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About Eva Kilgore





Didn't need to use a flashlight
that night
the moon was all I needed
to count pair after pair
of brown eyes looking back
at me.
All accounted for
eyes brown as coffee
penned for the night.
And it occurred to me
that they might have made
a note of my own eyes
before those boots
turned away
crunched in the dirt
up to the enclosed porch
might have made
a note I was penned in
for the night too.
We're not so different.

2008, Eva Kilgore
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Eva Kilgore comments: Somehow, I think we're not so different, as humans, than animals. My inspiration for this poem goes way back to summer camp. We shared the campgrounds with cows, horses, and other living creatures. One night, going off to bed, the thought ran through my mind that my "curfew" had begun, and so had the curfews of those beautiful brown-eyed cows behind the white fence. We were all equal at the ranch.

About Eva Kilgore:

I have a M.S. in journalism from Boston University. By day, I am a contributing writer for the Orange County Register. By night, I am a poet.





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