my heart surgery, Kelly was one of the first people wanting to help me,"' Heart of Texas Recording artist Curtis Potter said. "The least that we can do is get together and help him and his band."

For more information about the benefit, log on to

Posted 6/26



July 11-13, 2008
Second Annual Ride A Horse Feed A Cowboy  Hulett, Wyoming

The Ride A Horse Feed A Cowboy event plans a Cowboy Poetry Day, July 12, 2008, as a part of their second annual event.

From the Ride A Horse Feed A Cowboy web site:

Ride A Horse Feed A Cowboy is a non-profit organization. We started this  project for a community gathering. This is an event for the whole family, the ranchers and the townspeople. Our first year in 2007, we had approximately 50 people ride in to the small town of Hulett. Anyone who rode a horse to town, the Chamber gave them Hulett Bucks and bought them supper. That same night the Chris Ledoux Memorial Foundation was in town for a Memorial Golf Tournament to be held the next day. A mixer was held at the Ponderosa with appetizers and drinks. A great time was had by all. Therefore we decided to make this an annual event. We have plans to make the
event bigger and better with more activities this year.

 The Cowboy Poetry Day (along with a Western Cowboy Collectible and Art Show) takes place:

July 12, 2008 Saturday
1:00 PM
Hulett, Wyoming
City Park

Interested poets:

Contact: Chanda Snook  307-290-0400

See the Ride A Horse Feed A Cowboy web site for more and the schedule of events.

Posted 5/13

July 13, 2008
21st Annual California Rodeo Cowboy Poetry Gathering "Cowboys and Cabernet"  Salinas, California


21st Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering
"Cowboys & Cabernet"
Sunday, July 13th, 2008
Wine tasting 1:00 PM - Silent Auction
Show starts at 2:30 PM - Open mic 1:45 PM
Sherwood Hall, 940 N. Main St, Salinas

Salinas, Ca.—Presenting a Cowboy Entertainment Gathering, featuring music and poetry. Western Music Association's, Male Performer of the Year, Dave Stamey and Western Music Hall of Fame inductee, Michael Martin Murphey are this year's headliners. Our own poet laureate and funny man Clem Albertoni will wrangle the event and will be joined by other famous poets, including Utah's Fred Engel. Also performing are Monterey County Free Library Youth Contest Winners. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries.

Wine tasting at 1:00 PM, Open Mic at 1:45 pm and the Show Starts at 2:30 pm,

Sherwood Hall, 940 N. Main St.  Salinas

Tickets: $30 - Adults / $5.00 - Kids12 and under

Wine Tasting tickets sold separately ($10 - commemorative glass & 4 tasting tickets)

Tickets on sale at Rodeo Box Office (1034 N. Main St., Salinas), over the phone at (800) 540-4989 or

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July 18-20, 2008
6th Annual Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering   Encampment, Wyoming

From Laurie Wood:

The 6th Annual Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering will be held on July 18th,19th, & 20th, 2008 in beautiful Encampment, Wyoming.

Friday, July 18, 2008
  6:00 PM Gunfighter Shootout
  7:00 PM Old Fashioned Melodrama
  9:00 PM Campfire Jam Session
Saturday, July 19, 2008
  10:00 AM Living History
  Book Signings
  11:00 AM Stick Horse Rodeo
  12:00 PM Lunch

  1:00 - 4:30 PM  Western Entertainment Roundup
                       Featuring:  Al "Doc" Mehl, Tom & Donna Hatton, Daron Little, Sam Platts, Ken Kreusel, Steve Moulton,
                       Laurie & Cora Wood, Chuck Larsen, Jess Gallatin, Paul Harris, & The Encampment Community Choir

  7:00 PM All Star Cowboy Poetry and Music Show
                        Featuring: Mike Blakely, Doris Daley*, Jake Fleming, and MC Chuck Larsen

  9:00 PM Campfire Jam Session

Sunday, July 20, 2008
  8:00 AM Chuckwagon Breakfast
 10:00 AM Cowboy Church
  1:00 PM "West Word, HO!" Poetry Workshop with Doris Daley

  All Day Living History Re-enactments and Demonstrations

For more information please visit our website at
or e-mail us at

*Doris Daley appears courtesy of the generous support of the Western States Arts Federation and the National Endowment for the Arts

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July 25-27, 2008
The Wild West Frontier Fest on the Mississippi  St. Paul, Minnesota

Harriet Island Regional Park, St. Paul Minnesota

Spur on your inner Cowboy and head to the grandest Family Frontier Festival this side of the Mississippi. It's the American Spirit at its Best--three stages of live Cowboy music and entertainment featuring Riders In The Sky, Pop Wagner, Gary McMahan, Diane Tribitt, Jess Howard, The First John Phillips Sousa Memorial Band, boss grub, Riverboat rides, Story-Tellin' and more good, old-fashioned fun than you can shake a fryin' pan at! Two words: Yee Ha!

Tickets $12.00 with a portion going to Second Harvest.
Children 12 and under FREE.
Fri July 25, 7PM-10PM
Sat July 26 & Sun July 27, HIGH NOON - 10PM
An Official Minnesota Sesquicentennial Event.

List of Performers

Riders In The Sky
Pop Wagner
Gary McMahan
Jess Howard
Diane Tribitt
The Wild Goose Chase Cloggers
The First Memorial John Phillips Sousa Band
Don Shelby as Mark Twain
The Brother Paul Travelin' Magic Review, Purveyors of: The Original
Superstition Mountain Elixir
Billingsley Bright: A Melodrama
The Honeymoon!  A Tall Tale of Pecos Bill & Slue-Foot-Sue
Silent Movies with Live Piano Accompaniment Featuring The Great Train
Robbery, Tom Mix and Will Rogers

Legends of The Frontier

Buffalo Bill
Annie Oakley
Teddy Roosevelt
James J. Hill
Laura Ingalls Wilder

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July 25-27, 2008
Chama Cowboy Days  Chama, New Mexico

Find the latest information available at


Open Poetry Session
Musicians, poets,storytellers. Free Movie screening @ venue to be determined

Horse Training Clinic- day1
Karen Brown of “Only Natural Training”

First Round Ranch Horse Competition
Chama Arena (Judges and Arena help)

Music and Barbecue Sponsored by the High Country Restaurant
Cowboy and Spanish Guitar Music By Manny & "Teru" (Manny & Teri Duarte) from Llano, Texas and Cowboy and Ballad Music by Linda Kirkpatrick and the Sunset Serenade (Linda Kirkpatrick, Joe Wells and Frank Roberts) out of Leakey, Texas.



Open Poetry Session
Musicians, poets, storytellers

Horse Training Clinic- day2

Finals Ranch Horse Competition
Dance and Awards at the Chama Community Center, music by Country Heat, Beer Garden sponsored by the High Country Restaurant.



Cowboy church

CTRR Special Train 
“Great Train Hold-up”


The picture for the poster is donated by Kendall Nelson (Gathering Remnants)
Movie is also donated by Kendall Nelson

We are looking for volunteers and sponsors to help with this project, Please visit the Administrative Forum on

More information to come.

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July 25-27, 2008
3rd Annual White Mountains Roundup of Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art  Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

Pinetop-Lakeside will be celebrating the 3rd Annual White Mountains Roundup of Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art July 25-27, 2008.

Steve Taylor's Western Art Invitational opens at noon on Friday on the Blue Ridge campus and runs through Sunday. Friday night enjoy a Cowboy Supper with entertainment at the Chuck Wagon Steak House.

Saturday features "Arizona History in Story and Song" from 2-4 p.m. by Arizona State Historian Marshall Trimble, plus an authors' and performers' book signing.

Saturday night is the Big Show - Chris Isaacs Presents - with cowboy poets and singers Chris Isaacs, Dave Stamey, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Kent Rollins, Marshall Trimble, and Rolf Flake.

The 3-day event wraps up Sunday morning with cowboy music at beautiful Woodland Lake Park. After church, Yvonne Hollenbeck will present a Quilt
Trunk Show at Blue Ridge Middle School. Come on up to Arizona's pine country and help us celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy. Limited number of tickets at $35 for all three events, on sale April 1 at Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce 928-367-4290, or write: WM Roundup, PO Box 2781, Pinetop, AZ 85935.

3rd Annual White Mountains Roundup

Cowboy Poetry, Music & Art

Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

July 25, 26 & 27, 2008

Steve Taylor’s Western Art Invitational
Blue Ridge Middle School
1200 W. White Mountain Blvd., Pinetop-Lakeside
                Friday,  July 25, noon - 6 p.m.
                Saturday, July 26, 10 a.m.- 9 p.m.
                Sunday,  July 27, noon - 4 p.m.
Also at the art show Sunday afternoon 1:30 p.m.
Yvonne Hollenbeck’s Quilt Trunk Show

Cowboy Supper & Auction
Chuck Wagon Steak House & 1890s Saloon
4048 Porter Mountain Rd.
                Friday, July 25
                No-host cocktails 5:30-6:30 p.m.
                Dinner & Entertainment 7 p.m.                                                                       

Marshall Trimble, Arizona State Historian
“Arizona History in Story and Song”

Also, winners of school poetry contest
Blue Ridge High School Auditorium
                Saturday, July 26, 2-4 p.m. 

Authors/Performers Book & CD Signing/Sale
Blue Ridge Auditorium Foyer
                Saturday, July 26, 4-6 p.m.

Chris Isaacs Presents!
Featuring: Chris Isaacs, MC; Dave Stamey; Rolf Flake; Yvonne Hollenbeck;
Marshall Trimble; Kent Rollins
Blue Ridge Auditorium
                Saturday, July 26, 7-9 p.m.

Cowboy Church
Woodland Lake Park, Big Ramada
                Sunday, July 27, 10:30 a.m.

Stop in at the Show Low Historical Society Museum, 541-561 Deuce of Clubs in Show Low. The museum will be open Friday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Learn more about Show Low’s colorful Wild West history!

TICKETS: Cowboy Supper, $20; Marshall Trimble, $15; Chris Isaacs Presents, $15

Package Deal for all three paid events $35 per person (save $15). Limited number

Tickets on sale April 1 at: Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, Show Low Chamber of Commerce, Show Low Municipal Library, Larson Memorial Library, or write: WM Roundup, P.O. Box 2781, Pinetop AZ 85935., email, or call 928-367-0240

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July 27, 2008
Cowtown Opry National Day of the Cowboy Celebration  Ft. Worth, Texas

From Richard Linnartz: 

Day of the Cowboy
  A  Cowtown Salute to the 5 Million Cowboys
       Who Made Texas and Fort Worth
               What It Is Today

July 27, Sunday 2pm - Front Steps of the Livestock Exchange Building
131 E. Exchange Ave.  Historic Fort Worth Stockyards,Fort  Worth Texas
 Where  The Cowboys Stopped  Who Made The Chisholm Trail Famous

Come Prepared to enjoy the Best of The West as the Cowtown Opry, Preserver and Promoters
        of Old  Cowboy Music  Go  Into  High Gear to whisk  You Back to Yesteryear

Show includes:
   The Duke, John Wayne aka Jack Edmondson, throws out great advice  of Cowboys' Glory Days fighting the odds on the Chisholm Trail of living through Stampedes  on the open Plains

   Gun Fight-by the Legends of Texas demonstrating the fastest gun could live to fight another day

   Cattle Trail and Other Music by the Cowtown Opry featuring Devon Dawson, "Jessie, the Yodeling Cowgirl" from "Toy Story 2" Grammy Award Winning CD with the Cowtown Opry

   Cowboy Poetry by Monty Teel and Teresa Burleson with their take on Cowboy Life
   COWBOY POETRY and Story Telling Contest Winners named by Monty Teel and  Prizes presented

See: or call D. Dawson 817-938-5527 for details

This is more than a Celebration as the Middle and High School students express their interest in preserving the past heritage of the next generation. Being in Cowtown USA, Fort Worth's nic name after the 600 Million head of cattle streamed on a daily basis through the town for over 30 yrs.

Posted 6/30


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July 31- August 4, 2008
4th Annual Coast Fork Cowboy Festival  Creswell, Oregon

4th Annual Coast Fork Cowboy Festival
July 31, August 1-3, 6-9 PM 2nd & Oregon Avenue, Creswell, Oregon

July 31- Western Street Dance & Salsa Challenge
Come dance in the middle of the city, watch the cloggers, learn to line dance or sample the salsas
and meet some of the performers coming for the Friday and Saturday night shows.
Refreshments available for purchase.

August 1-2, Coast Fork Cowboy Festival
Fri. & Sat. Shows 6:30-1:30 PM, Creswell High School Commons, 33390 Nieblock Lane, Creswell

The High Strung Band (family of 5, children ages 14, 12 and 10) A must see!
Horse Crazy, cowgirl band, from Washington. They bring lots of energy and fun to the stage, great harmonies.
Vern Woodbury, cowboy poet and humorist.
Jinny Lowe brings her honkey-tonk piano talents for us to enjoy during intermissions.
Van & Kathy Criddle - Dallas and P.J. McCord present award winning cowboy music and poetry.

On Saturday night ONLY: Our special guest will be R. J. Vandygriff. He made the song, "You Just Can't See Them From the Road," famous on his
The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet album.

Cost of tickets: $10 per person, $30 for a family of 4. Tickets are good for one show. The Commons is air conditioned.( Bring cushions to sit on for comfort though!) Refreshment available (donations accepted)

August 3- Cowboy Church
9 AM, Cloverdale Chapel & Meetinghouse, on the corner of Danstrom and Rodgers Roads, Creswell.
Admission is free. If you have not been to Cowboy Church before, you are in for a treat.

100% of the proceeds of the events will go to help fund music in the schools, the Creswell Llibrary and Creswell Chamber of Commerce. We are helping preserve the cowboy way of life through music and poetry by bringing the finest cowboy entertainment to this area. CFCF is the only show of its kind in Oregon.

Learn more about the Festival from Dallas McCord (541-514-1575) or tune into the Cowboy Culture Corner every Sunday afternoon, 1-4 on KNND 1400 AM, Cottage Grove.

Updated 6/26

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August 15-16, 2008
Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering
  Prescott, Arizona

From Nika Nordbrock:

21st Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering will be Friday. August 15, and Saturday, August 16, 2008.

New location for day sessions will be Yavapai College, 1100 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott, Arizona.

For more information call 928-772-0301.

Evening shows are Friday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 7:30 pm at the Yavapai College Performance Hall. To order evening show tickets call is 1-877-928-4253 or 928-776-2000.

Tickets are $16.00 each for the night shows and day sessions are free.


Official media release, May 29, 2008:


The 21st Annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering will take place August 15 and16 on the Yavapai College Campus and at the Yavapai College Performance Hall in Prescott, Arizona.

The theme of this year's Gathering is Headin’ For New Range. The Gathering presents cowboy storytelling in verse and song, Western harmony bands, cowboy singer/songwriters, and cowboy traditions—from the latest range-country styles to fine art of the West—in a mix that is refreshingly different and delightfully entertaining. For people coming from Arizona’s cattle culture, the Gathering offers renewal through familiar, traditional, and much-loved art forms. For city folks, the Gathering offers a chance to experience the Arizona cowboy’s life through his/her own eyes and in his/her own carefully crafted words. The Gathering is entertainment and eye-opening education presenting one hundred poets, reciters and old-time singers who keep alive the working cowboy’s oral traditions by writing, reciting and singing narrative poetry about their lives on the Arizona range.

Some professionals will be on hand to provide the very best of cowboy entertainment: Jean and Gary Prescott from Ovalo, Texas will headline the 7:30 pm evening show on Friday with Featured Poets Bimbo Cheney, Rolf Flake, Suzi Killman, Joel Nelson, and Mike Prince. Saturday’s 7:30 pm performance will showcase the western harmony band Desert Sons with Featured Poets Sally Bates, Ray Fitzgerald, Kay Kelley-Nowell, Steve Lindsey, and Gary Robertson. All evening performances will be held at the Yavapai College Performance Hall, 1100 E. Sheldon, Prescott, Arizona. These shows were almost sold out last year, so it is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance. Center stage of the Gathering is reserved for the real working-cowboy poets who represent the best of authentic cowboy storytelling traditions. The twelve Featured Poets on the evening shows have been chosen from over one hundred applicants.

The Gathering offers a mix of events. This year’s Gathering begins with a Special Gathering Preview Presentation “Head ‘Em Up Move ‘Em Out” on Friday at Noon at the Yavapai College Performance Hall.  Free daytime sessions Friday afternoon, Noon to 5:00 pm, and all day Saturday, 9:00 am -5:00 pm with a lunch break, take place on the Yavapai College Campus—with as many as nine different small sessions at once. A reception at the Phippen Museum Friday at 5:00 pm is free to all; it offers a great show of Western art, entertainment by Randy Huston and Gail Starr and light refreshments. Formal evening shows take place Friday and Saturday nights in the Yavapai College Performance Hall.

Reserved seat tickets for the evening shows are only $16 and may be ordered by calling the Yavapai College Community Events box office, toll free, at 1.877.928.4253 or 928.776.2000. Yavapai College is located at 1100 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott, Arizona 86301. For further information and a schedule of Gathering events, visit or call Jim Dunham at 928.772-0301.  We welcome media participation in this event.

The Gathering is presented by the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, Inc., the Las Vegas Ranch, and the Hassayampa Inn with partial funding from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, from Arizona Artshare and from the City of Prescott through the Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council.

Updated 5/29

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August 15-17, 2008
16th Annual Stony Plain Gathering  Stony Plain, Alberta  

The 16th Annual Stony Plain Cowboy Poetry, Music & Art Gathering will be an all-indoor event this year, kicked off in the Toby Kazeil Pavilion at the Exhibition Grounds with our Wild Texan BBQ and dinner show, followed by a 2 hour Brett Kissel / Gary Fjellgaard concert and late night campfire.  O.K., so the campfire is outdoors!

You’ll also want to stick around for the rest of the week-end’s line-up, which includes Don Wudel, Jake Peters, Doris Daley, Harry Rusk, D. W. Groethe, Billie-Jo & Micki-Lee Smith, Frank Gleeson, Tim Williams, Mag Mawhinney, Windi Scott, Ol’ Ugly, Randy Smith, Ken Blacklock, Bob & Ted Glidden, B. J. Smith (Betti Jo) and the Command Sisters.

You’ll also enjoy the week-end-long Western Arts & Crafts trade fair and the mini shows in the little antique church and Iris’s Tea House, where the performers are up-close-and-personal.

The 16th Annual Stony Plain Cowboy Poetry, Music & Art Gathering—Dedicated to the preservation and presentation of historical and contemporary
Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art.

Visit us at

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August 16, 2008
Wild Horse Sanctuary  Open House   Shingletown, California

From Susan Parker:

The Open House Fundraiser for the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown, California is scheduled for August 16, 2008, starting at 1:00 PM. This annual event is held as a thank you to all who have helped support the Sanctuary and to acquaint newcomers with the Sanctuary’s efforts to preserve a part of America’s history.

As stated on their website, their mission is “To protect and preserve America's wild horses as a ‘living national treasure’ in a publicly accessible and ecologically balanced environment with other wildlife for future generations.”

There will be an all day BBQ, free horse rides for children 10 & under, the opportunity to go on a wild horse walk, a silent auction, free drawings (Grand Prize of a Weekend Trail Ride), and a barn dance.

Cowboy poets and musicians will provide entertainment until 6:00 PM. Mike Harkin of Santa Rosa will co-emcee the event with poet Susan Parker, of Benicia, who will also perform her western poetry. Other poets include: Jim Cardwell, Oroville; Wayne Wendle, Santa Rosa; and Larry Brockman, Redding. Musicians include the local favorites trio of Bruce Barron on guitar, and Bernice “Gunny” Denny, guitarist and yodeler, both from Redding, and Lloyd Raeg on the banjo from Manton; guitarist and vocalist Ray Mitcham, Shingletown; and from Butte County, the Wild Mountaineers String Band, comprised of “Wrangler Rick” Vagts on fiddle, with Laurel “Woodsorrell” and “Buckwheat Bob” Harrison on guitar and vocals.

For directions and more information contact the Wild Horse Sanctuary, 5796 Wilson Hill Road Shingletown, CA 96088

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August 24, 2008
An Afternoon of Cowboy Poetry  Angels Camp, California

Greenhorn Creek Resort located at 711 McCauley Ranch Road in Angels Camp, California will be the setting for An Afternoon of Cowboy Poetry on August 24, 2008, from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Jay Brooks, on air personality of Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN, will emcee the event. Conrad Levasseur of Ironstone Winery will open the show, reciting his original poetry. Featured poet Susan Parker will recite her original and classic poetry, including works from her “Vanishing Voices” project, poetry written by the pioneering women of the west.

Local poets will also be given the opportunity to recite their own poetry. Poems should be submitted for consideration to CAT Coordinator, Susan Sheehan, 1299 Gold Hunter Road, San Andreas, California 95249, by July 31st.

General admission is $10. Tickets are available at Calaveras County libraries, or by calling (209) 754-6006. All proceeds will benefit Calaveras Adult Tutoring (CAT), a program of the Calaveras County Library.

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August 29-31, 2008
Cheyenne Heart of the West Festival  Cheyenne, Wyoming 

From Elizabeth Kelly:

The Cheyenne Heart of the West Festival showcases cowboy poets, western musicians, storytellers, and artisans Friday through Sunday, August 29-31, 2008, at The Plains Hotel, the Cheyenne Depot, and the Atlas Theatre. 

The  festival celebrates historic traditions of the authentic Old West through concerts, craft shows, a chuck wagon dinner, and a Cowboy Church service.

Featured performers include:

Andy Nelson—cowboy poet and humorist

Blue Water Cowboy Band—cowboy music & comedy

Jon Chandler & the Wichitones—award winning sinnger, songwriter and author

Mike Hurwitz—"a treasure trove of country blues"

Otto Rosfeld—sings, yodels and plays washboard

Prickly Pair—cutting edge western

Whiskey Trip—genuine honky tonk music 

See for more information about the Cheyenne Heart of the West Festival, happening this Labor Day weekend.

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August 29-September 1, 2008
North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo  Barriere Fall, British Columbia

From Mike Puhallo:

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo August 29 to September 1, 2008

Barriere Fall fair grounds 60 Km  North of Kamloops on Highway 5,  Fall Fair & Rodeo with a  Main stage show, cowboy poetry, country & western music, clowns,  parades, livestock show, pony Chuck-wagon races and so much more.  Dick Ross (250) 672-9208

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August 30, 2008
Cowboy Poetry/Cowboy Music Salute to Wagon Days  Ketchum, Idaho


Saturday, August 30, 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm, Forest Service Park


Our professional cowboy poets and musicians will again be performing their annual tribute to some of the best cowboy poetry and traditional cowboy music as part of "Wagon Days." Performers will again hail from distant parts as well as local talents showing their stuff.

This salute to the Old West has proved to be an irresistible crowd pleaser with audiences increasing every year, drawn by the wild yarns, familiar old cowboy songs, and the droll brand of humorous poetry sparked by dealing  with cantankerous mules and cowpokes alike.

The free event with free drinks will again be at Forest Service Park in Ketchum, Saturday, September 30, 2007 starting immediately after the Wagon Days Parade; 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Forest Service Park is located on 1st Street between  Washington and 1st Ave. We are welcoming everyone and encouraging all to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets...and bring a picnic if they like!

Contact Gary Hoffman:  (208) 725-5522 or

See Smoke Wade's report about the 2006 event here.

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August 30-September 1, 2008
New Underwood Centennial New Underwood, South Dakota

New Underwood celebrates its centennial with a weekend full of activities (see the schedule here) including Cowboy Poetry in the Park, 2:00 pm Monday, September 1, 2008 featuring Ken Cook, Robert Dennis, Bonnie Krogman, Slim McNaught, Diane Tribitt, and Brent Voight.

Visit for more information.

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September 4-7, 2008
20th Annual National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration Lubbock, Texas

The National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration celebrates its 20th anniversary, September 4-7, 2008, in Lubbock, Texas. From the official media release:

The event's purpose remains to celebrate, preserve and pass along our western heritage and cowboy culture for those who know and love it, and forthose who have never known it before to learn from and enjoy it as well. To
accomplish these goals, this year's schedule includes nationally recognized entertainers Sons of the San Joaquin, Don Edwards and Waddie Mitchell, along with other national, regional and local musical entertainers, poets and storytellers, western writers/authors panels, film and movie seminars, horse handling demonstrations, a horse parade, a full blown Native American Indian Powwow, chuck wagon cook-off teams and exhibits, and exhibits of more than 200 spaces of western artworks and merchandise. Don't miss the tasty fare of the National Championship Chuck Wagon Cook-Off, Saturday, September 6th.

As a feature of this year's 20th Anniversary event, we have planned several new additional events such as The Frank Dean-Will Rogers World Championship Trick Roping Contest (the only event of its kind in the nation), Dress of the West: 100 Years of Western Clothing display as a part of the Lubbock Centennial Celebration including a celebrity boot collection, and the Western Writers of America Authors' Panels and book signings.

Visit the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration web site for complete information.

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September 12-14, 2008
African American Western Experience  Concan, Texas

From Jan Billups:

We will host the African American Western Experience at Steppin' Back Guest Ranch in Concan, Texas. We have a great selection of storytellers participating: Calvin Sims, Storyteller, Poet, Educator; Clifton Fifer; Ms. Mollie Stevenson; Living history by Buffalo Soldier’s Living History and Heritage Association. Music and Square dance of the times.

Steppin' Back Guest Ranch announces
Historical GRAND Opening Event

CONCAN, TX, September 12-14, 2008:  Located in the Texas Hill County, Steppin' Back Guest ranch will hold a historic event by introducing guest to the western life through the African American experience.  The purpose is to allow the visitors to experience the diversity of African American western culture.

"We invite you to come and experience a weekend full of events," owner Jan  Billups says. "We will have square dancing, Kiddie Kowboy Korner events for children, displays, presenters and much more," she continues. Visitors will also be able to learn exciting historical facts, visit the vendors to purchase collectable memoirs, and enjoy the savory taste of great
western dishes.

The full itinerary is available at More
information can also be obtained by emailing

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September 13, 2008
Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree   Winthrop, Washington

From Lauralee Northcott:

What do you get when you cross the best in cowboy entertainment with the old west town of Winthrop? An evening of delightful laughter! There are two such nights planned for 2008. The Dollar Watch Cowboy Jamboree will be presented Friday May 9 and Saturday Sept. 13, 2008 at 7:00 PM in the Winthrop Auditorium, sponsored by Winthrop Red Apple Market.

Saturday, Sept 13, 2008
Winthrop Barn Sat 7 PM
Winthrop, Washington

Mike Faast and Roger Ferguson will join the Dollar Watch gang during Auto Rally weekend in Winthrop, Washington. Mike Faast is Lead Singer and BandLeader for the Seattle based Western Swing Band "the Jangles," he is accompanied by super picker Roger Ferguson. Mike’s mellow voice and showmanship will warm your heart. Roger is a world class player, winning first place in the Winfield National Flatpick Guitar Championship, and placing in the semi-finals on mandolin. He toured nationally for two years with The Shoppe, playing electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and fiddle, and regularly opening for Country/Western heavyweights like Merle Haggard, Doug Kershaw, and Emmylou Harris.

Stan Kvistad, cowboy poet and local nuisance will grace the stage and give Dave a run for his money, to see who can be the wackiest! Horse Crazy, that totally fun cowgirl band will be on hand along with Dave McClure cowboy poet and humorist. Mary Milka as Martha Star Route will be featured and don’t forget the Elbow Coulee Cast of Characters: Forest Stump, Girl of the Golden West, Jingle Queens of the San Joaquin and a perhaps surprise guest. These folks will remind you what it means to be entertained!

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September 19, 2008
Third Annual Badger Clark Memorial Society Writers' Workshop   Custer, South Dakota

September 19-21 are dates set for the third annual Writers Workshop sponsored by the Badger Clark Memorial Society, a South Dakota non-profit corporation.  Linda M. Hasselstrom of Hermosa, noted author and workshop instructor will direct the workshop.  Schedule for the workshop Friday, Sept. 19, includes an afternoon writing session at the Badger Hole in Custer State Park beginning at 1:00 pm followed by a picnic at 5:00 pm and a free program for the public at the Custer County 1881 Courthouse Museum courtroom at 6:30 pm. 

Participants in the workshop may, if they wish, join Dr. George Russell of Boulder, Colorado; Donley Hewitt of Hill City; and Linda M. Hasselstrom who will present readings of poetry or prose.  The popular French Creek Folk will provide music during the evening, including Badger Clark poetry set to music.  Refreshments will be served, courtesy of the Society. Friday night's entertainment at the 1881 Courthouse is free to the public.

Saturday session will begin at 8:30 am in the Custer County Courthouse Annex at at 447 Crook Street.  The day will include instruction on all factors involving writing poetry or prose plus writing session.  Snacks and lunch will be provided by the Society.  Participants who complete the 15-hour workshop will receive certificates of recognition. 

An application for registration and the $100 workshop fee are due by September 15 payable to the Badger Clark Memorial Society, Box 351, Custer, SD 57730-0351.  College credit from the University of South Dakota is available for $43.20 for English 592, "Badger Clark Memorial Society Workshop" for those who apply by September 19.

Participants may send any paper they have written to the Society by September 1 for critiquing by Hasselstorm for a fee of $10.

For information contact Jessie Sundstrom, PO Box 351, Custer, SD 57730-0351,  Og, 605-673-4377.  The Society is a non-profit South Dakota corporation organized to promote the works of Badger Clark and western literature.  To learn about the society log on to

The Poetry Workshop is sponsored in part by the South Dakota Arts Council.

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September 19-21, 2008
Seventh Annual Spirit of the West  Sioux Falls, South Dakota  

The Spirit of the West Festival 2008

The Spirit of the West Festival will celebrate year seven on September 19-21 2008 at the Siemonsma Homestead just north of Sioux Falls, SD. What started as a dream of a handful of folks spearheaded by Bill and Jeanne Pattison, Spirit of the West continues to preserve and promote the West as it once was - from the thrills of cowboy drama and shootouts, music, melodies and stories of the old west, and fast action whip, rope and horseback excitement, the Festival entertains repeat visitors as well as impress first time attendees. Despite challenges from the elements, the volunteers and participants continue to put on an amazing show. Our ancestors dealt with what the weather dished out, why shouldn’t we?

Spectators who come back year after year tell us it is the quality of the unique vendors that keep them returning, as well as the entertainers and food. Seldom do stage performers mingle with the crowds and make themselves available for questions and autographs as they do at Spirit of the West. Headlining the 2008 Entertainment lineup are Stars of the Silver Screen Era: Peter Brown (Lawman, Laramie) and Robert Fuller (Wagon Train, Laredo)…legendary Hollywood Movie Stars who brought the ‘wild west’ to television fans across America. Returning also for 2008 are the well loved and entertaining KG and the Ranger and Whip Cracker Adam Winrich all of Wisconsin, Western Trick Riders Brian and Paula Bausch of Arizona, and Cowboy Rope Artist Mike Wooldridge of Florida. And where else in South Dakota can you sample real food cooked the old fashion way in Dutch Ovens over fire and coals? Historically accurate Chuck Wagons from across the Midwest haul into compete for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, and Spirit of the West can now boast it hosted the largest Dutch Oven cook off in the United States at their 2007 event with 95 dishes cooked by 39 teams in 4 hours! What will this year bring?

Spirit of the West is unique as preserves an era of history that is fast being forgotten: folks enjoy the opportunity to walk back in time, a chance to remember when metal items were hand-forged, fabric was woven by hand on a loom from fibers and wool, and transportation was provide by our four-footed friends. People bring their children and grandchildren and introduce them to a time when life was simpler – where every family member was depended on to ‘pull their share of the load’ for the good of all with individual chores and duties. After supper, families sat and told stories and played music: families and neighbors had time for each other.

At Spirit of the West you can enjoy exciting entertainment – from watching trigger happy cowboys tune their skills at riding a fast horse taking sharp turns while shooting balloons with blanks to witnessing re-enactments of military cavalry drills, fast paced stage coach robberies, and a thrilling Wild West Revue. Buffalo Bill deserves the credit for taking the West to the stage in his creations of Wild West Shows that traveled the country and abroad – bringing to the public thrilling acts of daring and western adventure. He created the image of the Western Stage Shows that can still be enjoyed today at the Spirit of the West – an opportunity to witness feats of bravery, and roping and whip cracking skills that have put these performers into the record books. Comedy and skits keep the action moving, and audience involvement adds to the enjoyment for all.

Without a doubt, the location of Spirit of the West is in itself a draw – the river valley takes one back in time with nary a modern building in sight. Daily horseback trail rides thru private and public lands around the Festival sight ending in a ‘cowboy style’ meal allow the public to enjoy this event on another level – either as one who witnesses the trail of horses and riders crossing the river, or by being one of those riders. The ever changing headliners who showcase at the Festival and the well loved repeat performers continue to draw the public back to this unique and exciting Festival. If you have not taken the time to attend this Festival, get it on your schedule today. Join us, and others, in discovering ‘your spirit of the west’…if only just for the day. – We will see you in September!

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September 20, 2008 
Gila Valley Cowboy Poetry & Music Concert Safford, Arizona

The Desert Sons (Skelly Boyd, Slim Tighe, Benny Young, and John "Buck" Ryberg), Sam DeLeeuw, Cindy Rae, Mike Moutoux, Bunny Dryden and student poets, and Larry Harmer, MC.

Show begins at 7PM; Adults $10, Students $5

Contact: or 928-428-2870;

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September 20, 2008 
September Splendor Western Poetry and Music  Gunnison, Colorado

From Mark Todd:


Don't miss Gunnison's fall celebration of western words and music at the annual September Splendor Western Poetry and Music, Saturday, Sept. 20, starting at 7 p.m. at the Gunnison Art Center. The event is free and open to the public.

This year's event features two new faces, Nashville recording artist Will Dudley, accompanied by local favorite Evelyn Roper. Also participating are local cowboy poets John Nelson, Shorty George, Brent Winston, and Mark Todd, who will emcee.

Dudley and Roper have just released a new CD entitled Compadres, which features original songs by both artists as well as covers of traditional songs about the West. Todd's new collection of poetry, Tamped, But Loose Enough to Breathe, has also just been published in time for the event and will join works already available by Nelson, Winston, and George.

Dudley, a long-time musician and songwriter, spent years on the road with Tanya Tucker and later with Willie Nelson. This past and current year, he hangs his hat in the Gunnison Valley. Roper's local band is Opal Moon, but she's also performed at the Arizona Cowboy Symposium, the Western Music Association Festival, as well played and sung as special guest performances for other Western musicians.

Gunnison's own award-winning poet, John Nelson, has performed at numerous  state and national events, including the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Michael Martin Murphey's West Fest, the Meeker Cowboy Renaissance, the Morrison Cowboy Poetry Gathering as well as the world-famous Elko, Nev., event.

Local favorites Shorty George and Brent Winston are both Colorado natives  and long-time ranchers and horse trainers. Winston is a graduate of Western State and saw his first collection of cowboy poetry published in 2006.

The evening of poetry and music is part of the line-up of September Splendor events that take place all month. This event is made possible by a grant from the Arts Enhancement Fund of Western State College's Office of Academic  Affairs.

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September 20-21, 2008 
Jack Thorp Anniversary Concerts  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Palace of the Governors
Fran Levine 505-476-5093

Mark L. Gardner and Rex Rideout will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Jack Thorp's Songs of Cowboys in eight New Mexico concerts in September. Thorp (N. Howard Thorp, 1867-1940) collected cowboy songs and poems across the west for nearly 20 years, starting in the late 1800's. He first published them in 1908, in a small book called Songs of the Cowboys.

Mark L. Gardner edited the 2005 book, Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys, which includes a CD of Gardner and Rex Rideout performing poems and songs played on vintage instruments in the style they would have been heard in Thorp's time. See our feature about the book here.


September 20-21, 2008


(SANTA FE, NM) -- The Palace of the Governors will host SONGS OF
THE COWBOYS: A TRIBUTE TO JACK THORP on Saturday, September 20 and
Sunday, September 21. The two-day event celebrates the centennial of
Jack Thorp's historic contribution as America's first collector of
cowboy ballads. His book Songs of the Cowboys, published in 1908,
established a musical genre central to the cowboy lore and legend of
the American West that still thrives today.

The weekend celebration features the premier of a documentary film
on Thorp's life, performances of the legendary songs collected in
Thorp's book by noted musical historians Mark Gardner and Rex
Rideout, a Cowboy "Feed and Read" Breakfast, and book signings.
The event also includes a gallery talk by Ron Kil whose illustrations
for Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys are on display in the Palace
of the Governors. Kids and adults can try their hand at roping dummy
steers and calves with Clint Mortenson.


One day in 1908, Nathan Howard "Jack" Thorp walked into a
print shop in Estancia, New Mexico and ordered a printing of 2,000
copies of a little red book he produced called ?Songs of the
Cowboys.? Never before had a collection of authentic cowboy songs -
songs written by cowboys themselves, about their lives, their hopes
and their dreams - been published. The 23 ballads in that book
established a musical genre that would ultimately give birth to one
of America's most beloved icons: the singing cowboy.

Would there have been a Gene Autry or a Roy Rogers without New
Mexican cowboy Jack Thorp? Would those collectors who followed in his
footsteps have done so without his ground-breaking work? Would cowboy
singers have played such a vibrant role in American popular musical
culture had it not been for Jack?

We'll never know for sure. But musicians, music lovers,
historians and folklorists throughout the world know that they are
immensely richer for Jack Thorp's life and work.




Narrated by actress Kelli Biggs - great-granddaughter of
silent-screen cowboy movie star Tom Mix - "On the Trail of Jack
Thorp" features the music of contemporary cowboy singers Don
Edwards, Skip Gorman, Mark Gardner and Rex Rideout while making a New
Mexico road trip to out-of-the-way places entwined with Jack's
complex life. Mark Gardner and Rex Rideout will perform songs from
their book and CD prior to the film. The film was directed by Susan
Gervasi, a Washington, D.C.-area documentary filmmaker and journalist
who spends as much time as she possibly can in New Mexico. A Q & A
session with Susan Gervasi will follow the film.


8 A.M. - 10 A.M. COWBOY "FEED AND READ" BREAKFAST, featuring a
cowboy breakfast prepared by Dutch Masters, one of New Mexico's
finest cowboy caterers. Palace of the Governors Courtyard. Admission
at the Blue Gate. Advance ticket sales: $8 for adults, $4 ages 7
through 12, and free for age 6 and under. Call 505.476.5096. Tickets
on the day of the event, at the Blue Gate: $10 for adults, $5 for
ages 7 through12, free for age 6 and under.

11 A.M. - 2 P.M. DELICIOUS "COWBOY COBBLER" will be prepared
and sold by Dutch Masters, Dutch oven cooks extraordinaire.

11 A.M. -- 12 P.M. AND 2 P.M. ? 3 P.M. MUSIC HISTORIANS MARK

Mark Gardner and Rex Rideout, along with Santa Fe musician Archie
West, will perform a selection of songs from Thorp's Songs of the
Cowboys. Gardner and Rideout will also be selling and signing copies
of their book, Jack Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys. Gardner and
Rideout's appearance is courtesy of the New Mexico Humanities


Historian Marc Simmons and Artist Ron Kil will sign their books
from their Children of the West series (University of New Mexico
Press): Teddy's Cattle Drive, Millie Cooper's Ride, Billy
Blackfeet in the Rockies
, Friday the Arapaho Boy and Jose's Buffalo


Roping for kids and adults with Clint Mortenson of Mortenson of
Silver & Saddles.

Find more information about other concerts below.


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September 23, 2008
14th Annual Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers Awards  Garland, Texas

Awards in cowboy poetry, Western music, radio, and other cowboy arts will be presented at the 14th Annual Will Rogers Cowboy Awards Show in Garland, Texas, on September 23, 2008. Among the entertainers scheduled are Eli Barsi, RJ Vandygriff, Diamond W Wranglers, Joe Paul Nichols, Liz Talley, Carolyn Martin, Curtis Potter, and the Light Crust Doughboys.

For more information: 580-221-8792,

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September 26-27, 2008
11th Annual Badger Clark Hometown Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering  Hot Springs, South Dakota

From Slim McNaught:

The Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce presents the 11th Annual Badger Clark Hometown Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering on Friday, September 26. The event will start at 7pm with “Bunkhouse Tales”, an open jam session, emceed by Robert "Jinglebob" Dennis. It will be held at the Woolly’s Mammoth Family Fun located at 1403 Highway 18 Bypass in Hot Springs.

Then starting at 9am on Saturday, September 27 in the Mueller Civic Center at 801 South 6th Street, a Poetry Seminar workshop will be held, hosted by Yvonne Hollenbeck and Slim McNaught. At 1pm will be the afternoon session of the Poetry and Music gathering, with an admission charge of $5.00.

At 8pm “The Big Show” evening performance will get underway with Robert "Jinglebob" Dennis of Red Owl, South Dakota as emcee and featuring: Yvonne Hollenbeck of Clearfield, South Dakota, KG & The Ranger of Madison, Wisconsin, Jean Prescott of Ovalo, Texas, and Ken Cook of Martin, South Dakota. Tickets for that show will be $20.00. Tickets for the events may be reserved at 1-800-325-6991 or

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September 27, 2008
Vinton Cowboy Poetry Show   Vinton, California

Performers: Singer: Juni Fisher, Poet: Gary Robertson and Poet: Jim Parsons

Shows at 1 PM and 7:30 PM Cost $18 for adults and $12 for kids.
BBQ dinner served from 4 - 7 PM Cost $12 for adults and $6 for kids.

(Corner of Highway 70 & 49 - just 30 miles from Reno, Nv.)

For info or tickets, contact: BETTY RAMELLI, 530-993-4692,

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September 28, 2009
Western Music Association California Chapter Benefit  Los Angeles, California

Sunday, September 28, 2008-2:00 PM

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds, featuring Jean Sudbury & Dan Dungan

live at the

Autry National Center Wells Fargo Theater
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA, 90027-1462

with Host Poet J.D. Seibert

Also Featuring

Nancy Lee, George Dickey, Buck Corbett & Rodger Maxwell

Tickets: $20.00 / $15.00 WMA & Autry Members
Children under 12 - $10.00

Fundraiser to benefit
Western Music Association California Chapter

Howdy Tumbleweed fans! This is an opportunity to see us on a stage that we can MOVE on!

The Wells Fargo Theater is located in the heart of the Autry National Center and this is for a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts. It benefits the Western Music Association, of which most of you know we are members. If you've been looking for an opportunity to support the American Arts in some way AND see a really great show, THIS is your chance! Come join us as we celebrate the American West along with some of our friends in the Western Music and Cowboy Poetry world!

For tickets call Marilyn Tuttle at 818-365-8709

or e-mail:

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October 4, 2008
3rd Annual Pinedale Cowboy Roundup   Pinedale, Wyoming

Saturday October 4, 7:00 PM

Pinedale High School Auditorium
101 East Hennick, Pinedale WY

The entertainment has been set for the third annual Pinedale Cowboy Roundup  (PCR) and you will want to make plans early to attend this year.

In keeping with the tradition of bringing in only the worlds best cowboy performers,  the PCR is proud to announce the return of crowd favorites Jerry Hall and  Trick Shot and world class cowboy poet Chuck Larsen, along side seasoned cowboy poets and Sublette County Wyoming residents Jesse Smith and Andy Nelson. New to the gathering this year, but not new to any high-class event, is Western Music Association and Academy of Western Artists Female Vocalist of the Year Juni Fisher.

Tickets are available at the Cowboy Shop, Cattle Kate's, at the door or by calling (307) 367-6710

All proceeds are donated every year to the Small Miracles Foundation and Kickin' Cancer in Sublette County.

Posted 6/27

October 5, 2008
20th Annual Alzada Cowboy Poetry, Art & Music Show   Alzada, Montana

From Slim McNaught:

“Looking Back at Past Shows and Reminiscing Around the Campfire” is the theme for the 20th Annual Alzada Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art Show.

The event will be held Sunday, October 5, 2008 in the Alzada Community Hall. The building opens at 10am to view the art show.

A free program of music and poetry begins at 1pm.

Lunch will be served all day with door prizes given.

Featured performers in the Poetry division are Jody Strand of Baker, Montana and Robert "Jinglebob" Dennis of Red Owl, South Dakota. Featured Musicians will be Patsy Fitch and Jack Owen. Featured Artists are Linda Velder and Zack Jay. There will be many more artists, musicians, and poets from surrounding states including Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

For more information call: Gay Arpan 406-828-4517 or Chris Maupin 307-467-5260.

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October 9-12, 2008
17th Annual Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Old West Days  Valentine, Nebraska

Performers include Gary and Jean Prescott, Liz Masterson, Bonnie Krogman, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Al Mehl, Pop Wagner, O'Brien Family Band, and Tim Nolting.

Find the complete schedule at:

For more information: 800-658-4024

Posted 9/11

October 10-12, 2008
2nd Annual Grand Union Gathering: Cowboy & Country, Poets & Pickers   Fort Benton, Montana

The 2nd Annual Grand Union Gathering: Cowboy & Country, Poets & Pickers will be held at the historic Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, Montana, October 10-12, 2008.

Friday will commence with a night show at 7:30 PM in the elementary school auditorium.

Saturday will have day sessions 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM and a Cowboy Poet Shootout Competition at the Grand Union Hotel, Sing/Recite For Your Supper in participating restaurants, The Hole In The Wall Gang performing old west reenactments through out town, and a 7:30 PM night show at the elementary school auditorium.

Cowboy Church will be held at the Grand Union Hotel at 10:00 AM.

Questions: call  Arnold Hokansen 406-386-2275

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October 11, 2008
Them Cowboys is Headin' Downtown  Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan

From Larry Krause:

We are doing a "mini gathering," featuring poet B.J. Smith, cowboy humorist Ol' Ugly, and cowboy singer Larry Krause

October 11, 2008 with meet and greet at 5:30, ribstickin' Cowboy supper at 6:30 and the show at 8:00 at the Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan Legion Hall.

Tickets are available at 306.982.4544, and more information is at

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October 12, 2008
Sweethearts in Carhartts" Martin Matinee  Martin, South Dakota

From Ken Cook:                      

"Sweethearts in Carhartts" Martin Matinee


Yvonne Hollenbeck, Liz Masterson, and Jean Prescott
With cowboy poet Ken Cook and top cowboy singer and songwriter Gary Prescott

October 12, 2008
Inland Theatre—Main Street, Martin, South Dakota
Show Time: 3 pm.  Doors open at 2:30 pm.
Tickets: $10.00

The show is a fundraiser for the local P.E.O. Chapter CV. The local PEO sponsors scholarships annually to Bennett County High School female graduates.
Tickets will go on sale Sept. 1. To reserve seats or for additional information contact Ken Cook:; 605-685-6749

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October 15, 2008
Heritage of the American West  Spearfish, South Dakota
Live on the web, 7PM MT

Popular broadcaster Jim Thompson and Creative Broadcast Services present Heritage of the American West, with "music and poetry of the great American Cowboy" on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM (MT).  Directed by Francie Ganje, the show brings top talent from across the West to an appreciative audience. The show takes place before a live audience at the High Plains Heritage Center in Spearfish, South Dakota and is broadcast simultaneously on the web (archived web broadcasts are available).  

The October 15, 2008 show features "Sweethearts in Carhartts": cowgirl poet Yvonne Hollenbeck and singer/songwriters Liz Masterson, and Jean Prescott.

 6:00 PM: Exhibit & Reception
    7:00 PM: Show Time!!!

Held in the Bruce Miller Theater at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish. Visit the show's web site for more information.

         See our feature about the Heritage of the American West here.

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October 18, 2008
An Evening in the West  Columbia, Missouri

From Don Collop:
The Missouri Cowboy Poets Association is sponsoring a chuckwagon meal and evening performance on October 18, 2008 in Columbia, MO. 
This gathering is for the MCPA scholarship fund that provides money to third and fourth year college students in the agricultural field.
Tickets need to be purchased by October 1, for the meal and show per person is  $20.  If more information is needed please contact Don at (660) 434-6519

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October 25, 2008
Diamond Mountain Cowboy Poetry, Music and BBQ  Susanville, California

Cowboy Poetry, Music and BBQ on October 25, 2008 at the Diamond Mountain Casino and Hotel

BBQ tri tip & chicken dinner starts at 6:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:15 with poets Dave Fisher, Tony Argento and Musician Sourdough Slim.

Tickets are $15.00 for dinner and show.

Make your reservations now at 877-319-8514 or

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October 18, 2008
Cowboy Culture Extravaganza  Sunol, California

From Thayne Beard:

The Cowboy Culture Extravaganza will focus on the heritage and culture of the American Cowboy.

This is a fitting theme, especially for Sunol Regional Wilderness, since Sunol is steeped richly with ranching and cattleman heritage.

The agenda of this event will consist of a stage set up with 250 - 300 seats for Cowboy Poetry and Music to be performed throughout the day, cowboy and pioneer demonstrations such as, quilting, roping, branding, horehound candy making, Dutch-oven cooking and cranking homemade ice cream. There will be booths sponsored by the East Bay Regional Park District, grazing tenants and ranchers to provide information to the public on the practices of grazing and its benefits due to proper stewardship management within our public lands.

We have invited the Alameda Cattlewoman’s Association as well. Our resident stable operator, Western Riding Services, will provide a brief seminar on horsemanship, giving our visitors more of an insight of the close working relationship that has endured many centuries between man and equine.

There will also be activities for the participation of the entire family like trick roping and having a turn at the ice cream freezer. The children can have a go at building there very own stick pony, and make cowboy adornments like fancy bandanas and bolo ties.

Local cattlemen will provide demonstrations on roping, blacksmith practices as well.


October 18, 2008

11:00 Opening with Naturalist dissertation of Sunol’s Cultural History

11:15 Nick Isaak, Country Classics Cowboy Band 

11:45 Lynn Owens, poet

12:15 Nick Isaak, Country Classics Cowboy Band

12:45 Susan Parker, poet with  Mick Vernon, poet and musician

1:30 Campbell Creek Gang, junior fiddle

2:00 Morgan Hunter, junior poet, Raffle

2:30 Campbell Creek Gang, junior fiddle

3:00  Mick Vernon, poet and musician, Raffle

3:45 Wayne Wendel, poet

4:15 Straight Ahead Boys, bluegrass band, Dave Courchaine

4:45 Closing statements and farewells

5:00 Good Night


$5 parking fee
Contact: 510/544-3247

Posted 8/19

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November 1-9, 2008
14th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair  Heber City, Utah

 From an official media release:

Cowboy legends will gather again to Heber city’s Cowboy Poetry Gathering nov. 1-9

Michael Martin Murphey, Bar J Wranglers, Ian Tyson, Red Steagall and Waddie Mitchell to Highlight Event; New Nov. 1 Concert Added Featuring Country Star Collin Raye

HEBER CITY, UT (April 14, 2008) – Heber City will celebrate its 14th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair, November 1-9, by bringing in some of the top performing acts in western entertainment including Michael Martin Murphey (, Ian Tyson, Red Steagall, the Bar J Wranglers and renowned cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell.  On Saturday, Nov. 1 at 7 pm, the gathering will kickoff in grand fashion with a new concert featuring country music star Collin Raye at the new Wasatch County Event Center. 

With more than 12,000 people attending last year, additional events have been added to the festival including a ranch rodeo and horse versatility show, multiple Cowboy Express Trains and a dinner and show at Zermatt Resort. Clinics will also be offered for colt starting, horse and mule driving and fiddle and guitar playing. 

“What started as a one-night event in the Midway Town Hall is now seven nights at six different venues with many of the hotels selling out,” said Tom Whitaker, event creator and trail boss.  “We’re not a secret anymore. After being named ‘Best Cowboy Poetry Gathering’ in the country last year, we’re seeing people from all over the country traveling to attend for multiple days.”  

Heber City’s Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair will feature nine main concerts, nonstop cowboy poetry and entertainment, more than 40 western booths with arts, crafts and cowboy gear, mountain man camp, cowboy church, the Horse Extravaganza Show and the Cowboy Express Train.   Souvenirs include the Heber City’s 14th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair poster painted by Robert Duncan, a membership pin and a CD with poems and songs from all the artists.

Throughout the event Eddie Deen, the official caterer for both of President Bush’s inaugurations, will be serving his world-famous East Texas BBQ.  After catering Heber City’s Wild West Show during the Olympics, Deen has come back every year to be a part of the gathering and buckaroo fair. 

Tickets for the Buckaroo Fair and continuous music and poetry are $10 at the door.  Eddie Deen’s East Texas BBQ is $13 for adults and $7 for children if purchased in advance, or $14 and $7 at the door.   Concert tickets range from $20-$43 and are available at Smith’s Tix, (800) 888-8499 or; Day’s Market Place in Heber City, (435) 654-2352; and the Heber Valley Railroad, (801) 581-9980.  For more information on event times and locations visit

# # #

Heber City’s 14th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair November 1-9

 Event Calendar:

 Saturday, Nov. 1          7 p.m. Country Concert with Collin Raye ($25)
                                  *Located at the Wasatch County Event Center

 Tuesday, Nov. 4           5 p.m. Cowboy Steak Dinner & Show ($25)
                                  Concert –Waddie Mitchell, Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave, Juni Fisher, Prickly Pair, Red Desert Ramblers,
                                  Sourdough Slim, The Rootbeer Reunion 

Wednesday, Nov. 5         7 p.m. Horse Show Extravaganza Wild West Show ($20)

Thursday, Nov. 6            9 a.m. Horse and Mule Driving Clinic ($10)

      1 p.m. Cowboy Express Train at the Heber Valley Railroad ($25)

      1 p.m. Ranch Horse Versatility at the Wasatch County Event Center ($10)

      5 p.m. Continuous Music, Poetry & Buckaroo Show opens

      7 p.m. Concert with Michael Martin Murphey, Waddie Mitchell and UVU

 Philharmonic Symphony ($25, $38 with dinner)           

Friday, Nov. 7               10 a.m. Ranch Rodeo at the Wasatch County Event Center ($10)

     11 a.m. Cowboy Express Train at the Heber Valley Railroad ($25)

                                  12 - 10 p.m. Continuous Music, Poetry & Buckaroo Fair

     2 p.m. Concert – Wylie & the Wild West, Doris Daley and Sourdough Slim ($25)

                                  5 p.m. Concert –Tom Russell, Sam DeLeeuw and The Quebe Sisters Band ($25)

                                  8 p.m. Concert –Ian Tyson, Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave ($25)

                                  9 p.m. Buckaroo Dance, Wylie & the Wild West ($10)


Saturday, Nov. 8           9 a.m. Colt Starting & Horsemanship Clinic ($20)

     10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Continuous Music, Poetry & Buckaroo Fair

                                  10 a.m. Fiddle and Guitar Workshop by Rich and Valerie O’Brien ($25)

     11 a.m. Concert –Bar J Wranglers, Doris Daley, Juni Fisher, and STAMPEDE! ($25)

     3 p.m. Concert – Red Steagall, Prickly Pair, Tom Russell, Rich & Valerie O'Brien ($25)

                                  7 p.m. Concert – Bar J Wranglers, Jeff Carson and The Quebe Sisters Band ($25)

     7 p.m. Dinner & Show at Zermatt Resort - Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave, Tom Russell, Doris Daley,
               Carin Mari & Pony Express ($43)


Sunday, Nov. 9              3 p.m. Cowboy Church Gospel Hour (free with ticket)


*The Buckaroo Fair and all concerts are held at Wasatch High School, 64 E. 600 S., Heber City, UT

Admittance to the Buckaroo Fair and entertainment is $10 or free with a concert ticket.

*Collin Raye concert and all horse events are held at the Wasatch County Event Center, 415 S. South Field Road (1200 West)

Posted 4/21

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November 7-8, 2008
21st Annual Rhymers Rodeer  Minden, Nevada

From Bill Henderson:

21st Annual Rhymers Rodeer at the Carson Valley Inn


A generous dose of cowboy poetry and some old-time cowboy piano tunes will be featured at the 21st Annual Rhymers Rodeer in the Carson Valley Inn's Shannon Ballroom on Friday and Saturday, November 7 and 8, 2008.  There's a cocktail show on Friday, an open mic session for "all comers" Saturday morning and a dinner show on Saturday night. Performers include poets Jim and Karen Ross, Jim King and Ross Knox plus Dave Bourne on piano. The shows will be hosted and emceed by humorist McAvoy Layne in his Mark Twain character.   

Ticket prices for 2008 remain the same as last year. The Friday evening show is $25 with no-host cocktails at 6:30 p.m. and the show starting at 7:30 p.m.  Saturday evening's dinner show is $50 with no-host cocktails at 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6:15 p.m., and show time at 7:45 p.m.  An open mic session will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. All performances are non-smoking.

Rhymers Rodeer information is available on line at  including an easy-to-use form for ordering tickets and/or making Hotel reservations at special Rhymers Rodeer rates. Information is also available through the Carson Valley Inn Sales Department at 775-783-6679.  Advance ticket purchases are a must – sorry, phone orders for tickets are not accepted.

The Carson Valley Inn ( is located on U.S. Highway 395 in Minden, NV near the intersection of State Highway 88. This popular hotel, casino, and RV resort built its reputation by providing fun and memorable experiences through the smiles and friendly service of its 500+ employees. Amenities include 152 hotel rooms, a 75-room motor lodge, 59 RV sites, a casino, three dining facilities, two lounges, nightly live cabaret entertainment for listening and dancing, 6,000+ square feet of convention and banquet space, the Chapel at the Inn, an indoor pool/spa/fitness facility, Spa at the Inn massage and facial therapy, a Shell convenience store and more. The Inn is just 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe's south shore, and 45 minutes south of Reno. 

For more information on activities, recreation, history and shopping in the Carson Valley area, see

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November 15, 2008
Riding 4 the Brand Cowboy Poetry Gathering  Moorcroft, Wyoming

From Kathryn Trigg:

A cowboy poetry gathering will benefit our local museum, the West Texas Trail Museum, November 15, 2008, in Moorcroft, Wyoming.

Performers include: Ken Cook, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Andy Nelson, Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns, and "Tumbleweed" Philip Crawford along with local cowboy and cowgirl poets and singers.

We are also planning an art auction and a dance for the evening's events.

Contact Kathryn Trigg, West Texas Trail Museum, PO Box 497, Moorcroft, WY 82721; (307) 756-9300;

Updated 9/19

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November 18, 2008
Williams Lake Cowboy Christmas  Williams Lake, British Columbia

From Mike Puhallo:

November 18 2008, Williams Lake Cowboy Christmas, Cowboy Trade Show and Evening Concert at the Rec Centre Williams Lake BC. fund raiser in support of BC Cowboys Hall of Fame and the museum of The Cariboo Chilcotin. Ph (250) 392-7404

Posted 2/20

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November 18-23, 2008
20th Annual Western Music Association Festival  Albuquerque, New Mexico

From the Western Music Association:

The 20th Annual Western Music Association Festival will be held November 19-23, 2008 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Festival will feature the annual Western Music Association Awards, the most prestigious awards in western music, as well as a concert by Wylie and the Wild West and a “Friday Night Opry” featuring top western performers in both music and poetry.

The Festival will also feature workshops on “Stage Presence,” by Juni Fisher and Belinda Gail; “Fiddle” by Tim Johnson; “Harmonica” by Gary Allegretto; “Songwriting” by Dennis Jay; “Harmony” by Carolyn Baker and Marilyn Tuttle; a DJ Panel with Joe Baker, Dick Hall, Rick Huff, Barbara Richart, O.J. Sikes and Al Krtil; and a seminar on Hawaiian Cowboys, “Year of the Paniolo” by Patty Clayton. Curly Musgrave will once again host the all day pre-conference songwriters workshop on Wednesday, November 19. It is available for a modest charge.

The WMA Festival features a Mercantile, silent auction, swap show, “Living Legend “lunch,” Day Shows and an Open Mic. There are Yodeling and Harmony contests as well.

The Festival will be held at the Marriott Albuquerque. Information on the Festival may be obtained by contacting Marsha Short, WMA P.O. Box 648, Coppell, Texas 75019, 505.563.0673 or emailing her at

Find more information at the Western Music Association web site, where you can also purchase tickets.

Posted 8/28

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November 21-22, 2008
Grand Junction Cowboy Poetry Gathering  Grand Junction, Colorado

2008 Grand Junction Cowboy Poetry Gathering
November  21 and 22
Museum of Western Colorado, Whitman Educational Center, 4th Street and Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado

Cowboy poets and musicians are livening things up the Whitman Educational Center this month!  Western Colorado has a whole herd of talented performers who will be taking the stage to share their stories and songs.  They'll be joined by several visiting performers from other parts of Colorado and neighboring states.   So pull on your boots, grab your hats and come on down for some great entertainment.


Thursday, November 20th we'll kick off the Gathering with a reception at the
Museum of the West (5th and Ute).   Stop by between 7 and 9 p.m. to enjoy
refreshments, meet some of the performers and visit museum exhibits.  Free

Friday November 21st and Saturday November 22nd
at the Whitman Educational Center (4th and Ute)

     1 p.m. - 5 p.m.  Ongoing poetry and music programs  Free
     7 p.m. Evening performance,  $5.00 per person

     10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Ongoing poetry and music programs  Free
     7 p.m. Evening performance, $5.00 per person

UPDATE: Performers include:

Al Albrethsen (Grand Junction, Colorado)
Bob Archer (Collbran, Colorado)
Jerry Brooks (Sevier, Utah)
Nona Kelly Carver (Mesa, Colorado)
Curley Dunnagan (Clifton, Colorado)
Fred Ellis (Meeker, Colorado)
Slim Farnsworth (Cedaredge, Colorado)
Chris Isaacs (Eager, Arizona)
Ray Lashley (Grand Junction, Colorado)
Peggy Malone (Fruita, Colorado)
Terry Nash (Loma, Colorado)
Bob Peterson (Dewey, Arizona)
Tom Sharpe (Loma, Colorado)

For more information, contact Ronna Lee Sharpe at 970/242-0971 ext 221.

Updated 10/23

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December 5-7, 2008
10th Annual Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival and Western Art and Gear Show  Monterey, California

From the event organizers:

Tickets will go on sale on Monday, July 7th for the 10th Annual Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival and Western Art & Gear Show ( to be held from Friday through Sunday, December 5, 6 and 7, 2008.

The festival will be held at the Monterey Conference Center located at One Portola Plaza, in downtown Monterey, CA. This popular annual event for all ages celebrates Monterey’s contribution to our western heritage with cowboy poetry, song, dance, and a first class western art and gear show. The festival brings together people from all over the United States to enjoy and learn more about the “cowboy way of life,” including its history,
current values and culture.

This year’s featured entertainers include Baxter Black, Dave Stamey, Juni Fisher, Paul Zarzyski, Linda Kirkpatrick, Wally McRae, Mike Beck, Jay Snider, Sourdough Slim, Stardust Cowboy, Bobby Kini, Leabert Lindsey, Marcus Wong Yuen, Lone Prairie, and James Barrera!

The festival has 9 shows scheduled over the three days, plus a Jam Session on Friday night, Silent Auction and Western Dance featuring Stardust Cowboy Saturday, and Sunday morning Cowboy Church, which benefits The Salvation Army and features many of the top performers of the weekend.

Tickets go on sale Monday, July 7, 2008, with prices ranging from $15.00 to $35.00, or $200.00 for an all-event pass. For more information, to become a sponsor, a volunteer, or to purchase tickets, visit the website at or call 1-800-722-9652.

The Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival is supported by Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant it has received from The James Irvine Foundation; and the Salinas Californian and numerous local business, agencies, and festival fans.

See our feature about the Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music festival here.

Posted 6/17

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December 6, 2008
Cowboy Christmas Concert  Kamloops, British Columbia

From Mike Puhallo:

Cowboy Christmas Concert December 6, 2008 Calvary Community Church Kamloops BC. Featuring Brett Kissel, Mike Puhallo others TBA

Presented by the BC cowboy Heritage Society, Country 103, The Best Western Hotel and The Horse Barn. An evening of cowboy poetry Country and Western Music with a seasonal flavor. for info call 1-888-763-2224

 Posted 2/20

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December 13, 2008
4th Annual Cowboy Christmas Ball  Ruidoso, New Mexico

From Joe Baker:

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Posse proudly presents the 4th Annual Cowboy Christmas Ball,December 13, 2008 featuring Jody Nix & His
Texas Cowboys for your dancing pleasure. Joe Baker's Backforty Bunkhouse Productions has produced the annual cowboy gala every year, with Nix providing the dance music.

Tickets go on sale September 15th at $60 per person.

This annual event has always sold out so get your tickets early by contacting Baker at: or call (575) 808-4111.

The Cowboy Ball will be held at the Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club in Alto (Ruidoso), New Mexico. Doors open at 6pm, gourmet dinner
at 7pm and dancing from 8pm to 11pm. The Sheriff's Posse will have a huge silent auction with items from artists around New Mexico and Texas.

Posted 9/2

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December 14, 2008
Curly's Cowboy Christmas  Victorville, California





Apple Valley, CA--Popular cowboy singer Curly Jim Musgrave of Lake Arrowhead, CA, along with talented and beautiful Belinda Gail and special guest artists, The Tumbling Tumbleweeds, will perform a benefit concert Sunday evening, December 14, 2008, at the Ambassador Hotel in Victorville, CA.  Share the Holiday Spirit and take pleasure in an enchanted evening of great Holiday entertainment and delicious food with good friends
at Curly's Cowboy Christmas!  Proceeds from this special event benefit the Happy Trails Children's Foundation for abused children.

Enjoy a scrumptious buffet meal followed by a great lineup of the finest cowboy singers and songwriters in the land today!  Belinda Gail and Curly Jim Musgrave, a dynamite duo, have won multiple awards in the Western music world. They will perform an extraordinary Holiday Concert that has become an eagerly anticipated Christmas tradition in the High Desert.The Tumbling Tumbleweeds are a popular new group of high energy young men who perform in the close harmony tradition of the Sons of the Pioneers.

The Ambassador Hotel is located at the I-15 Palmdale Road exit in Victorville.  Doors will open at 4 p.m. for a Social Hour with a No Host bar and silent auction, followed by dinner at 5 p.m. and an extraordinary show that you do not want to miss.  Tickets are $50.00 each or $95.00 per couple. There is a special 10% discount available for Happy Trails Children's Foundation Trailblazer Club members, SASS and NRA members.

Seating is limited and tickets always sell out fast.  So order your tickets today!

To reserve your tickets for this special Holiday treat, or for  more information, please call the Happy Trails Children's Foundation, phone (760) 240-3330 or visit our website:  We welcome American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.  Dress is western/casual. Order your tickets today!

The Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  A portion of each ticket purchased is tax deductible.

Posted 11/17

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December 14, 2008
WMA CA Chapter Christmas on the Range  Los Angeles, California

From Lindalee Green:

The CA Chapter of the WMA is please to announce our "Christmas on the Range" Show & Fund Raiser - 12/14/08 - 2PM - Sunday - at the Autry National Center in the Wells Fargo Theatre - Los Angeles, CA.

Please come and be a part of this wonderful holiday celebration!

Christmas on the Range

Presented by:

The Western Music Association, California Chapter

December 14 at the Wells Fargo Theater
The Autry National Center, Griffith Park 2:00 p.m.
4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027 - 323.667.2000

Join us for a great afternoon of western music entertainment featuring:

Tom Hiatt and the Sundown Riders (Marvin O'Dell and Steve Thomas)

Singer/song writer Joyce Woodson, 2008 AWA Female Vocalist of the Year, Composer of WMA Song of the Year, "If I Hadn't Seen the West"

Cowboy Poet Joe Herrington with poems and stories of the season

Historical balladeer
John Bergstrom

Singer/song writer Clyde Lucas

Master of Ceremonies, Larry Wines, radio/internet personality and host of "Tied to the Tracks"



WMA and Autry members $15.00; non-members $20.00; Children under 12 yrs. $10.00

Reservations: call Marilyn Tuttle [818] 365-8709 or Lindalee Green at [661]
297-5955 or

Be Alert! The famous Griffith Park Holiday Light Show will be in place. It  is urged that you enter the park from the North via Victory.

For directions or detailed information, go to the Autry National Center at -

Please also note that there will be a WMA Christmas Party & Jam at Viva  Fresh Mexican Restaurant right after the show (from about 5:30 to 9pm)!

WMA members (or potential members), and their friends & family are all welcome!

Bring a unisex gift of $15 or under for the gift exchange if you'd like to participate.

Hors d'oeuvres will be provided by the CA Chapter (drinks and dinner will be your own responsibility).

Location - 900 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91506

We have reserved their back room.

Their website is -

Posted 12/12

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December 31, 2008
Cowtown Society of Western Music New Year's Eve Dance  Jacksboro, Texas

From Joe Baker:

Come join us bringing in the New Year at the VFW in Jacksboro, Texas, December 31, 2008. Dance from 8 pm to midnight to Brady Bowen and Swing Country, including two-time Grammy award winner Tommy Allsup, western swing music Hall of Fame musicians Larry Reed, Billy Doshier, Wayne Glasson, Neil Butler, Bobby Boatright, Durword Strube and Bobby Koefer. Hosted by Joe Baker.

Be sure to bring an auction item or two as the Cowtown Society of Western Music will be holding a fundraising auction to benefit the SCWM Museum. Black-eyed peas and cornbread provided by the VFW for a small charge.

$20 per person at the door. For more info please email: or call Joe Baker at 575-808-4111 or call Brady Bowen at 940-507-1454. Bring in 2009 with the best western swing band in North Central Texas.

Posted 12/12


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